Was Drake’s speech voluntarily cut at the 2019 Grammy Awards?

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Coming home to the prize for the best rap song, Drake delivered a keynote speech whose ending will never be known …

Like Kanye West before him, Drake had a message to convey. The unexpected presence of the rapper at the 2019 Grammy Awards will surely not overshadow his prize and even less the speech he made on the stage of the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10.

Nominated in several categories and present to everyone’s surprise, Drake did not make the trip for nothing since his “God’s Plan” received the prize of the best rap song of the year. Invited to perform on stage, Drake then embarked on a speech for young artists, evoking the passing ceremony of the American music awards.

As Drake’s speech reached its peak, his microphone was abruptly cut off and the ad launched, while it seemed that the latter had more to say. A disconcerting moment in a speech that began to take a really inspiring turn, especially when you know that the artist in question usually keeps lips tight. For a rather entertaining show that had so far managed to avoid major blunders throughout the ceremony, it’s an explosive and disruptive choice.

This sequence has obviously not gone unnoticed on social networks. The viewers in front of their posts were very surprised by this abrupt cut, not knowing if it had been intentionally interrupted or not. Drake’s passions with the ceremony also contributed to the feeling of unease shared by many netizens on Twitter this Sunday.

Aliaume Arrebolle, IEJ 2C Group 2

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