Black Friday : The impact on French Economy

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Black Friday
Consumers during Black Friday, in a shop in the USA

Coming from the United States, Black Friday has become a global event. In France, it has existed since 2014.

Black Friday is the next day of Thanksgiving, traditional holiday in America. It triggers end-of-year shopping with discounted prices in all stores. Amazon, Rakuten, CDiscount are the big names that are participating in this event, that creates huge benefits. French companies attracted by revenues coming Black Friday established this event has established in 2014. The first participants were large sites that make huge profits in the North American (United States, Canada) and British sectors.

It has been taken over by the websites of major French retailers, such as Fnac, Darty, Boulanger or generalist like Auchan or Leclerc. They generate figures that are twice bigger than on an ordinary day. With the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday combined, there is a sales’ increase of 69%.
Originally only present on the e-commerce websites, Black Friday generalized and arouses more and more waiting by the French shoppers. In 2017, they bought for €910m on the Black Friday. And we hope for the billion of euros for this 2018’s edition. It has multiplied by 4 since the start of this event.

If Black Friday was created recently on 2010 in America, it has become an global event with billions of revenues in one day.

Emmanuel LASSABE, IEJ 3E G1

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