Shooting in Grasse: Killian’s Case .

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School of Grasse with agent

Thursday, a  shooting resounded within the walls of a high school in  the town of Grasse (Alpes Maritimes). The young suspect, named Killian, aged sixteen,  opened a fire in a school  and hurt five peoples. He wanted to kill a dozen of his school mates that he could no longer bear. The young man was put under the investigation on Saturday night for assassination attempt with one of his friends as a suspected accomplice. 

His parents took him to see a psychiatrist because Killian was obsessed with firearms and action films. His parents were worried, but the psychiatrist indicated that Killian was quite normal and that there was no reason to worry. The parents then, said they may have been dealing with a teenage crisis. On the suspect’s Facebook and Twitter account, appeared many morbid images, including some of the killing in Columbine in the United States, which had caused death of 15, including his two authors. The family is “totally collapsed. They ask a lot of questions. They do not understand, like many people. There is a level of misunderstanding in this file that is more about psychiatric and psychological issues than legal and that will require the intervention of judicial experts of a certain size to try to understand this passage to the act of ‘A 16 year old kid,” has declared the lawyer of the family.


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Presidential candidate’s oral exam

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Eleven candidates have joined the race for the French presidency. The campaign is now entering its final stage ahead of the election. For the first time in 15 years, the far-right National Front has a real chance of winning the race. 

From the Socialist Benoit Hamon to the far-rightist Marine Le Pen by the centrist Emmanuel Macron, there are five favorite candidates. Four of them participated in a show named “Au Tableau”. The show took place in an elementary school in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine). The principle was to explain their programs to pupils. All of the 18 children were from 8 to 12 years old. Jean Luc Melenchon, Benoit Hamon, Emmanuel Macron and Francois Fillon were in  a classroom facing the curious pupils. Each of them answered their questions, they played educational games, exchanged opinions etc. Among them, Macron and Hamon were the most relaxed and communicated easily with the children. The ex-Prime Minister, François Fillon, didn’t really clarify his issues with the justice system but mentioned that the pressure on him was hard. He also stated that he was not the only one candidate put under investigation, giving exemples of Presidents Mitterand or Giscard d’Estaing. The show gathered 1.3 million viewers on C8 channel.

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Orly airport: Terrorist attack by a drunk and drugged man

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Saturday at the Orly’s airport, a drunk and drugged man was shot dead by the police; after threatening policemen, airport and customers.

Before he arrived at the airport, Ziyed Ben Belgacom (39) had been arrested during a road test at Garges-lès-Gonesse. Afraid, he threatened with a gun, blessed a policeman and he ran away. Moreover, he went to a bar, threatened customers, shot in the bar without blessing anyone and forgot his phone. Once again, he ran away on the way of Vitry-sur-Seine.  At 8.22, at the Orly airport, he is found and shot dead by the police after stealing the gun of a woman military. He was screaming :”I am here to die in the name of Allah, put down your arms, hands on your head. Anyway, it will be death,” according to the Republic’s prosecutor of Paris, François Molins. Sunday morning, his father was released from custody and affirmed: “My son is not a terrorist. He never prayed and he drinks. And under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, this is what happened.” Ziyed Ben Belgacom was known for “radicalisation” during one of his stays of detention. So he was under judicial supervision. The airport traffic resumed on Saturday afternoon, after being totally interrupted after the incident.


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A official visit under the sign of the seduction

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The duke and the duchess of Cambridge were on an official visit in France on the 17th and 18th of March 2017. An opportunity for the English and French diplomacies  to expose their good agreement, while the exit of the UK from the European Union will start on March 29th, 2017 by Theresa May the the British Prime minister.
The program of this visit was placed under the sign of seduction, a meeting at the Palais Elysee with the French President François Hollande after that an official dinner at the residence of the British ambassador, used as an opportunity to drink to the Saint Patrick’s Day. The prince and the princess have also attended the rugby match between France and Wales at the Stade de France.
It is the first official visit of the princely couple since lady Diana’s death in 1997 in Paris. Nevertheless it was not a pilgrimage that prince William wished to make, according to his spokesperson. In the twentieth anniversary of the death of their mother, prince Harry and William nevertheless decided to set up a statue in honor of their mother in the garden of Buckingham luxury hotel, a series of remembrances is also planned, to pay tribute to a woman who remains very loved by the English, twenty years after her death.


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4 people killed by an avalanche in Alps

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The victims are “a monitor of the station”, a 48-year-old father, his 15-year-old son and his 19-year-old stepson.


Four people died in Tignes (Savoie) on Monday (February 13th), in the deadliest avalanche since the start of the ski season, announced the sub-prefect. The four snowboarders were off-piste, preparing to descend a steep slope when the avalanche hit, officials said.

Avalanche 400 meters wide

The avalanche was probably caused by shock waves of strong winds against a thick slab of snow. This avalanche, which was 400 meters wide, occurred during French school holidays. The risk of avalanche on Monday was at three on a scale of one to five, according to the French weather forecast website MeteoFrance.

“The avalanche of 400 meters wide was triggered on the off-road sector of Tovière. A windscreen stuck out as a group of skiers went on vacation in the resort, supervised by a professional,” the station wrote in a statement.

Thirteen accidents in the Alps and the Pyrenees

Before the recent accident, there had been 13 avalanche accidents in the Alps and the Pyrenees, which had resulted in a total of three deaths.

Last season, forty-five accidents caused a total of twenty-one deaths. The deadliest avalanche occurred on January 18, 2016 when eleven soldiers were swept away during a training session on a runway in Valfréjus (Savoie). Five were killed instantly and a sixth died a few days later.

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Emmanuel Macron: controversial words on colonisation

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Emmanuel Macron made statements which shocked Tuesday on Algerian TV: he described the colonization as a crime against humanity.  The far-right reacted immediately, denouncing his words as insulting.

The presidential candidate’s words have not gone unnoticed. In Algeria at the beginning of the week, Emmanuel Macron was invited on an Algerian television set. This is when he described the French colonization as a crime against humanity. We remember Francois Hollande who went to Algiers in 2012, when he denounced this “deeply unjust and brutal system”. Macron even explained that France had to apologize… However, in November, the presidential candidate held quite a different speech, evoking the colonisation as part of the French culture.

Then the youngest candidate of the upcoming election has attracted the wrath of the French right as well as the far right, accusing him of denigrating France and “stabbing the country in the back”. Many personalities have reacted by condemning the remarks of Macron, including François Fillon (still at the heart of a court case concerning his wife, Penelope’s shadow employment) who says that these remarks are “unworthy of a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic”, and Marion Maréchal Le Pen, then in a meeting at the city of Compiègne.

Emmanuel Macron tried to calm the controversy in a video. He took the opportunity to call for a new relationship with Algeria, a proposition that would probably go unnoticed without the controversial reference to colonization.

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5G arrived in France in 2018!

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EUR 1,300 million. This is what 5G should bring to the world economy, according to the English firm IHS Markit. But what is this new mobile phone network going to change exactly?

4G is not available everywhere in France, but researchers from around the world are already working on a new network: 5G. Because, at the time when connected objects multiply, the network will have to adapt. Home automation, connected cars, surgical operations via robots … These innovations require faster and more stable connection. The 5G network is expected to deploy at the end of 2019, and even before, in 2018 for the industrialized countries, including France.

On February 7, the 3GPPP consortium in charge of the development of 5G presented its project, as well as its new logo.

The 5G technology on smartphone promises a speed about 100 times higher than the current 4G. Orange and Ericsson said in January they have reached 10 gigabits in tests, while 4G is at 300 megabits maximum.

However, the priority is not the speed. The main purpose of 5G is to reduce latency in the transmission of data. The response time of mobile networks today can reach half a second; which is too much if you want to use a stand-alone car or a robot for surgery.

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