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Polanski wants to return to US to close rape lawsuits

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The director could go to the United States to try to put an end to the rape case, of which he has been accused for 40 years.


Will that allow the case to be concluded? Roman Polanski, accused of raping a 13-year-old minor 40 years ago in California, is reportedly on the verge of traveling to the United States to conclude the case once and for all, according to TMZ. The site even says that this trip could take place “next week”. The filmmaker’s lawyer wants to enforce an amicable agreement mentioned in a document under seal. If the agreement is recognized, “Roman can come to Los Angeles and the court without fear of  custody,” said Harland Braun, in a letter to the court received by AFP. The 83-year-old Franco-Polish filmmaker has not been back in the country since 1977. After 42 days in prison and then released on bail, the filmmaker who pleaded guilty to “illegal sex” with a minor had fled before the announcement of the verdict, fearing he would be heavily sentenced, despite an agreement with the US court.  For 40 years the United States has been demanding extradition. In December 2016, the Supreme Court of Poland refused to open the extradition proceedings. “I forgave him,” the victim, Samantha Geimer, has repeatedly called for the final abandonment of the prosecution, wanting to turn the page once and for all. She says in her memoirs that she pardoned Polanski: “I did not forgive him for him, I did it for me.” On January 24, the director had renounced to preside the César award ceremony, the French equivalent of the Oscars, after the controversy that the announcement had triggered. A call for a boycott had been launched, along with a petition calling for his dismissal.

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Nokia 3310 : the icon is reborn

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The Finnish company decides to revive the mythic Nokia 3310. 

Everybody knows it : the famous unbreakable phone which was released in 2000. The Nokia 3310 is about to be reborn, it was announced on the Mobile World Congress yesterday. Before being retired from the market in 2005, the 3310 was the best-selling ever, with About 126 million units sold.

During the presentation, the phone was announced to go on sale for 59€, a price which is obviously competitive  enough to quickly convince all aficionados to buy one.

Unfortunately, the shape of the new 3310 will probably disappoint the fans :

It is the end of the unbreakable keyboard and the green screen. However, everyone is waiting for the one really mythic characteristic of the Nokia 3310 : the Snake. Another good reason to make it one’s second phone.

The new phone is explicitly targeting the European market, as it is not planned to be sold on the American continent for the moment.

The launch is planned for the 26th February in Barcelona.

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Love Actually sequel for the good cause

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The cult Richard Curtis’s Christmas romcom will premiere on the BBC on 24 March. A suite that will bring together the original cast.

What did they become 14 years later ? The symbolic characters of the cult British comedy Love Actually will return in spring for a mini continuation on the BBC. The mini-project who’s writing by Richard Curtis, is a charitable short film in honor of Red nose day. The initiative collects every year of funds for the sick children. Red Nose Day Actually will be broadcast on BBC1 on Red Nose Day, 24 March in the UK, and on NBC to coincide with the US equivalent on 25 May. Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, and Andrew Lincoln confirmed their presence on their respective roles. Emma Thompson is not listed among their number. Alan Rickman, who played her unfaithful husband, died last January. The director said “We’ve been delighted and grateful that so many of the cast are around and able to take part – and it’ll certainly be a nostalgic moment getting back together and recreating their characters 14 years later.” The movie told the loves and the fate of several couples or characters, in London, during the Christmas time. The original film made £194m worldwide and won a supporting actor Bafta for Bill Nighy and it marked Curtis’s debut as a director. After the announcement, a lot of fans enjoyed the similarity between Hugh Grant that plays the English Prime Minister in the movie and the current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.


Liam Neeson was reunited with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played his stepson Sam in the film, for a Comic Relief sketch. We can’t wait for the result !


“Playboy”, nudity is back !

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Playboy no longer wanted to hear about nudity because it considered it “outdated” on glossy paper. But the magazine changed its mind and will finally restore naked ladies on its pages, a year after giving up.

The January / February 2016 issue, with the US-Canadian star Pamela Anderson on its cover, was presented as the last to include photos of naked women on its pages.

In October 2015, the CEO of Playboy, Scott Flanders, who has left his post since, explained that the end of nudity was intended to broaden the group’s audience. Playboy was encouraged by the success of the new version of its website, which showed only women dressed even lightly.

The attempt was obviously not successful, even if the group said nothing about its results.

Nudity is back in the March / April 2017 edition, announced the son of the founder, Cooper Hefner, 25, who replaced his father as head of creation. The young man never hid his opposition to the decision made in 2015, believing that it was contrary to the Playboy philosophy. In this issue, the magazine features Van Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Adam Scott.

“I admit now that the way the magazine presented nudity was outdated, but making it without it was a mistake,” he wrote in a post on his Twitter account. “Nudity has never been the problem because nudity is not a problem,” he added, before concluding: “Today we are renewing our identity and assuming what we are. “

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Bonus Primes at Microsoft

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imagesOn its website Microsoft has reported that some visible minorities were not sufficiently represented in the company. As a results, Microsoft decided to make some internal decisions in order  to bear with this lack.

The company noticed on September 30th that the proportion of women has decreased, it went down from 26.8% to 25.8%. Gwen Houston, who is in charge of the diversity and inclusion for Microcrosoft, explains this fact with two reasons. The first one is that a restructuring happened in the telephonic activities at Microsoft. Moreover, some factories closings have reduced the part of women in the firm.

Houston is however encouraged by the slight rise in the reprensentation of women in the technical responsibility jobs. She is also optimistic about the hirings. Women represent 27.7% of the new employees.

Gwen Houston also mentions, some “modest gains” in the representation of black people in the company. It rose from 0.2 to 3.7%. Numbers of hispanic people have also augmented from 0.1 to 5.1%.

The directors of the company want to link some bonuses for the firm’s managers who increase the diversity in their teams. These decisions are absolutely original. The company wants to continue in this direction and struggle against prejudices and the under representation of the minorities.

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source : Le Figaro

The Calais “jungle” proceeds to the final stage of the evacuation today. In facts one of the final steps remains the evacuation of miners, as about 1,500 of them are still located in the infamous refugee camp of Calais.

After the departure of the adult refugees last week, the evacuation of Calais Jungle miners is proceeding gradually today. The first vehicle has left with 43 youngsters inside this morning  towards Carcassonne. There are lost without parents and because they see their hopes to lives in England evaporate. For some however, it is a relief to leave the Calais jungle.  “One cannot say that I am really happy because I do not know where I am going. Britain ? Canada ? France ? But I am happy to leave the jungle. For the past few days there have been problems between catholics and muslims who were fighting,” says one of the migrants.

All is not lost because some may still be allowed to seek asylum in England. British officials are accompanying the young migrants. Their applications will be reviewed within CAO- miners with British authorities. Indeed these last weeks around 300 miners could leave Calais towards England with the official agreement of the British Ministry of the interior.

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