Trump immigrants proposal rejected

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On Thursday, the senate has rejected the Trump immigration plan. It concerns the «Dreamers», who are the 1.8 million immigrants so far sheltered by the Obama-era program.

The current president agreed to regularize the situation of the immigrants who came during their childhood. The process was supposed to take 10 years in exchange of twenty-five billion dollars in order to build the wall at the Mexican border.

60 votes were needed to launch the law, but only 54 senators have voted for the proposition, while 45 opposed it.

Ahead of the vote, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader stated « The president, in my view, has gone more than halfway to meet the Democrats and resolve this matter. If they’re actually interested in finding a solution, it’s time they take yes for an answer.»

It’s true that before the vote, his proposal was one of his most popular, as this tweet shows :

The Trump administration announced last year that they were ending DACA, which allows undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children to work and go to school.

Now, the Congress has to take a decision for the future of these «Dreamers». It has until the March 5 to pass a fix.

Among other unpopular propositions of Donald Trump is the decree which disallows to the people of six Muslim countries (Tchad, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria et Yemen) the entry to the United States territory, for « security reasons ». A Virginia court of appeal judged this decree unconstitutional.


Martial Peuvion, IEJ 3C


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