5G arrived in France in 2018!

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EUR 1,300 million. This is what 5G should bring to the world economy, according to the English firm IHS Markit. But what is this new mobile phone network going to change exactly?


4G is not available everywhere in France, but researchers from around the world are already working on a new network: 5G. Because, at the time when connected objects multiply, the network will have to adapt. Home automation, connected cars, surgical operations via robots … These innovations require faster and more stable connection. The 5G network is expected to deploy at the end of 2019, and even before, in 2018 for the industrialized countries, including France.

On February 7, the 3GPPP consortium in charge of the development of 5G presented its project, as well as its new logo.

The 5G technology on smartphone promises a speed about 100 times higher than the current 4G. Orange and Ericsson said in January they have reached 10 gigabits in tests, while 4G is at 300 megabits maximum.

However, the priority is not the speed. The main purpose of 5G is to reduce latency in the transmission of data. The response time of mobile networks today can reach half a second; which is too much if you want to use a stand-alone car or a robot for surgery.

Antoine Sennepin IEJ3C


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