Puigdemont, from Brussels with love!

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source : http://www.francetvinfo.fr/image/75eh6ldk8-4af6/1200/450/13656220.jpg

Carles Puigdemont, the ex-president of Catalunya said on Tuesday 7th November that he leaves Barcelona to Brussels because Madrid has planned violent actions. He thinks that he will be held responsible for these acts. Puigdemond has been staying in Brussels for one week now. The ex-president talks about “non democratic methods”. He said his departure had been planned, himself and four of his advisers were supposed to go to Belgium to “internationalize the cause”. According to him, Puigdemont represents a “government in exil”. Him and his four advisers are wanted by Madrid.

Indeed, they are accused of rebellion, sedition and missuse of public money. The European arrest warrant sent by Madrid should be studied by Belgian court of justice on November 17th. For now, Puigdemont is free but is not allowed to leave the territory. However, he said he would not try to escape Belgian justice which is for him the “true justice”. If  Puigdemont’s lawyers appeal the decision for the warrant, it could take three months and Puigdemont could participate in the Catalunya election in December – but from Belgium.

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Weinstein and his little spies

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New twist regarding Harvey Weinstein’s accusations. Indeed the New Yorker published yesterday a paper revealing new allegations agains’t the man: the former producer hired an “army of spies” to collect information on the women ready to press charges and the journalists trying to expose the many scandalous stories. Not only to collect information but also forcing them to stay silent. Among the many spy agencies he hired is Kroll, one of the world’d largest corporate intelligence companies and Black Cube, an entreprise run by former officers of Mossad and Israeli intelligence agencies. 

Rose McGowan, one of the first actresses to press charges against the producer, was visited by two private investigators from Black Cube who used false identities pretending to be women-rights lawyers and secretly recorded the four meetings they had. In over a year, these agencies collected information and compiled profiles regarding their psychological and sexual history. 

Harvey Weinstein has apparently also used his position as the most powerful producer in Hollywood to try collecting information, names and place calls. 

The former producer “unequivocally” denies these allegations and his spokeswoman Sallie Hofmeister dismissed the report, saying :”It is a fiction to suggest that any individuals were targeted or suppressed at any time”. 

Weinstein has now past the point of no-return. 

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Tax reform in the US

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Source : Politico

The GOP released the new tax plan on Thursday morning and there were some major winners and losers. According to Donald Trump, ten months ago, it should have been “a great day for American workers and American householders” because it should increase the purchasing power and create jobs. Time to evaluate …

On one hand, the tax reform priorities promised by the President during the campaign were to bring tax cuts for hard workers and middle-income Americans. The aim of all these overhauls was to limit the charges which reduce the earnings of the Americans.

On the other hand, Republicans think this reform is going to boost innovation and grow their economy. With the new bill, big American corporations would get a substantial tax reduction. Decreasing from 20 per cent to 35 per cent, would be the biggest one-time drop in the big-business tax rate ever. This could create more and more employments in the USA. But this decrease would affect householders. So Republicans are confronted to a conflict of interests.

For the moment, they figured out that satisfying everybody is not an easy case, so they still have to take many decisions before all these cases officially become laws.

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Funeral of Thailand’s King

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Source : Le Figaro

Thailand cries this week at the occasion of the funeral of its king, Rama IX, one year after his death. This event will last five days between Wednesday and Sunday. A veritable fight, in this very difficult moment in the hearts of the population who adored their leader, considered by many as an example of buddhism for all. All should be perfect to pay tribute to him, as the preparations are gigantic. In Bangkok, a crematorium was placed in front of the Royal Palace with a big decoration around representing the four continents and the seven seas. Everything is made to make the event as high as the respect which the people carried for Rama IX. Thursday will be the most important day in this series of days of tribute because it will be the day of the cremation.

Lysandre Seraïdaris, invited by the royal family, explains why he could never miss this ceremony : “The expression” father of all the Thai ” suited perfectly to Rama IX. Ask all these elderly who anticipate these days to perceive, the 26, the royal wagon which will bring his coffin to be cremated in the evening. All remember his visits in campaigns, rice fields, flooded zones. It was at first hard-working king.”

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Cinema: “Au revoir là haut”: an amazing adaptation

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Poster of the film “Au revoir La Haut”

The movie “Au revoir là haut” by the filmmaker Albert Dupontel, is released today in France. It’s an adaptation of the book by Pierre Lemaitre, who received the Goncourt price in 2013. That’s why, Albert Dupontel rewrote  the storyline 13 times. He wanted to be loyal to the novel, and to give it a very visual appearance. He said: “I drew in the book like in a big toy box.”

The movie tells a story of two former soldiers who have survived the trench warfare. They decided to create a fraud to the war memorial. Their business will be prove to be dangerous but spectacular.

This movie is a dramatic comedy, it dipicts the roaring twenties and it criticizes the capitalism. It’s also a beautiful historic movie. The ambience is faithful to the twenties. To succeed this transposition, the director borrowed 20 million euros.

The journalist Clara Géliot said about this movie: “It’s great cinema (…) every detail is conscientious”. “Au revoir là haut” attracts a lot of positive criticisms. Now, it’s the public who will judge it.

Chloé Mercier, IEJ2B

Macron and Sisi : a controversial meeting

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The French President Emmanuel Macron met his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, on Tuesday to discuss  the question of terrorism. The meeting is perceived as controversial, considering the current situation in Egypt. 

It’s true, the two Présidents spoke about human rights, but not like ONG were hoping. Sisi, in fact, denying all the accusations by human rights organizations. He said “We do not practice torture and we must be way of all the informations published by rights organizations“. France’s “strategic” ally in the fight against terrorism, Egypt has know since the arrival of President Sissi in 2014 the “worts human rights crisis of recents times” by NGOs.

Outraged the total denial of Abdel Fattah, Macron shocked public opinion by claiming not to be “a donor of lesson”. A difficult project, when we know the almost systematic practice of torture in the country, a climat of fear, arrestations of opponents, websites blocked, the United Nations on Oct. 13 condemned an anti-gay crackdown in Egypt….

Report of this meeting : 50 minutes of the mens exchanged about 15 individuals cases (journalists, militants, associations…) and the how to protect their respective country.An exchange that has nothing to delight those who expected a lot.

Emmanuel Macron is even less inclined to offend Abdel Fattah El-Sissi that, since 2015, Egypt has signed arms contracts with France for more than six billion euros, including 24 combats aircrafts Rafales, missiles and many others…

Marine Sabourin, IEJ2B



The Catalans fights back

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Since Madrid has invoked the Article 155 of the Spanish constitution to take rule on Barcelona, to stop the push for independence, and replaced the current Catalan government, the Catalan people stand by their government.

Catalan people in the streets to support Carles government.

Catalonia calls police, teachers and firefighters to disobey Madrid’s direct rules.

The Catalan foreign affairs chief, Raul Remova said, on BBC radio, that Catalonia will not refuse to obey, but they took the decision with seven million people. He also added that he believes in civil servants to refuse orders from Madrid and follow the Catalan government. Some firefighters and teachers said, they had already refused to recognize the Spanish government and started to regroup in the teacher’s union (UTSEC). In a statement, they called to stand by the “democracy as it fights for its survival.” Hundreds of Catalan municipalities ask the Catalan parliament, for a motion of rejecting Madrid’s directives.

Separatists are ready to create a human shield around the regional government headquarters to protect them from Madrid’s attemps to take over the control. At the same time, the far-left party (CUP : Popular Unity Candidacy) is also supporting the Catalan disobedience. They called Mariano Rajoy’s actions “aggression” and compare them to General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship.