Nokia 3310 : the icon is reborn

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The Finnish company decides to revive the mythic Nokia 3310. 

Everybody knows it : the famous unbreakable phone which was released in 2000. The Nokia 3310 is about to be reborn, it was announced on the Mobile World Congress yesterday. Before being retired from the market in 2005, the 3310 was the best-selling ever, with About 126 million units sold.

During the presentation, the phone was announced to go on sale for 59€, a price which is obviously competitive  enough to quickly convince all aficionados to buy one.

Unfortunately, the shape of the new 3310 will probably disappoint the fans :

It is the end of the unbreakable keyboard and the green screen. However, everyone is waiting for the one really mythic characteristic of the Nokia 3310 : the Snake. Another good reason to make it one’s second phone.

The new phone is explicitly targeting the European market, as it is not planned to be sold on the American continent for the moment.

The launch is planned for the 26th February in Barcelona.

Marine Gaultier, IEJ 3C


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