The World Bank in the rescue to Africa

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According to a news release published on Sunday by the institution of Bretton Wood, the World Bank is going to gather 57 billion dollars to invest over three years in sub-Saharan Africa.

This money which for the main part results from the International Association of the development, which grants gifts and credits to zero rate in the poorest countries.(45 billion dollars), is going to allow “the development of the programs in favour of the education, the basic health services, the cleanliness of the water and its treatment, the agriculture, the business relations, the infrastructures and the institutional reforms,” as declared Jim Young Kim, the president of the World Bank.

The increase in financing of the Association of the development, is going to benefit especially to some 448 current projects in sub-Saharan regions, which represent more than half of the countries eligible to the financing of this institution.

Sunday, Jim Young Kim will visit Rwanda and Tanzania to highlight the support of his institution for the region.

Adrien TRAINEAU, Tremplin 1

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