Jeff Sessions: Demonstrations After the Firing

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people demonstrating after the firing of Jeff Sessions
Source : Salt Lake Tribune

After president Trump’s firing of attorney general Jeff Sessions, more than 6,000 people marched from Times Square to Union Square in New York Thursday evening  in order for the special counsel, Robert Mueller to be allowed to continue his investigation on Russia.

Jeff Sessions announced his resignation, in a one-page letter to the President, on 7 November because of the President’s personnel shake-up after the midterm results. He mentioned that he announced his resignation in line with the demand of Trump. However, a one-time US attorney said that it was not sure if this can be considered as a dismissal or not, and that it would not be a resignation if the court of justice inferred that it was the case.

An organizer of the demonstration, Shannon Stagman, said “Jeff Sessions was fired as attorney general, and we strongly believe it’s part of a larger plan to start discrediting the Mueller investigation.” Adding to that, an organizer of another demonstration on Long Island said “I think it (the firing of Jeff Sessions) puts the Mueller prove in jeopardy, and I think if he has nothing to hide, let it go to its conclusion.”


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