Republican deputies soon to be ejected

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The Political Office of the French right-wing party Les Républicains (LR) meets on Tuesday evening . The object of this meeting concerns the exclusion of several LR secretaries and members of parliament for having joined Emmanuel Macron’s political party. In particular Gerald Darmanin  secretary of the action and the public accounts and secretary of state with the minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot. Also on the hot seat two deputies Frank Riester and Thierry Solère as well as the First Minister Edouard Philippe who completely lost interest in the future of Les Républicains on last November 5th: “I support nobody for the party’s presidency. I’m not going to vote, they want to fire me…”

The Political Office asserts that the discussions are committed for three months. Two choices offer themselves then five unwanted: reunite La République En Marche (LREM) of  the French president and become a full member of party, or become a ” Constructif ” and give up any political label.

A meeting which confirms the tangible cleavage which exists, within the party since the announcement of the presidential results in May.


Maxence Lr Pasteur IEJ1D



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