Russian Journalist stabbed by a “crazy man”

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The Russian journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer, was stabbed last Monday at the Echo of Moscow radio station on Monday. We don’t know the aggressor’s motivations until now.

Russian authorities

Russian radio host Echo of Moscow, a critic of the Kremlin, was stabbed by a stronger who entered the newsroom and was arrested. The attacker assaulted the building’s guardian before going to the radio station in central Moscow and stabbed host the journalist in the neck. Echo chief of Moscow, adding that all her colleagues were in shock.

Nobody knows who this man is, and why he had done this. However, according to the Russian authorities, the attacker is a foreign person. He did not say anything when he attacked the young woman. For now, we do not know the motivations of the aggressor while the images of his arrest circulate on social networks. The Russian Investigation Committee, in charge of the main criminal cases in Russia, announced that it had opened an investigation for attempted homicide against a 48 year old man, with not more details.

Tatiana Felguengauer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Moscow Echo Radio

“Her life is not threatened”

Tatiana Felgenhauer is still in intensive care on Thursday. After being operated and placed in an artificial coma, she was in the resuscitation room. Her vocal cords have not been affected and the prognosis is favorable. According to the doctors, the young woman was in a rather serious state.

Christelle Pitagora, IEJ2B


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