First capsizing on the French Route du Rhum

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Route du Rhum
The Route du Rhum departed from Saint-Malo this Sunday. Source: Damien MEYER / AFP

Armel Le Cléac’h, one of the favorite skipper of the French Route du Rhum, capsized yesterday near the Açores archipelago.

While he was on his way to Spain, the French skipper was the victim of a boat-breaking due to a terrible shipping forecast. This incident occurred around 12 o’clock this Tuesday, making Le Cléac’h lose his lead.

Fortunately, the sailor could have triggered his emergency locator transmitter, confirming his team he was safe and sound. A few hours later, a fishing boat picked him up in order to take him back to dry land. The man, even if alive, seems to be disappointed to leave the course so early.

And for good reason, for its 11th edition, the transatlantic solo course started on Sunday after a little hesitation over the weather. It was quickly obvious that this year’s competition would be tough for all  the skippers. Indeed, the bad climatic conditions could have led to a postponement of this year’s Route du Rhum. Nevertheless, the conditions got a little better on Sunday afternoon, and the beginning of the competition was maintained. Leaving from Saint-Malo, the course will finally end up in Pointe-à-Pitre, a Guadeloupean municipality.

At the moment, François Gabart is at the lead of the transatlantic solo, closely followed by Francis Joyon. Both of them are off Madeira, struggling against a particularly unsettled trade wind.

Pauline Borgogno — IEJ 3F G2

Why will Johnny’s children not inherit?

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Source : Le Journal des Femmes

Three days after Laura Smet’s decision to contest her father’s estate, a later testament confirms Johnny Hallyday’s last wishes to leave nothing to his children.

For the past three days, Laura Smet and David Hallyday, the elders of the late rock star, have been at the heart of celebrity news in France. The reason is that the singer’s children have announced their intention to contest in front of justice, their father’s testament written at his home in Marnes-la-Coquette in 2014, which disinherited them. After these comments in the media, which accused Laeticia Hallyday of being responsible for disinheritating, the singer’s wife has been indignant.

Yet, if the war between the two clans is far from over, the case just took a turn today. French media RTL has obtained three wills from Johnny Hallyday. If the first, established in Switzerland in 2011 and the second in April 2014 were known by the children of Johnny Hallyday, the one handwritten on July 2014, was totally unknown to them. This will, written in English while Johnny was in Los Angeles, said he would leave nothing to his children David and Laura. “They have already received their dues in the past,” wrote the singer.

By these writings, Johnny Hallyday gives the right to his wife Laetica, long disputed since the beginning of the case. The singer believes that he has sheltered his children during his lifetime and prefers to preserve his legacy for his underage daughters, Jade and Joy.

A 10-million-euro villa to share

In concrete terms, what are these famous amounts given by Johnny to his children? The document published by RTL reveals that the singer paid 442 000 euros to his daughter for the purchase of an apartment rue du Cherche Midi. Four years later, same story, this time rue Bonaparte. Laura Smet also received about 5,000 euros per month since 2004.

Regarding David, Johnny had left him in 2002 his share of Villa Montmorency. This share, estimated at the time at 3 million euros, is now estimated at 10 million euros. Thus, the singer had the feeling of having already been very generous with his first two children, not leaving them in need.


Sacha Rey, IEJ 3C

17 Borneo’s ourangutans die each day

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Almost forty researchers carried out a new study about Borneo’s orangutans. They found that these species are endangered.

Published on 15th February 2018 in  Current Biology review, the study reveals that between 1999 and 2015, more than 100 000 Borneo’s orangutans died because of deforestation and poaching.

According to the researchers, “it’s an alarming observation.” Precisely it’s almost 148 500 orangutans who died in the island located in Southeast Asia. They blame forest and mining cultivation. Maria Voigt, researcher for Max Planck Institute in Germany said to AFP : “The decline of the orangutans population has been huge in these places where natural ressources are too exploited. These apes cannot survive outside of these areas. However, during the study, most of them died  in wooded areas. That means poaching is the main cause of their disappearance.”  She assures that the number of Borneo’s orangutans have decreased to 53% since 1999. Today there are between 70 000 and 100 000 still alive.

In February 2018, an orangutan has been found with bullets in his head. They also found marks of a machette.

Orangutan, which means: “Man of the forest”, is the biggest ape of Asia together with Sumatra’s orangutans. These two species are endangered according to International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2016.
According to researchers, if it continues, 45 000 Borneo’s orangutans  could disappear by 2053.

Julien Coussy de Montella, IEJ 3C




Mass shooting in a Florida High School: the shooter is a white supremacist

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Two days after the mass shooting in the Parkland high school, the portrait of the terrorist Nikolas Cruz begins to be produced. He is 19, and appears to be a white supremacist.

Nikolas Cruz
Source: wikipedia

The perpetrator of the massacre at Parkland appeared Thursday before the judge. The charges against him are 17 murders with premeditation.

The American media searched very quickly to study the profile of the mass-killer. According to the Anti-Defamation League, an association fighting against antisemitism, Nikolas Cruz attended meetings of the “Republic of Florida”, a group known for extol the superiority of white race. He even participated in military trainings with the organization.

If the chief of the neo-fascist association first assured at the Daily Beast that the young man was “knowing perfectly that he was joining a paramilitary separatist white supremacist and neo-fascist group”, he finally retracted himself, pretexting a misunderstanding about the name of the person.

Nikolas Cruz is an former student of the Parkland high school. A fellow student testifies that he was excluded for threatening several classmates : ““A lot of people were saying it was going to be him. A lot of kids threw jokes around saying that he was going to be the one to shoot up the school,””. Another of his ex-classmate also testifies: “Everybody was thinking that it was just rumors, until it’s unfortunately happened.”

FBI recognized having been alerted in last September for a Youtube comment, written by a user having exactly the same name as the terrorist : “I will become professional shooter in schools.”

Esther Bassingha, IEJ 3C

Cyril Ramaphosa flight to aid of South Africa

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CAPE TOWN/SOUTH AFRICA, 10JUN2009 -Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa at the Opening Plenary on Africa and the New Global Economy at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, June 10, 2009

After the forced resignation of Jacob Zuma by his political party THE ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa takes over the reins of the country. Elected by the African parliament, he will aim at restoring serenity within the African government.

After several weeks of meetings and negotiations, the South African president Jacob Zuma is forced to resign on Thursday, February 14th, 2018. Entangled in scandals of corruption, Zuma had lost all credit among the South African people. His political party THE ANC which he managed during 10 years  called for his resignation and caused even his anger. Besides resigning, Jacob Zuma has made a declaration in front of the press. A declaration which ends even by a threat: « You will make many people angry. »

Cyril Ramaphosa: the new South African face

Further to the resignation of Jacob Zuma, The South African parliament decided to elect Cyril Ramaphosa fellow party member. He became head of the party only two months ago and now he already has the presidency of the country. Cyril Ramaphosa was an anti-apartheid activist in the 70s, he also participated in the creation of the biggest association of labor unions of the country: “La Cosatu”

According to Nelson Mandela Cyril Ramaphosa is: ” one of the most talented of his generation “. He left politics in 1999 after a defeat before returning in 2012. Vice-president of the party in 2012 then of the country in 2015, he becomes the new president of South Africa today and his historic legitimacy speaks for him.

This evening he will deliver a speech in front of the people and will aim at making the unanimity within a country often politically divided.                                                                                                                                   

Mikael Marciano, IEJ3C


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Wednesday, February 14 was the saddest Valentine’s Day for America. Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire in a Florida high school and killed 17 people. Fascinated by guns, he burst into the establishment equipped with an assault rifle. Yet during his speech, Donald Trump dodged the subject of arms that is still debated in the United States.

source: flickr.com


“Violence”, “hate”, “mental health”, and especially “God”. On Thursday, Donald Trump gave a speech for ten minutes in the White House on the killing in Florida without saying the word “gun” once.
He called on Americans to “respond to hatred by love”, and the president promised, as after each slaughter, to “tackle the difficult subject of health.”

The second amendment to the American constitution, which allows individuals to assemble in a militia to ensure “the security of a free state” is in his opinion not the source of the problem.
For Donald Trump, it’s important to “always report to the authorities” when you find a suspect.
The FBI has also acknowledged being alerted last September by a subscriber of the YouTube platform on the comment left by a user identifying as Nikolas Cruz: “I will become a professional shooter in schools.”
Wednesday’s attack is the 18th school shooting since the beginning of the year and the 291st in five years, after the 2012 killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which killed 28 people.

What do Americans say?
The debate resurfaces but as each time it runs out.
Chris Murphy, Connecticut senator, has meanwhile denounced laws too lax. “We are responsible for a level of mass atrocities that only happens in this country,” he lamented Wednesday before the Senate in Washington.
The hashtag #GunReformNow created a debate on Twitter on Thursday, with over 40,000 tweets.
Yet the Americans do not seem ready to surrender and only 28% want the outright ban on the carrying of weapons by civilians.

Léa Zafrani, 3C



French people convinced by tomorrow’s baccalaureate

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71% of people who watched the yesterday’s TV political debate are convinced by the performance of Jean-Michel Blanquer. The French Minister of Education has specified the government’s plan to reform the baccalaureate. Let’s go back to what will be the “year of maturity” in 2021.

Source: flickr.com

He held a two-hour debate and convinced the French people. Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education has become, within a few months, one of the most important personalities of this administration. It’s a good opportunity for him to carry the voice of the government and defend his project of reform of the baccalaureate.

We are bringing the baccalaureate into the 21st century,” the minister told the students of the junior and senior years, worried about what the new exam will look like. One is afraid that the big oral, which students will prepare throughout the year will “aggravate inequalities“, the other wants to confirm that all students will have the same choice of subjects.

On both counts, the minister is reassuring. In their junior year (second year of high school), students will choose, in addition to the common core, three specialties, the year after there will remain only two. The big oral which is planned as early as 2021 will be a test to “highlight what the student knows”.

But yesterday, the education “à la carte” was not the only concern of French people. Asked about the salaries of professors in France, Jean-Michel Blanquer confirmed the fact that the perceived income was too low to have a good purchasing power:“We must work so that it changes in the French budgetary conditions.” During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to pay “3000 euros of bonus” per year for teachers in priority education.

At the end of the TV show, 69% of viewers said they were in favor of this reform of the baccalaureate. Let’s wait until 2021 to analyze the first results of this new formula.

Julie Paris-Hurni, IEJ3C