Mourning Pakistan after ISIS attack

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Suicide bomber kills more than 70 persons in Pakistan.

Sehwan City was the target of a terrorist attack on Thursday February 16th. The attack, committed in a Sufi sanctuary by a kamikaze, killed more than 70 civilians and injured dozens.
« A huge number of people come to the shrine every Thursday to take part in ritual dances and prayers. It is not possible to ensure the security of every person coming and going », explains a police officer.
The jihadist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The location, a very popular Sufi temple, was not chosen by coincidence. Sufism is considered heretical by some radical Islamist groups.
The Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, condemned this attack. « Operations against terrorists will continue throughout the country », as the President explained.
For several years, the country is the target of ISIS. This week, several horrific assaults have mourned Pakistan. Two suicide bombings took place in Peshawar and left seven people dead.


Nicolas Le Hérissé, IEJ 3C


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