Why will Johnny’s children not inherit?

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Source : Le Journal des Femmes

Three days after Laura Smet’s decision to contest her father’s estate, a later testament confirms Johnny Hallyday’s last wishes to leave nothing to his children.

For the past three days, Laura Smet and David Hallyday, the elders of the late rock star, have been at the heart of celebrity news in France. The reason is that the singer’s children have announced their intention to contest in front of justice, their father’s testament written at his home in Marnes-la-Coquette in 2014, which disinherited them. After these comments in the media, which accused Laeticia Hallyday of being responsible for disinheritating, the singer’s wife has been indignant.

Yet, if the war between the two clans is far from over, the case just took a turn today. French media RTL has obtained three wills from Johnny Hallyday. If the first, established in Switzerland in 2011 and the second in April 2014 were known by the children of Johnny Hallyday, the one handwritten on July 2014, was totally unknown to them. This will, written in English while Johnny was in Los Angeles, said he would leave nothing to his children David and Laura. “They have already received their dues in the past,” wrote the singer.

By these writings, Johnny Hallyday gives the right to his wife Laetica, long disputed since the beginning of the case. The singer believes that he has sheltered his children during his lifetime and prefers to preserve his legacy for his underage daughters, Jade and Joy.

A 10-million-euro villa to share

In concrete terms, what are these famous amounts given by Johnny to his children? The document published by RTL reveals that the singer paid 442 000 euros to his daughter for the purchase of an apartment rue du Cherche Midi. Four years later, same story, this time rue Bonaparte. Laura Smet also received about 5,000 euros per month since 2004.

Regarding David, Johnny had left him in 2002 his share of Villa Montmorency. This share, estimated at the time at 3 million euros, is now estimated at 10 million euros. Thus, the singer had the feeling of having already been very generous with his first two children, not leaving them in need.


Sacha Rey, IEJ 3C


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