The United Kingdom arms against cyberattacks

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UK decides to open a center to fight against rising cyberattacks.

Queen Elizabeth II has a very particular visit on Tuesday. She is going to inaugurate the National Cyber Security Centre, whose aim is to fight against cyberattacks.

“We have had significant losses of personal data, significant intrusions by hostile state actors, significant reconnaissance against critical national infrastructure – and our job is to make sure we deal with it in the most effective way possible,” said the centre’s chief executive Ciaran Martin to the BBC.

Opened three months ago, it has already fought against 188 attacks. With the rising of cyberattacks in the world, particulary from Russia, it’s a real shield 2.0.

“”In the case of government departments, (it is) getting into the system to extract information on UK government policy on anything from energy to diplomacy to information on a particular sector,” added Ciaran Martin.  He  claims wanting “to make the UK the hardest target’’.

For that purpose, UK has invested 1.9 billon pounds in a five year contract.

100 people entrained for the private sector

It’s not only about a political way but also about economy. The government announced a plan to train 100 people from business at the centre.

“We will invite business to second up to 100 employees to come and work in the NCSC – allowing us to draw on the best and the brightest in industry – to test and challenge the government’s thinking,” explains Philipp Hammond, the chancellor. “And for these people to then return to the private sector and draw on their experience at NCSC to drive change within industry. Because the government cannot protect businesses and the general public from the risks of cyber-attack.”

Alexis Kunz, IEJ3D


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