Irak : Mossoul Reconquest

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In 100 days, the Iraqi army has only conquered  back the west side of Mossul. It will be, a long, and difficult part to get the east one. This town has been under the control of Daesh for two years.  

The first villages fell down easily, house after house. However the biggest towns, are more difficult than the small ones. The attacks are very intense, and also lethal for Iraqi Army. The bulldozers clear the streets in order for the army vehicles to get through. This task is dangerous, as the jihadists use car bombs as fatal weapons,  which causes a lot of casualties in the army. ISS have drones, to identify  the ennemy postions. Mossul, is the most difficult part of the reconquest. After two years under ISS control, this town is cut off from everywhere, and the progressions are very slow.


In the West side of Mossul there are approximately 2,000 jihadistes; and 750,000 citizens.  The last part is still occupied by the ISS soldiers; it can fall under Iraqi army’s control toward June.

François Madaoui IEJ Tremplin



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