French police brutality: Théo’s out of hospital

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Young Théo, hospitalized following a violent police check, decided not to stay at the hospital, no longer supporting the atmosphere that reigned there. His wound has not yet recovered.

Since February 2nd, the 22-year-old young man was bedridden at the Robert Ballanger hospital, in Aulnay-Sous-Bois. It was in this Parisian suburb, that he underwent aggravated violence by police officers during a check. After his arrest, a police officer noticed his wound when he arrived at the police station. Afterwards, the doctors found an anal tear of 10 cm, and declared a 2-months full recovery for Theo.

The young man, now home, released a thank you video to all those who supported him, family, friends, and also all the anonymous.


“I wanted to make a video to give a very big thank you to all of you, for all the letters you wrote to me, whether it’s on Facebook, via messages, via my family, via my friends. It pleased me so very much and gave me a lot of strength,” he said facing the camera.
The young man also announced that he would continue to communicate, waiting for the outcome of the investigation, entrusted with the IGPN.
Julien Harel, IEJ 3C

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