Micheal Flynn’s case

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The resignation of the national security adviser is the first crisis in the Trump’s government. His departure seems awkward given that he wasn’t officially working for the country.

Firstly, who is Michel Flynn ? He has always been of the major inspiration to Donald Trump. About torture, he was for waterboarding, and scared a lot of Americans when his role in Washington was announced.

Director of the DIA and fired for bad behaviour, Flynn is one of the biggest supporters of a US/Russian collaboration. In December 2015, he went to a Russian gala in Moscow and often received on Russia Today, a Channel financed by the Kremlin. According to the French journal, Le Monde, he was sitting at the same table as Vladimir Poutine.

You’re fired !

Why has Micheal Flynn been pleased to get away ? Everything happened after the revelations of the New York Times and the Washington Post, about negotiation on the phone, between Micheal Flynn and the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, before the election of Trump. The Logan Act of 1799, does not allow such an action as a citizen.

Flynn reacted saying he didn’t remember having a conversation with the ambassador of Russia at this time, supported by Mike Pence and Donald Trump on television. Scared by a Russian blackmailing, Micheal Flynn was put out of the Trump team.

Joseph Kellogg, is his temporary successor, the ex CIA agent David Petraeus is about to become the new American national security adviser.

Bruno Moutinho, IEJ 3D


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