FRANCE : Measles epidemic raises the question of vaccination

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A thirty-two-year-old woman died of measles on February 10th. The epidemic has been spreading in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the South-East of France since November. This case occurs in a period of distrust toward vaccination. 

“The only way to stop the epidemic is that the entire population rapidly verifies their vaccinations,” explains the Regional Health Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in a release. The epidemic started at the university in Bordeaux where students didn’t have up-to-date vaccination.

In Bordeaux, where the epidemic started, less than 85% kids are vaccinated against measles. In order to prevent the epidemic, the rate of vaccination should grow to 95%. The Health Minister, Agnès Buzyn, asks all the people who are not up-to-date to do a “catch-up”.

But a lot of parents are unwilling to immunize their children. Among other things, French people are particularly receptive to all the conspiracy theories when health problems are concerned, explains the sociologist Gérald Bronner in an article of Science et Avenir. In fact, according to a research of Santé Publique France, 25% of French people are mistrustful about vaccination.

Contrarily to common ideas, the measles is not just a childhood disease. It can affect babies, children, and adults. This disease can destroy lungs and has only symptomatic treatments. It starts with the symptoms of a common cold and then red spots appear on body and face. The Health Minister asks to anyone with these symptoms to see a doctor.


Since January 2018, the French government mandate 11 vaccinations for children, in order to prevent other epidemic. Before, only 3 were compulsory. Parents will have three months to regularize their situation.


Héloïse Thebault, IEJ3C


Underground world of wine

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Situated in Paris near metro Passy, « The Wine Museum » is a gallery which is not like the others. In fact, it extends for more than seven kilometers under the streets of the city. We were able to make an exclusive visit.

Source: Samuel Regnard
« I hope you’re wearing good shoes ! » laughs the master of the place Mylène Carabeuf. Without further ado, she takes us to the huge museum. « If you want to see everything and understand everything, you need at least an hour of discovery, » she precises. « The Wine Museum » is primarily built on historical foundations. Leading to many streets, especially the street of Eaux (meaning water in French, which is funny considering we are in a wine museum), these galleries impress as much as they fascinate the visitors and the most curious tourists. Encrusted in the walls, you can find many treasures of national heritage : great wines – which however remain undrinkable, because of their antiquity – extravagant corkscrews, ancestral glasses … So many objects impregnated by French culinary culture. « These galleries go all the way to Neuilly-sur-Seine. Notice that all these objects were loaned by the Paris City Hall… they took the dust so we gave them a new life ! » Mylène continues.
For wine professionals, it’s like paradise: the whole story of this drink is told. « We have tried to tell the origin of wine as an integral part of our society.» Thus, from one room to another, we understand the way in which the wines of Bordeaux were produced, and how they evolved according to consumer demand. On these last words, Madam Carabeuf lets us lose ourselves in the long corridors. « The Wine Museum », an intelligent and fun way to linger in what is under your feet. 
And best of all, the location allows many private tastings…

Samuel Regnard, IEJ3C

The European Commission severe against the French President

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Source : Le point

If France fails to keep its deficit below the 3% of GDP ceiling for 2017 and 2018, it will not be able to remove itself from the excessive deficit procedure next year.

Effectively the draft of 2018 budget presented by Bercy risks non-compliance with the European budgetary rules.

According to the 1992 Maastricht Treaty and the introduction of Monetary Economic Union, signatory countries must comply with a rule that the general government deficit must not exceed 3% of the GDP.

As promised, the government is still hoping to meet its target of reducing it to 2.9% of GDP from 3.4% in 2017. But this is done with painful adjustments in public expenditure, such as the 5 euro decrease in personal housing allowance and includes the financing of the overruns of French soldiers’ external operations in the army budget.

When he arrived to the financial ministry, Bruno Le Maire had to raise the bar after the Court of Auditors revealed an underestimation of public spending in the budget of the previous government under François Hollande.

This new complication will  have an impact on the popularity of the French president, which has been in continuous decline since his election in May 2017.

Julien Moreau, IEJ 3F-G1

“The more I’d screamed, the more he would hit,” says the second alleged victim of Tariq Ramadan testifies

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Source : Sud Ouest

This is the first time she has spoken on television. After Henda Ayari, she is the second French woman to file a rape complaint against the controversial Islamologist. Here is her testimony.

The facts go back to 2009. The victim, who converted to Islam two years earlier, first came into contact with Tariq Ramadan on social networks. The exchanges were “cordial, polite, professional and religious”.

On October 9, the partially disabled young woman met Ramadan for the first time at a hotel in the city where he gave a lecture. The Islamologist convinced her to go up to his room, to talk quietly. “He was behind my back and when I turned around, it was not the same person I had in front of me,” says the victim.

At this time, the violences started.

“It was beatings, sexual violence, despicable words, unspeakable vulgarity. I’d scream for help, I’d yell “no,” and the more I’d scream, the more he would hit.”

The testimony of Henda Ayari, the first woman to publicly accuse the Islamologist of rape, decided to file a complaint. Tariq Ramadan denies the facts and denounces “a conspiracy”. His lawyers, several times solicited, did not wish to react.


Najim Medini, IEJ 3F  groupe 1

HSBC closes Marine Le Pen’s bank account

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Source : Ouest-France

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused banks of closing accounts that belong to her and her party, saying she has been the victim of a “banking fatwa” meant to silence National Front.

The decision made by HSBC comes amid heightened scrutiny of political accounts. Société Générale, France’s second-largest bank, asked National Front to close all its accounts after a 30-year relationship. In France, banks are allowed to close accounts without notice or explanation.

Le Pen said the closures were a political decision designed to “stop the National Front taking part in democratic life and to cause the conditions of its ruin and collapse”. She blames financial oligarchs for “stifling” the opposition. She would be lodging complaints against Société Générale and HSBC.

Société Générale specifies its decisions were based only on banking issues, and a respect of banking rules “without any political consideration”.

This is yet another problem for the French far-right leader who has been put under formal investigation over a European Parliament funding scandal. Earlier this month she was stripped of immunity from prosecution over a series of grisly images she published on Twitter.

Sharon Goncalves, IEJ 3F


Christophe Castaner: Can he stay in the Government ?

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Source: ludovic MARIN / AFP

Christophe Castaner is on the way. During the first meeting of the presidential party ‘République En Marche’ (LREM) on Saturday in Lyon, he said he would take the lead of the party.

He is expected to accumulate this post with his current functions as Secretary of State and Government Spokesman. This accumulation of multiple mandates has caused  reactions within the political class.

Promoted by Emmanuel Macron, Christophe Castaner would be, without competition, elected Director General of LREM on Saturday in Lyon. On Wednesday, he suggested that he would leave his function as Government Spokesman, without excluding staying within the executive team.

The question has caused a wide debate in the opposition. “It is shocking to say the least. That says it a lot on the sectarian functioning of En Marche,” declared the president of the LR party Christian Jacob.

“The Secretary of State cannot be at the same time the interlocutor of the groups of the opposition and a party leader,” tweeted Alain Vidalies, deputy PS from The Landes.

It does not apparently satisfy the French people either, among whom 70%, judge that Castanet has to leave the government under these circumstances, according to a new poll by the institute Elabe for BFMTV.

Alexis Duceau IEJ 3E (Groupe 2)



The lottery in rescue of the French Architectural heritage

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The French Cultural minister Françoise Nyssen announced, today on Friday November 17th, the creation of an Architectural heritage Lottery. This lottery is intended to the ‘Française des jeux’ (FDJ).

=source : Alamy stock photo

“25% of the French Architectural heritage is today in a poor condition and 5%, approximately 2000 monuments, are judged in a critical state”, she said during a press conference. “The budget dedicated to the restoration will increase by 5% next year, to be carried to 326 million euros,” she added.

The objective is to find new financing for the conservation of French monuments.

Last September, Emmanuel Macron entrusted Stéphane Bern to list voluntarily the French heritage that must be protected. He estimated at more than 10,000 sites out of the 44,000 historical monuments the country counts.

Stéphane Bern also explained that it is necessary “to immediately charge the entrances of cathedrals”.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the special edition of the loto could take place once a year, at the time of European Heritage Days.  The strategy in favor of the heritage will be provided in fifteen measures,  and could bring an extra 20 million to the state.

Stéphane Bern aims at saving fourteen historical monuments” whose state is considered a matter of urgency.                                    That is one by region and one overseas.

Melrose Brémond, IEJ 3E 2