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Shooting in Grasse: Killian’s Case .

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School of Grasse with agent

Thursday, a  shooting resounded within the walls of a high school in  the town of Grasse (Alpes Maritimes). The young suspect, named Killian, aged sixteen,  opened a fire in a school  and hurt five peoples. He wanted to kill a dozen of his school mates that he could no longer bear. The young man was put under the investigation on Saturday night for assassination attempt with one of his friends as a suspected accomplice. 

His parents took him to see a psychiatrist because Killian was obsessed with firearms and action films. His parents were worried, but the psychiatrist indicated that Killian was quite normal and that there was no reason to worry. The parents then, said they may have been dealing with a teenage crisis. On the suspect’s Facebook and Twitter account, appeared many morbid images, including some of the killing in Columbine in the United States, which had caused death of 15, including his two authors. The family is “totally collapsed. They ask a lot of questions. They do not understand, like many people. There is a level of misunderstanding in this file that is more about psychiatric and psychological issues than legal and that will require the intervention of judicial experts of a certain size to try to understand this passage to the act of ‘A 16 year old kid,” has declared the lawyer of the family.


CROCIATI Lola, IEJ Tremplin

The Turkey in trouble

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Flag of Europe and Turkey

After the cancelation of meeting between two ministers in Germany, the Turkish president has intensified his insults against the German Chancellor.


Indeed, the tensions  between Recep Tayipp Erdogan and Angela Merkel increased after the cancelation of meetings. The Turkish president had already accused the country of “nazis practices”.

19th March, Erdogan as namely attacked the Chancellor “When we call them Nazis they (Europe) get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity. Especially Merkel.”

Furthermore, Erdogan also criticises  the Germans for authorizing a demonstration of Kurdish hostile to his political system where a flag of  PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) banned in Turkey.

Those stories lead some  difficulties for the Turkish, to enter in the European Union. We have to know that if the Turkish president allowed  the death penalty in his country, the negotiation between them and the European Union will definitely end.

Adrien Vallée, IEJ 1 Tremplin



BNP Paribas to close 200 agencies

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BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas: First Bank Of France

Until 2020, the French group BNP Paribas is going to close 200 agencies, it will decrease their number from 2% to 4% per year. This Monday,  BNP investors declared a new strategy for the company. The group will close its agencies to favor network sound on the Internet and thus reduce their number of agencies. BNP hopes that because of the digital processing they will decrease the number of customers and will earn 600 000 a year in 2020. This change is due to an “insufficient profitability” and “a stagnant business development” justified the direction of the banking group. In 2010, 52% of the French people reported to go several times a month to their bank branch, against 21% in 2015, according to the Monitoring center of the image. BNP is not the only bank to make this decision, the European Central Bank estimates at 15% the reduction in the number of bank branches since 2011. Nobody of the BNP should be dismissed. BNP is currently owning 1964 agencies, 236 less than in 2012, when they had a first abolition of agencies. Today it is a little more than 10% of the number of agencies which are still opened.

PAGES  Edgard,   IEJ Tremplin


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The Treaty of Rome (1957)

This is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This treaty established a common market, enabling  products, services, capitals, and people to circulate freely. 

60 years ago, the 25th March 1957, Europe was born. The representatives of France, Italy, West Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium signed in Rome, the constituent treaties of the EEC. The EEC will be enlarged, in 1986 by Danemark, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The treaty established the European common market and defined the bases of the common agricultural policy. It is the founding act for Europe and its agriculture. But the continent has known multiple crises. Greece, Italy and Belgium are plunged into an economic crisis. Their debt is 100% superior to their GDP. France knows a deficit which reached 48 billion euros, in 2016. Now with the Brexit, in UK, which will be soon implemented, the futur of Europe is in question.

SINGH Jaskirat, IEJ Tremplin

Rugby: France – Wales

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France VS Wales 17/03/2016

This Saturday, rugby fans had experienced a historical match between France team and Wales’.

The second place was the match’s aim. The French players of Guy Novès had to win this game. After a tumultuous fight in the competition, France finished at the second place of the tournament of Six Nations, behind the English team. France team opened the score with Remy Lamera’s try. The score was tight all along the match until the end of the confrontation. In spite of a slightly doubtful arbitration, the game was well presented. Wales scored only thanks to penalty.

At the end of time, the score stagnated: 13-18 for the Welsh. The French had the possession of the ball and kept it in Welsh’s camp. Then began a time trial to the victory.  At five meters of try line, the French and the Welsh engaged in a hard battle. The melee was restarted six times. At this time, the arbitration was challenged by the entire stadium shouting their protestations. But the long awaited moment came, the player Camille Chat flattened the ball in try area and liberated the entire stadium after one hundred minutes of game, a record ! The French players celebrated the victory among them, relieved…

This victory helped to forget the previous defeats during the competition and closed the tournament on a positive note.

Hugo Delhaye, IEJ1

Draw of Champions League

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Cup of Champions League

The draw of league of champions took place at the UEFA in Nyon, Switzerland on March 17. There will be three Spanish clubs, two Germas clubs, one Italian club and one French club. Surprisingly, Leicester will face Atletico Madrid, which was the finalist in 2014 and 2016. It is going to be hard to win against them. One French team has qualified for this tour. This year it isn’t PSG but it will be Monaco.  They will face the German club, Borussia Dortmund, the club which reached the final in 2015. It will be hard for the French team but they are in an amazing shape. They will have an advantage of receiving the Germans in the return match. Italy is represented by the Juventus of Turin as every year in recent times. However, the Italians will be opposed to the third Spanish team the FC Barcelona. This team had realized an incredible “remontada” against the PSG with the score of (6-1), which allowed them to be qualified. Finally, we will have a final before the hour, a classic in this competition the dual between Bayern Munich and the defending champions the Real Madrid.  This quarter final will be spectacular.


Cinema: The Beauty and the Beast number one in box office

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Beauty and the Beast will be one of the most successful films of the year 2017. The movie beat the box office records after taking £18.4 million over its opening weekend. This is the best start of all time for the director, Bill Condon, because they refund the totality of the cost of the movie which was $160 million. They won their own challenge by recreating the Disney animated classic movie with live action and digital effects. Beauty and the Beast has thus become the best revisited film, beating last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which made $166 million. However, Hollywood loves to revisit hits in ways that can be maddening  and Disney has a particular tradition of mining and remining the same stories. Also, Walt Disney saw many ways to use an innovating cinematic form to bring to life characters in a contemporary world.  This is why the company Walt Disney loves to recreate their own animated movies. It is a challenge for them to reach another kind of audience, young as well as old.


Safa Sadoun, IEJ1 Trempin



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Picture of the new album of Drake

After his visit to Paris Bercy last week for his exceptional concert of “The Boy Meet World Tour Tour”, the rapper originated from Canada launched on Saturday night his mixtape / album called More Life. His album is already placed number 1 on the downloading platforms in only two days. With a rather new style that is found in his album with a mixture of rap and hip hop, he adds dancehall and acrobat music to his usual repertoire. After his planetary title and flagship of the summer One Dance, then Hotbling Bling with more than 330 million views on the internet, and featuring Kanye West, Young Thug or 2 Chainz, will Drake return to success with this new album ?

OMWES KABONG Daniel, IEJ Tremplin

Brussels: Seven people injured after explosion in a flat

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An explosion in a dwelling in Brussels caused seven wounded, one serious on March 18th, the spokesman of the fire brigade of the Belgian capital told AFP, without being able to give the cause.

“This violent explosion destroyed two three-storey houses. In total there are seven wounded, one serious,” he said. The explosion was due to gas, indicates on its website the Belgian public television, RTBF. Interviewed on Belgian television RTL, the bourgmestre of the neighborhood Saint-Gilles, Charles Picqué, said that “the explosion would probably be accidental and linked to a gas leak.”

Brussels is preparing to commemorate this week the attacks of 22 March 2016, which caused 32 dead and more than 320 injured in Brussels airport and subway. Since that date, no unusual event – even accidental – has particularly been scrutinized by the media and the public.


Brexit: The date is announced

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Monday the 20th March, Theresa May, the Parliement and the Queen herself, have finaly decided the date the conditions of  Brexit will start to be discussed with the European Parliement.

The 29th March the 50th article of the Treaty of Lisbon will be activated. Ms May will send a letter to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council in Brussels, that will mark the very beginning of the separation between European Union and United Kingdom. Ms May wants the negociation to start as soon as possible, it will be about two years of negociation to arrive to a common point of view and make the Brexit real. It will be one of the most important negociations the United Kingdom has known for a long time.

Those negociations may be complicated by Scotland and its referendum to make the country independent from the United Kindom, and if it is the case, Scotland will have to make its own decision about the European Union. What will complexify the approach of the UK and would make the country less powerful it could ever be after the Brexit. The Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced last week that the independence referendum would take place between automn 2018 and spring 2019.

Christophe VINIGER: IEJ 1 Tremplin