Shooting in Grasse: Killian’s Case .

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School of Grasse with agent

Thursday, a  shooting resounded within the walls of a high school in  the town of Grasse (Alpes Maritimes). The young suspect, named Killian, aged sixteen,  opened a fire in a school  and hurt five peoples. He wanted to kill a dozen of his school mates that he could no longer bear. The young man was put under the investigation on Saturday night for assassination attempt with one of his friends as a suspected accomplice. 

His parents took him to see a psychiatrist because Killian was obsessed with firearms and action films. His parents were worried, but the psychiatrist indicated that Killian was quite normal and that there was no reason to worry. The parents then, said they may have been dealing with a teenage crisis. On the suspect’s Facebook and Twitter account, appeared many morbid images, including some of the killing in Columbine in the United States, which had caused death of 15, including his two authors. The family is “totally collapsed. They ask a lot of questions. They do not understand, like many people. There is a level of misunderstanding in this file that is more about psychiatric and psychological issues than legal and that will require the intervention of judicial experts of a certain size to try to understand this passage to the act of ‘A 16 year old kid,” has declared the lawyer of the family.


CROCIATI Lola, IEJ Tremplin


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