Cinema: The Beauty and the Beast number one in box office

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Beauty and the Beast will be one of the most successful films of the year 2017. The movie beat the box office records after taking £18.4 million over its opening weekend. This is the best start of all time for the director, Bill Condon, because they refund the totality of the cost of the movie which was $160 million. They won their own challenge by recreating the Disney animated classic movie with live action and digital effects. Beauty and the Beast has thus become the best revisited film, beating last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which made $166 million. However, Hollywood loves to revisit hits in ways that can be maddening  and Disney has a particular tradition of mining and remining the same stories. Also, Walt Disney saw many ways to use an innovating cinematic form to bring to life characters in a contemporary world.  This is why the company Walt Disney loves to recreate their own animated movies. It is a challenge for them to reach another kind of audience, young as well as old.


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Picture of the new album of Drake

After his visit to Paris Bercy last week for his exceptional concert of “The Boy Meet World Tour Tour”, the rapper originated from Canada launched on Saturday night his mixtape / album called More Life. His album is already placed number 1 on the downloading platforms in only two days. With a rather new style that is found in his album with a mixture of rap and hip hop, he adds dancehall and acrobat music to his usual repertoire. After his planetary title and flagship of the summer One Dance, then Hotbling Bling with more than 330 million views on the internet, and featuring Kanye West, Young Thug or 2 Chainz, will Drake return to success with this new album ?

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The death of Chuck Berry raises many reactions

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From Bruce Springsteen to Mick Jagger, reactions unleashed after the announcement of the death of Chuck Berry, highlighting his contribution to the rock history. 

The star of the rock, Chuck Berry, died at the age of 90

Chuck Berry was the author of the greatest music of the rock’n’roll. He is considered one of the founders of the genre. He left us on Saturday, March 18, at the age of 90. 

The legend has left behind him many fans in mourning, but also a dark side of his life, unknown to the general  public. 

Bruce Springsteen paid tribute on Twitter to the one he  designated as the rock giant. 

“Chuck Berry was rock’s greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock’n’roll writer who ever lived.”

On their Facebook accounts, the Rolling Stones paid homage to the singer with an iconic black and white image. 

“The Rolling Stones are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry. He was a true pioneer of rock’n’roll and a massive influence on us. Chuck was not only a brilliant guitarist, singer and performer, but most importantly, he was a master craftsman as a songwriter. His song will live forever.” 

Beyond the rock, many American celebrities have also shared their admiration for the great musician. The American writer Stephen King recognizes :

“This breaks my heart, but 90 years old ain’t bad for rock and roll.” 


Chance the Rapper Makes History at Grammys

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Chance the Rapper is the most talented rapper of his generation and a pioneer in the music industry. His latest album, “Coloring Book,” won him a 2017 Grammy for “Best New Artist”.

This year, the Grammys made streaming-only albums available for awards consideration for the first time, which allowed “Coloring Book” to be nominated. Thanks to the new rule, Chance, whose real name is Chancellor Bennett, made history as the first artist to win a Grammy based on a streaming-only album.

The 23-year-old Chicago native picked up three Grammys. Chance has built up a name for himself without a record label, releasing the majority of his music for free. He won “Best New Artist,” “Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Performance.”

I know that people think that independence means you do it by yourself, but independence means freedom,” Chance said while accepting the award for “Best New Artist.”


The artist said he would not sign any contracts, in order to keep hold of his creative freedom. His critically acclaimed album “Coloring Book” beat out veteran rappers including Drake, Schoolboy Q and Kanye West. It was released with virtually no promotion.

During the ceremony, he performed on stage with a medley of tracks from his third mixtape “Coloring Book”. A performance that visibly seduced more than one. The rapper saw his plays on the Spotify platform increase by 200% after his success at the Grammys. 

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French Academy turns down all candidates

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This Thursday November 17th, the academics haven’t granted the majority to the candidates who have presented to the armchair of René Girard who died in November 2015. Twenty-eight academics participated in the vote and to be elected 15 votes were required.

Two writers were the favorites: the former diplomat Daniel Rondeau (who obtained twelve votes) and Gonzague Saint Bris, (who didn’t get more than three votes during the three turns). Jean Marie Bresset and Michel Orcel obtained one vote. As the other candidates didn’t receive any vote, this election had to be postponed.

In the French Academy’s langage, this is called “white election”, that is to say nobody had obtained the majority.

In three votes near, Daniel Rondeau, who runs for the second time, would have been elected. His score permits him to present his candidature again. But if we look carefully, there were twelve black crosses, they were very important, that is to say the immortals don’t want any of the candidates.

There will be no new academic under the cupola. Three chairs remain to be filled: those of René Girard, Alain Decaux and Philippe Beaussant.

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Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy birthday, Mr President’ dress sells for record $4.8 million

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The famous dress worn by Marylin Monroe when she sang “happy birthday Mr President” to John F Kennedy has sold for a world-record price at auction, fetching US$4.8m.

It was bought by museum chain Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, surpassing the previous most expensive dress sold at auction. Edward Meyer, vice-president of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, told the Press Association: “We believe this is the most iconic piece of pop culture that there is.”

The Hollywood star was found dead less than three months later, aged 36.

Monroe sang her version of happy birthday in her trademark tones in front of 15,000 guests at a Democratic fundraiser at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

It was one of her last public appearances before her death from a drug overdose.

The dress, which the auction house said was so tight she had to be sewn into it, had previously been bought at auction for $1.3m in 1999 by the late business mogul and collector Martin Zweig.

Edward Meyer, stated that he could not “think of one single item that tells the story of the 1960s as well as this dress”.

Nathan Breitman, IEJ 3E

Philosophy course on Homer Simpson at Glasgow university

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Lazy, stupid, glutton. These are the words that come to us when we try to describe the patriarch of the Simpson family. Yet Homer Simpson seems for some to be a truly complex character. At least that’s what believes a professor at Glasgow university, Dr John Donaldson. This philosophy teacher offers a new course on the universe of the Simpsons. The course is called “D’oh ! The Simpsons introduce philosophy”. The course will focus in particular on the character of Homer Simpson and his many philosophical reflections cleverly concealed.

“(Homer) is very gluttonous, he can be quite violent and self-interested. But at the same time he’s a character that’s hard not to like,” said Dr. Donaldson to the BBC, adding that “he’s open to doing the right thing and he’s a faithful family man.” A true cartoon fan, broadcast since 1989, he noticed that many philosophical notions were present in the episodes. It is even written that the ideas of the greatest thinkers of this world, such as Aristotle, Kant or Camus, are represented through this cartoon, well hidden behind the stupidity and the jokes of Homer. The theory of the teacher is not that crazy, knowing that the creator of the series, Matt Groening, studied philosophy. This mixture of lightness and seriousness is undoubtedly what made the Simpsons so famous. In early November, the Fox announced that the cartoon had been renewed for a 29th and 30th season. A record of longevity.


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