Paris Photo Show 2017

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This year, Paris Photo show takes place at Le Grand Palais with Karl Lagerfeld as the guest of honor. The show lasts three days (9th – 12th November). 

The Paris Photo Show is one of the world’s leading fairs for photography. This unique event offers an insight into the fine art of photography from its beginnings until today, and presents a future-oriented overview of global trends and available forms of expression in this medium. This year  different historic and classic works and a lot of  treasures were presented. Monochrome seems to be the biggest trend compared to last year, when  a lot of colors and big formats were displayed.

There is a real change compared to past years. An exhibitor of a big fair gallery said that “People were fed up with big formats, they don’t have any space on their walls. Those images gets old and become unfashionable.”  For example Jeff Wall, the photographer known for his big sophisticated staging, this year presented small works, one of which showing a flower window shop in Paris. Even Gregory Crewdson, an American, who usually chooses cinema scenes, exhibited tiny panoramic monochromes.

Patti Smith whose work is known for a lot of melancolic and intimate pictures, hand picked the menu of stands. But even if the works reduced in size, the prices are ever increasing.

Alice Grisol, IEJ 3EG2



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