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Slave in Libya : Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo call back their ambassador

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Source : La tribune

Numerous states expressed their indignations further the shock report of CNN showing migrants sold at auction in Libya. Auctions which regularly take place in the country by traffickers of human beings made numerous associations react all around the world. The call to demonstrate was strongly relieved on the social networks.

The United Nation Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres denounced on Monday a “inhuman” situation by the recent revelations of slaves in Libya. According to him, the people responsible for these acts could be brought to justice for possible crimes against humanity.

Ahmed Metig, the Vice-Prime Minister of the Libyan government of national union (GNU) announced the opening of an investigation. He had already released a statement on Facebook to express “his dissatisfaction” as for the reappearance of the trade of slaves in the suburb of Tripoli.

The call back of ambassadors

Burkina Faso called back on Monday its ambassador in Tripoli, declared on November 20th Minister of Foreign Affairs Burkinabe, Alpha Barry. The Democratic Republic of Congo took a similar decision, by calling back its ambassador in Libya on Tuesday. Kinshasa wants to know “the real situation” in Libya and to proceed  “a mission of repatriation” if the Congoleses are concerned.

Summit AU-EU

This report caused the indignation of African leaders. The current president of the African Union (UA), the Guinean Alpha Condé, and the Senegalese government in particular deeply reacted to the situation. The president of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou let know that the subject would be treated in the agenda of the next summit of African Union – European Union of November 29th and 30th in Abidjan.


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A dramatic video shows North Korean soldier’s escape under fire

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Source : The Times of Israel

Today, a video showing a North Korean soldier fleeing across the border to South Korea while being shot by his former comrades, was released by the United Nations Command Wednesday. North Korea, a country deeply marked by the Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship, sees more and more of its citizens trying to cross the frontier.

The security footage released on November 13, with a wide shot of a military vehicle speeding down a street on the North Korean side of the demilitarized zone. Second step, the soldier forces the guard post ahead the bridge. Then, we can see the defecting soldier getting out from the driver’s side of the vehicle and starting to run. Four North Korean soldiers appear in frame near the vehicle.

More than 40 bullets were fired at him, South Korea’s military said last week. “He lost more than 50% of his blood by the time he arrived at Ajou University Hospital,” his surgeon Lee Cook-jong said in a conference Wednesday.
“This video marks the first time the American-led UN Command has disclosed security footage of a defection across the heavily fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ) that divides North and South Korea,” said Hochong Song, a public affairs officer for US Forces Korea. According to the UN Command, by firing across the DMZ at the defector, “North Korean soldiers violated the Korean War armistice,” a ceasefire agreement signed in 1953.

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The European Commission severe against the French President

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Source : Le point

If France fails to keep its deficit below the 3% of GDP ceiling for 2017 and 2018, it will not be able to remove itself from the excessive deficit procedure next year.

Effectively the draft of 2018 budget presented by Bercy risks non-compliance with the European budgetary rules.

According to the 1992 Maastricht Treaty and the introduction of Monetary Economic Union, signatory countries must comply with a rule that the general government deficit must not exceed 3% of the GDP.

As promised, the government is still hoping to meet its target of reducing it to 2.9% of GDP from 3.4% in 2017. But this is done with painful adjustments in public expenditure, such as the 5 euro decrease in personal housing allowance and includes the financing of the overruns of French soldiers’ external operations in the army budget.

When he arrived to the financial ministry, Bruno Le Maire had to raise the bar after the Court of Auditors revealed an underestimation of public spending in the budget of the previous government under François Hollande.

This new complication will  have an impact on the popularity of the French president, which has been in continuous decline since his election in May 2017.

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3 missing in Philippine Sea

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Source : CNN

A military aircraft was scuffed in the Pacific Ocean, in the southest of Okinawa in Japan. The C2-A Greyhound transport plane was carrying 11 passengers from Marine Corps Air Station in Japan, to an American aircraft carrier when it crashed into the Philippine Sea around 2:45 p.m. Japan Standard Time, the Navy said. A Navy public affairs officer told CNN the plane was on approach to the carrier, but didn’t know how far away it was from the ship.

Eight people have been rescued and are in good condition aboard the carrier. Currently, US and Japanese ships and planes are searching the three other shipwrecks. The names of those who were onboard are being withheld except for their next of kin.

The cause of the crash isn’t really known, but an engine trouble may have caused the crash, according to an initial statement from the US Navy 7th Fleet.

This accident follows in the latest of a string of troubling incidents facing the Navy in waters off East Asia this year, among which two were fatal. The last two collisions were unavoidable and included the deaths of 17 sailors.

A previous report claims that the US Navy over seeks its soldiers, and doesn’t maintain correctly the equipment.


Russia’s confession about the radioactive cloud in Europe

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Source : FranceInfo

A radioactive cloud appeared on 29th of September in France. Until now, nobody knew the original source of this radioactive event. But this Monday, 20th of November, we can finally put a name on its creator : Russia. Indeed, the Russian meteorology agency, Rosguidromet, recognized a very high concentration of ruthenium 106 in the end of September.

Apparently, the highest concentration of ruthenium 106 was recorded in the middle of Arguaïach city, 30 kilometers from the nuclear station Mayak. Mayak was affected by one the worst nuclear accidents in 1957, when a waste storage facility blew up. But this time, the radiation which appears in Europe’s sky, isn’t dangerous for the health of people.

Do we have to be worried about radiation in Russia? Since the beginning of the month, high concentrations of ruthenium 106 was recorded 936 times. But what is this substance? A product of splitting atoms in a reactor which is also used in some medical treatments. Nothing to really worry about if there are just a few radioactive clouds in the air. However, Russia’s Greenpeace asks Rosatom nuclear company to open an investigation to be sure that the country didn’t cover an explosion or a nuclear accident.

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Pixar’s John Lasseter: leave of absence after sexual harassment complaints

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The director of “Toy Story” and art director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, John Lasseter, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with his collaborators. He is taking a six-month leave of absence in the wake of complaints about his professional behavior.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lasseter announced the news on Tuesday in a staff memo, where he admitted to “missteps” and behavior that left employees feeling “disrespected or uncomfortable”.

“I’ve recently had a number of difficult conversations that have been very painful for me. It’s never easy to face your missteps, but it’s the only way to learn from them,” he writes in the memo.

Among women who accuse the director is the writer and actor Rashida Jones,  who co-wrote the upcoming Toy Story 4,  and left the project after “The Lasseter” made an unwanted advance towards her.

However, the legendary art director, is the latest big name caught up by the wave of sexual scandals which have broken out in Hollywood since the begenning of Weinstein’s affair.

The throughline in most of these stories, other then powerful men abusing that power, is the entertainment industry’s quick-snap reaction to cut ties with the individuals in question.

After the current allegations against Lasseter, it would be difficult to restore a culture of trust between him and the company, given the long-standing nature of the allegations.

That fact practically ensures that the Lasseter news will engulf coverage of Pixar’s latest film, Coco, which is scheduled to open on Thanksgiving.

There have been no announcements about formal investigations into Lasseter’s behavior.

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“The more I’d screamed, the more he would hit,” says the second alleged victim of Tariq Ramadan testifies

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Source : Sud Ouest

This is the first time she has spoken on television. After Henda Ayari, she is the second French woman to file a rape complaint against the controversial Islamologist. Here is her testimony.

The facts go back to 2009. The victim, who converted to Islam two years earlier, first came into contact with Tariq Ramadan on social networks. The exchanges were “cordial, polite, professional and religious”.

On October 9, the partially disabled young woman met Ramadan for the first time at a hotel in the city where he gave a lecture. The Islamologist convinced her to go up to his room, to talk quietly. “He was behind my back and when I turned around, it was not the same person I had in front of me,” says the victim.

At this time, the violences started.

“It was beatings, sexual violence, despicable words, unspeakable vulgarity. I’d scream for help, I’d yell “no,” and the more I’d scream, the more he would hit.”

The testimony of Henda Ayari, the first woman to publicly accuse the Islamologist of rape, decided to file a complaint. Tariq Ramadan denies the facts and denounces “a conspiracy”. His lawyers, several times solicited, did not wish to react.


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Griezmann in Barcelona next summer?

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Source : Ouest France

Antoine Griezmann, the Atletico Madrid’s French striker, is having difficulties in this first part of the season 2017/2018. Griezmann has only scored 2 goals in 10 Liga’s matches, and that’s enough for Marca, the Catalan newspaper, to say that an agreement in principle was found between the French player and FC Barcelona for next summer, with a 5-year contract for the deal. Why this summer ? Because the French striker’s release clause will be reduced from 200M€ to 100M€. And the player is worth this value on the transfert market.

Griezmann said, at least, that he would not leave Atletico in winter, as “Diego Costa and Vitolo are coming to the club, so we will try to keep the club at the top of the championship. Those  reinforcements will help us to be in a good form. I didn’t talk about that with my President (about a leaving agreement)”. Those declarations can reassure his team and the supporters, until June and the summer transfert period, when Griezmann will, undoubtedly, be highly coveted by Barcelona and maybe other big clubs, like PSG or Manchester United. Answer this summer, after the World Cup, where the French player will have to shine with his national team.

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Monaco is out!

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Last year’s semi-finalist AS Monaco was eliminated from European competition after losing to Leipzig 4-1 last night.

The last year’s accomplishment is now far away. If Leonardo Jardim’s men had a remarkable performance in the Champions League last year, there is no such thing this season. The Monaco players, who had a very complicated start to the season, literally collapsed at home last night. They lost 3-0 at half-time and 4-1 at the end to a very ambitious German team. Leipzig FC will play its qualification during the last game in December.

Despite a random draw which seemed to be accessible for the Monaco team, the players did not manage to maintain a high level of play after a terrible mercato for the club.”There’s not much explanation. We did a catastrophic first half. We apologize to the fans,” Andrea Raggi, the ASM defender said to BeIN Sports. The departures of Bakayoko, Mbappé, Bernardo Siva and Mendy upset the team.

Falcao’s partners will soon have to pull themselves together. They receive the Parisian monster this weekend, for the shock of the French championship. Second of the championship, followed by Lyon, Monaco must imperatively win to have another chance of winning the French championship for the second consecutive time.


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Thanksgiving: an annual reminder

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The North-American continent is getting ready for Thanksgiving, one of the major celebrations in the United States and Canada. Turkeys, cranberries, mashed potatoes or some pies, everybody gathers around a delicious family meal. This year, the holidays would be celebrated on Thursday 23rd of November.

What are the origins of this holiday?

At the origins the term referred to a peasant’s celebration, in certain European countries, where they thanked God with prayers for the happiness they could enjoy during the year. Thanksgiving commemorates the help given by the natives to the Pilgrims of the Mayflower at their arrival in the New World, known today as the United States of America.

Some would say that this commemoration tends to overshadow the massacres committed by the English on the Native Americans, as if at the time the encounter of the two cultures were peaceful and graceful.

In any event, now the holidays is more a way to gather the family and friends around a good meal rather than a commemoration of the ancestors. It has become a commercial celebration, during which people exchange gifts, joy, and are thankful.