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The Treaty of Rome (1957)

This is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This treaty established a common market, enabling  products, services, capitals, and people to circulate freely. 

60 years ago, the 25th March 1957, Europe was born. The representatives of France, Italy, West Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium signed in Rome, the constituent treaties of the EEC. The EEC will be enlarged, in 1986 by Danemark, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The treaty established the European common market and defined the bases of the common agricultural policy. It is the founding act for Europe and its agriculture. But the continent has known multiple crises. Greece, Italy and Belgium are plunged into an economic crisis. Their debt is 100% superior to their GDP. France knows a deficit which reached 48 billion euros, in 2016. Now with the Brexit, in UK, which will be soon implemented, the futur of Europe is in question.

SINGH Jaskirat, IEJ Tremplin


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