Johnny Hallyday hospitalized in Paris for “respiratory distress”

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French singer Johnny Hallyday attends a ceremony at Place de la Republique square to pay tribute to the victims of last year's shooting at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Paris
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Johnny Hallyday is hospitalized on the night from Sunday to Monday for respiratory distress, report several French media today. The singer suffers from a lung cancer.

The singer of 74 year old has been urgently hospitalized in a hospital in Paris on the night from Sunday to Monday for respiratory distress, reveals the magazine “Voici”.  We learn that the rocker was brought by his wife Laeticia to the clinique Bizet in Paris 16th arrondissement. Johnny announced in March that he followed a treatment for a cancer, detected a few months before, while specifying that his days “were not in danger”.

Always under observation, Johnny Hallyday has to continue to take examinations today. His entourage hopes he will come out of the clinic tomorrow. For several weeks, the singer has been very weakened by his disease. The singer has difficulty walking and has to move at present in wheelchair. At the beginning of November, he was again operated on to strengthen  the bones and allow him to move more easily.

The announcement arrives on a day which corresponds to the launch of a new album, “We chose something from Johnny,” which is a cover album to pay tribute to Johnny Hallyday. In the album we find the singer Louane, Nolween Leroy, Amel Bent, or the singer Kendji Girac, Garou, Slimane, Patrick Bruel, Florent Pagny, Thomas Dutronc, and many others.

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Da Vinci’s painting: the most expensive in the world

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The painting “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci was auctioned in New York on November 15th for the sum of to 450 million dollars (or 382 million euros). The painting represents the Christ dressed in renaissance style and wearing a royal badge while using his right hand to bless. For a half-century we had no news of this painting. Its price exceeds the one of Picasso’s painting “Les femmes d’Alger” which in 2015 was sold for 150 million euros.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted this masterpiece for Louis XII between 1506 and 1513. For the last half a century it had been lost.

The final price surprised even the specialists who had estimated the work at 100 million euros. The bids started at $ 70 million and there were 53 proposals in 19 minutes to arrive at the price of $ 400 million (450.3 $ million with fees and taxes).

This sale is exceptional. When it first went on sale in 1958, it was described as the work of a simple follower of Da Vinci. Since 2013; it was in possession of the Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlev. The man who owns AS Monaco paid 108 million euros to the Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier at a private sale.

This record sale proves well the current dynamism of the art market.

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Katerine sings “Moustache” in Jimmy Fallon’s Show!

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Philippe katerine

An amazing scene took place on Wednesday night! French singer, Philippe Katerine sang his song “Moustache” during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon had invited Katerine in his show broadcast on the NBC channel after kindly mocking him in July. Known to be a pretty special artist in his songs, the singer from Vendée, dressed in a white smoking, sang his song “Moustache” with dancers disguised as… Mustache.

Jimmy Fallon came to join Katerine on stage to sing the famous song. But before Fallon could sing, Katerine stuck a fake mustache on the presenter. So they could sing some “hahahaha”. This is the majority of the lyrics of the song because the song consists of pretending to laugh.

It’s a good happening that both artists have realized giving a very surreal scene. Katerine played the show’s game after Jimmy Fallon categorized his song as not to be listened to during one of the broadcasts aired last July. Far from being offended by what Fallon said, Katerine decided to accept the invitation by the production. A scene that has been seen more than 200,000 times on Youtube and the views continue to climb.

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Taylor Swift sells one million albums in 4 days and overtakes the record of the year

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Source : @Taylorswift13 (Twitter Account)

Taylor Swift, whose new album ‘Reputation’, released on Friday, has already sold over a million copies across the Atlantic. The American singer thus overtakes British Ed Sheeran and his ‘Divide’ album.

It took her only four short days. Taylor Swift, has already passed the mark of one million copies sold across the Atlantic, according to the data from the company Nielsen Music, reported by Billboard.

This is the fourth time in a row that Taylor Swift (28) exceeds the symbolic threshold of one million copies sold in the first week, notes Variety. Her three previous opuses, Speak Now, Red and 1989, all reached over a million in the first week after their release. Such performances have never been achieved by any other singer  since 1991 and the implementation of the measurement of sales in the United States.

This sixth opus of the American singer thus becomes the best-selling album in the United States in 2017 in front of Ed Sheeran. The British artist was until now the record holder with 919,000 copies sold of his disc ‘Divide’.

‘Reputation’ marks a turning point in Taylor Swift’s career. She debuted in the country music before deviating towards pop, wanted to break this image. In ‘Reputation’, she stands out much more combative and incisive than in her previous achievements.

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Cinema: Disney/Pixar releases their new movie « Coco »

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The next Disney/Pixar’s movie comes out on November 27th. It was directed by Lee Unkrich, a famous director at Disney, who also directed “Toy Story 3”, “Finding Nemo” and “Wall-E”. “Coco” is a movie which takes place in Mexico, more particularly  during “Dìas de los Muertos,” a party during which Mexicans celebrate their ancestors with pics, flowers and food on the graves of their ancestors. In fact, it’s a very happy day surrounded by family. The movie follows the adventures of Miguel, a little boy of 12 years old, whose dream is to become a musician. One day, he finds himself lost in the spiritual world of the dead and will have to try to find several  of his relatives and resolve a family mystery.

The team movie’s was present on November 14th in the iconic Parisian cinema “Grand Rex” for the preview. They explained that “we wanted you to travel to Mexico, we work a lot to recreate this festival’s atmosphere, we worked with the Mexican tourist office”. Another member of the team added: “It’s a real challenge to confront the public with the subject of death.” The bet is successful through the graphics which are very colorful. This movie will appeal to both children and adults.


Leonardo Da Vinci, on sale at Christie’s

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7391190_65j9apga_1000x625 A painting by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to make a record sale today. It will be sold in a auction sale in New-York at the famous auction house Christie’s and experts believe it could become the most expensive painting ever sold.

The owner is the president of the football team AS Monaco, Dimitri Rybolovlev has one painting of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting representing Jesus Christ, is called  « Salvator Mundi » (« Savior Of the Wolrd »)  was painted between 1506 and 1513.

The masterpiece is promised to be sold for the cost of one hundred million dollars, a sum which most art experts consider overweening.

It’s unusual to see an renaissance painting to be sold in a modern auction sale. Indeed a Warhol is placed directly next to “Salvator Mundi”.

The state of conservation is low, as the painting is damaged by the time and few restaurations have been done.

In 1958, Salvator Mundi was restored and sold for only 45 £, since people believed that it was a copy by a disciple of Leonardo de Vinci. When people realized his authentic confection, the rating increased largely.

Dimitri Rybolovlev is selling thirty-seven of his paintings that he  had from a Swedish man Yves Bouvier. Rybololev is currently on judicial trial, being accused of pocketing capital gains, and Bouvier accused him of corruption. The price will be debated today, we’ll see if a record can be broken in the art dealing world.


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Lord of the Rings : Amazon’s “precious” TV show

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What if the new Game of Thrones was distributed by Amazon ? The American delivery leader has announced its intention to be an important series diffuser. Amazon’s next TV show is going to bring us to Middle Earth, the company has paid for the rights of  J.R.R Tolkien’s universe.

It’s official, The Lord of The Rings is making the switch from big screen to the little one. Amazon Video has paid the $200 to $250 million required to build a new story based on one of the most popular franchises in the world. We already knew for a while the company was negotiating with the writer’s heirs, but now we have information about the story of the incoming show. It will be a prequel of the eleven Oscar-winnig trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.

A representative of the Tolkien legacy, Matt Gaslor, talked about the Amazon’s commitment to literature. According to him, it’s the company which has mostly respected the original work, while the Tolkien Estate is really hard to please. For example, the Game of Thrones producers, HBO, didn’t manage to acquire those rights.  

“The Lord of the Rings is a cultural phenomenon that has captured the imagination of generations of fans through literature and the big screen,” said Amazon’s new head of scripted programming. Fans are now hoping for the best after the unpopular adaptation of the Hobbit distributed by the Warner Bros company.  

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