Orly airport: Terrorist attack by a drunk and drugged man

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Saturday at the Orly’s airport, a drunk and drugged man was shot dead by the police; after threatening policemen, airport and customers.

Before he arrived at the airport, Ziyed Ben Belgacom (39) had been arrested during a road test at Garges-lès-Gonesse. Afraid, he threatened with a gun, blessed a policeman and he ran away. Moreover, he went to a bar, threatened customers, shot in the bar without blessing anyone and forgot his phone. Once again, he ran away on the way of Vitry-sur-Seine.  At 8.22, at the Orly airport, he is found and shot dead by the police after stealing the gun of a woman military. He was screaming :”I am here to die in the name of Allah, put down your arms, hands on your head. Anyway, it will be death,” according to the Republic’s prosecutor of Paris, François Molins. Sunday morning, his father was released from custody and affirmed: “My son is not a terrorist. He never prayed and he drinks. And under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, this is what happened.” Ziyed Ben Belgacom was known for “radicalisation” during one of his stays of detention. So he was under judicial supervision. The airport traffic resumed on Saturday afternoon, after being totally interrupted after the incident.


Clementine Perrot, IEJ 1 Tremplin


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