Month: Oct 2017

Conspiracy against the United States

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Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort is charged for conspiracy. Georges Papadopoulos lied to the FBI’s inspectors about the interference of Russia during Trump’s election. Two members of Trump’s team are targeted in this investigation. The President of the United States is clearly affected with this news and reacted quickly on Twitter : “Story, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren’t Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus … Also, there is NO COLLUSION”. The President protects Paul Manafort but doesn’t say a word about Georges Papadopoulos who pleaded guilty. Trump will not be spare in this scandal. He is in turmoil and has to behave like a President. The  population wait for more than just a tweet. He hasn’t made, yet, an official declaration to the press. Everybody excepts a great reaction. As for Russia, it remains silent for the moment. But we cannot forget the real purpose of this investigation: the interferences of Russia in Trump’s campaign. Russia and United States haven’t always maintained good relationships and this new twist didn’t make things better. These allegations have an impact on the President’s image.

Theo Aliane, IEJ 1D

Catalonia : An end to the crisis ?

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The president of Catalonia has been giving a press conference earlier today, in which he declared that he agrees with the conduct of the 21st of December’s election as it was decided by Madrid last Friday. He added that he would respect the result of this election. Indeed this press conference echoes the declaration of Independence that Carles Puigdemont pronounced on the 27th of October, which was immediately followed by Mariano Rajoy’s application of the article 155 of the constitution. The Catalan government was dismissed, as well as the Catalan Police who surrendered to the national authority. In the meanwhile Spanish Vice-Prime Minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and her staff were put in charge of ensuring the high-administrational functions in Catalonia temporarily. This decision is to remain active until the election that Puigdemont mentioned today. The acceptation of this election and its result by the Independentists political leader shows signs of improvement and a rather appeased ending to these events. Still, this might not be the end. The polls published by the main Spanish newspapers show that the election’s results might get really tight, on both sides. Each would mark a score of 45 percent. According to these polls what seems today like an opportunity could actually be a dead end.

Nils Panisson IEJ 1D

Assassination JFK : Secret folders

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Thursday, the 26 October, almost 3,100 folders were published on Kennedy’s assassination. President Kennedy was murdered in 1963 after being shot in the head by the sniper Harvey Lee Oswald. However, some documents still remain hidden and classified top secret because they are allegedly too “sensitive”. So the FBI and the CIA advice to the President Trump not to disclose them. At the moment, 200 documents have not yet been published, which puts the doubt on a conspiracy theory.

According to historians, journalists or people interested in the President’s murder, these secret folders could show that the sniper who shot JFK was in contact with other people. And, maybe he told a third party what he was planning to do. CIA and FBI don’t want to conceal these secret documents because it could hurt their image. Rumor has it, that those secret agencies had something to do with the murder of the ex-president of the United States of America: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Justine LOPES, IEJ 1D

British deputies accused of sexual harassment

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After the turmoil caused by the Weinstein case, it’s time for the British government to face some accusations. According to the Daily Mail, thirteen deputies are involved including two ministers. One of them had an affair with an assistant, the other allegedly grabbed a journalist’s thigh, saying “Oh God I love those breasts”. On Sunday, the Daily Mail revealed that in 2010, when he was deputy, the current secretary of state for the international trade, Mark Garner, sent his secretary to buy sextoys for him. “We were in SoHo and he gave me money to buy two vibrators,” said Caroline Edmonson. The former Welsh foreign affairs minister admitted sending “explicit” messages to a 19-year-old woman, who was received in his office for a job interview. He also admitted that he saw her again after that but claims that he never had sexual intercourses with this woman. On October the 25th, labor deputy Jared O’Mara was suspended by his party after a series of sexist and homophobic comments published online between 2002 and 2004. A hotline already exists to receive complaints but Theresa May wants to improve the procedure in order to protect the employees.

Taman Bembelly , IEJ1D

Kurdistan: Barzani out !

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Less than one month after the prolongation of his mandat as president of  Kurdistan for two years, Masoud Barzani resigned on October 30th. He announced in a letter read in front of the parliament in Irbil, that he would stop leading the region. Indeed, he cannot honor his promise for Kurdistan’s independence. The independence referendum has led to a loss of almost all the territories in the Kurdish fight near Bagdad (Iraq) including Kirkuk, an oil region. Barzani said in his letter: ” I will remain as Peshmerga among my brave and patriotic people of Kurdistan, I will continue working toward our nation rights and protect our achievements.” The 71-year-old ex-president said, in a press conference, wearing as usual the peshmerga costume (white and red scarf with a kaki shirt), that he was still a peshmerga in the rank of Kurdish people and that he would continue to fight for the interests of Kurdistan. The date of the next election has not been decided yet. For now Barzini’s repartition of power creates a lot of tensions within the government.

Léo Delay, IEJ 1D

General Elections in Iceland bring a complicated political landscape

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On Saturday, October 28th, Iceland organized parliamentary elections.

Icelanders woke up into a different political landscape after Saturday’s general elections. In fact, according to the definitive results, published on Sunday, the Party of the independence of the head of government, Bjarni Benediktsson, took away 16 seats out of 63 in the Parliament. The Prime Minister’s party lost five seats with regard to the outgoing assembly. Meanwhile, two new political parties won a total of 11 seats.

On September 15th, the three-party coalition government collapsed after the departure of Bright Future over a scandal involving Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson’s father writing a letter recommending a convicted paedophile have his “honour restored”. Bjarni subsequently decided to schedule a snap election.

The new parliament will be made up of eight political parties, more than ever before. The last year’s coalition talks took almost three months to complete, so forming a new coalition government after these elections is expected to be complicated. A three-party coalition government is only possible with the inclusion of both the Independence Party and the Left-Green Movement, any other coalition would require four or more members.

As of now, there is no clear indication of what type of coalition government will be formed in Iceland.

According to a poll made by the daily Morgunblaðið, 57% of Icelanders believe calling the snap election was right.


Benoît Lefebvre, IEJ 1D


Macron: Hectic visit in Guiana

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This Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in French Guiana, to announce measures against insecurity and illegal immigration. A perilous mission, 6 months after the social movement that had agitated this French territory. As such, the arrival of the French president took place in a hostile climate. Indeed, many opponents fought against the police. These clashes were especially due to a declaration of the French leader who said “I am not the Father Christmas” to Guiana’s population who is angry about the promises of the former French government who had to help them with the emergency plan. Indeed, former French president Francois Hollande promised 2.1 billion to Guiana to help them, but for the moment, they only received 1 billion.                                                  

Guianese protesters expect from Emmanuel Macron to respect his words, reminding that, during his political campaign, he said: “I will respect Guiana agreements, and I will go even further”. The collective Pou Laguiyann ​​Dekole, who sent Monday a letter to the president to encourage him to consider the territory as “a top priority,” also asked to be received by him.

All the territory is still waiting for more financial aid from the French government.


Florent Druon, IEJ 1D