Marvel comics icon, Stan Lee dies at 95

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soyinka stan lee
Stan Lee at his office Source:

Stan Lee, one of the most creative authors of the comics industry died on Monday, November 12th in Los Angeles. The cause of death was an acute pneumonia, he was 95.

“Marvel and the entire Walt Disney Company salute Stan Lee’s life and career and present their eternal gratitude for the unparalleled achievements he has made in their walls. Every time you open a comic-book, Stan will be there,” said The Marvel Company in a statement.

A huge loss especially right now with the promotion of movies adapted of the heroes he has created. Next March will be “Captain Marvel”, the twenty-first film in the Marvel film universe, which began in 2008. Stan Lee appeared in all the films of his heroes and many actors like Robert Downey Jr or Samuel L. Jackson speaks of a “genius” and an “endearing person”. Stan Lee created more than 300 characters like Spider Man and Thor in 1962 or Iron Man in 1963. It is thanks to him and others like Jack Kirby and Steke Ditko that the publishing house Marvel enjoyed its “golden age” and is today the largest comics book publishing house in the world. In 2007 he was among the people responsible for creating the Marvel film universe, which is today the most profitable film franchise of the past 10 years. He inspired many comic book authors like Brian Michael Bendis who worked on Daredevil, a character created by Stan Lee.

Despite the loss of this great genius, the comics market will continue to grow and readers will still be able to enjoy new stories.



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