Rugby: France – Wales

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France VS Wales 17/03/2016

This Saturday, rugby fans had experienced a historical match between France team and Wales’.

The second place was the match’s aim. The French players of Guy Novès had to win this game. After a tumultuous fight in the competition, France finished at the second place of the tournament of Six Nations, behind the English team. France team opened the score with Remy Lamera’s try. The score was tight all along the match until the end of the confrontation. In spite of a slightly doubtful arbitration, the game was well presented. Wales scored only thanks to penalty.

At the end of time, the score stagnated: 13-18 for the Welsh. The French had the possession of the ball and kept it in Welsh’s camp. Then began a time trial to the victory.  At five meters of try line, the French and the Welsh engaged in a hard battle. The melee was restarted six times. At this time, the arbitration was challenged by the entire stadium shouting their protestations. But the long awaited moment came, the player Camille Chat flattened the ball in try area and liberated the entire stadium after one hundred minutes of game, a record ! The French players celebrated the victory among them, relieved…

This victory helped to forget the previous defeats during the competition and closed the tournament on a positive note.

Hugo Delhaye, IEJ1


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