Henrik of Denmark: the tormented life

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Source : Wikimedia Commons

Henrik of Denmark, queen Margrethe II ‘s husband, who was never king, died on Tuesday, aged  83. Affected by insanity, he had been hospitalized at the end of January for a lung infection. His burial will be celebrated in the intimacy on February 20th.

« Goodbye Henrik”, titled the French daily newspaper Politiken, with a picture of the waving young prince. In front of Amalienborg, the winter residence of the royal couple in Copenhagen, unknown people put down flowers and drawings to honor his memory. The flags of all the palaces were half-mast. Return on his tormented life.

Born Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat, on the 11 June 1934 in Talence, near Bordeaux, the young count married Margrethe in June 1967.
He became Henrik and converted to Denmark’s state Lutheran Church. However, he found it difficult to fit in with Denmark’s egalitarian lifestyle.
In the mid-1980s, Henrik publicly said he wanted a paycheck instead of relying on the queen, who gets annual allowances.
In a 2002 interview, Henrik again stunned Danes by saying he felt he had been pushed aside in his own home, not only by his wife but also by his son.

Since the first of January 2016, Henrik was retired, released of his official obligation which he honored variously according to his humor.
Last summer he publicly announced that he refused to be interred with his wife in the royal necropolis of the cathedral of Roskilde. Without the royal title, he deduced that he was not his equal in life.

On February 20th, Henrik of Denmark’s ashes will be dispersed in the Fredensborg castle’s garden, near Copenhagen.

Alexandre Jeanpierre, IEJ 3 C


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