Catalonia : The Declaration of Independence has been canceled by the Constitutional Court

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The Constitutional Court has cancelled the Declaration of Independence of Catalonia today, declaring it as  “unconstitutional, and therefore null and void”.

This cancellation was predictable for the reason that the Declaration was suspended on October the 31st by the same Constitutional Court. The region of Catalonia was also declared under the supervision of the Spanish government on October the 27th as a result of the article 155 of the Constitution. The government has then dissolved the regional executive and regained the control of the regional administration.

Spain and Catalonia have lived a profound political crisis, before and after the self-determination referendum of October the 1st, which was outlawed by Madrid, and followed by a tense face-to-face between the regional government and the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. The deposed President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, exiled in Brussels with four of his Ministers, has admitted to surrender himself to Belgian justice, which studies a European arrest warrant against him. In Catalonia, eight ministers and destituated members of the government are in provisional detention in the case of an investigation against them for “rebellion, sedition and misappropriation of public founds”.

Lucas D’attoma IEJ 3F Groupe 1

One thought on “Catalonia : The Declaration of Independence has been canceled by the Constitutional Court

    […] The ousted president is now on conditional acquittals with the interdiction to leave the country, the time for the Belgian justice to give a rule on the arrest warrant made by the Spanish justice.  In an interview given to a Catalonia radio, the exiled leader implies that his stay in Belgium allows to avoid a wave of violence planned by Madrid. Nevertheless, an extradition procedure is considered by Spain for which the Independence of Catalonia is impossible. […]

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