Cinema: The Beauty and the Beast number one in box office

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Beauty and the Beast will be one of the most successful films of the year 2017. The movie beat the box office records after taking £18.4 million over its opening weekend. This is the best start of all time for the director, Bill Condon, because they refund the totality of the cost of the movie which was $160 million. They won their own challenge by recreating the Disney animated classic movie with live action and digital effects. Beauty and the Beast has thus become the best revisited film, beating last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which made $166 million. However, Hollywood loves to revisit hits in ways that can be maddening  and Disney has a particular tradition of mining and remining the same stories. Also, Walt Disney saw many ways to use an innovating cinematic form to bring to life characters in a contemporary world.  This is why the company Walt Disney loves to recreate their own animated movies. It is a challenge for them to reach another kind of audience, young as well as old.


Safa Sadoun, IEJ1 Trempin



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