Brexit : what’s next for Great Britain ?

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If Brexit occures, Great Britain will leave definitely the European Union on the 31th December of 2020. Picture: BBC News

The 27 European ministers of foreign affairs gave their approval on Monday 19th of November about the agreement project negotiated between Theresa May and the European Parlement. But this is not finished yet, as both sides still have to discuss their relation after the Brexit in a big summit on Sunday 25th of November.

Even if she is heckled in her country, Theresa May is still determined to lead the project to the end. For British people, there are a lot of questions without answers.

The main points of future negotiations are:

  • A transition period will occur after March 29th of 2019 to December 31st of 2020. During this time lapse, Great Britain will have a particular status. The country will be part of the European Union without any right to vote and decide about the future of EU.
  • After the Brexit, there still will be no custom duty on both sides and prices of imported products will stay at their current level.
  • An agreement about cooperation on the security is discussed at the moment. Theresa May said that she wants to be part of the shared European policy on safety.
  • The question of backstop is the biggest problem. They don’t want to build a physical frontier which will increase the price and tension between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The main topic of the discussion now, is the backstop. They have until 2020 to find a solution. If not, Northern Ireland will have big economical difficulties with the lack of exportation to Ireland.







Carlos Ghosn: Star Of Manga

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Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi who was arrested 19 November for tax fraud, was pictured as a superhero in a series of Japanese manga “The Story of Carlos Ghosn: The Know-how To Corporate Revitalization”. In the book, published in 2002, he is described as a person who has unusual powers and changed Japan’s business world.

The “Cost Killer” succeeded to rearrange the company, two years after the speech of his inauguration in 1998. He finished it with the phrases:

“I know and I measure how much effort, how much sacrifice, and how much pain we will have to endure for the success of the NRP. But believe me, we don’t have choice and it will be worth it. We all share a dream.”

The story is based on this speech.

But the members of the firm didn’t share the dream, because of his privatization exceeding limitations of the corporate possessions. One of the executives gave an account of his privatization after the capture of Ghosn; he was living at a house that the company bought for instance. In addition, it was not only Ghosn who private the property of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. For his family vacation, for the made-up advisory contract with his sister, The CEO used much of the property of the company for his family.

He was the superhero of Nissan and Mitsubishi, however he was their super villain simultaneously.

Aoi Kawasaki 3E Group 2

Lebanon: the government defies the mafia of generators

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Generator managers take advantage of the state’s inability to provide continuous electricity.

In Beyrouth, for many weeks, the Lebanese government has been dealing with violence of private electric generator owners. In fact, for a decade, their role has been to complete the amount of the electricity provided by the government, in order to enable to the population to have an all-day supply.

Two visions: the first is the general government of Lebanon who wants to support Lebanese citizens. The problem is that they pay the energy from private providers much more expensive than that supplied by the government. Many Lebanese have not the budget to buy electricity two times. Against this vision, the private electric generator owners make much money thanks to this situation and don’t want to reduce their prices.

Inspections, custodies,…, the Lebanese government do not skimp on ways to force the traders to fix meters to reduce bills of consumers. Sometimes, fixed and opaque, prices practice pull electrical expenses up. On average, the cost rises to around 300 dollars per month per household.

The estimated number of generators in the country is 7,000. They had been given time until 1st October 2018 to change the practices. Unfortunately, not enough generators owners accepted to change their habits. All of them accuse the Lebanese government of wanting to ruine the electric generator owners.

The government of Lebanon wants to break the current system and this way to destroy the mafia of generators.


Johana WEHBE, IEJ 3E G2

Tensions Building Up at Mexican Border

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Migrants at Mexican Border

On Thursday, Donald Trump annouced that he would renewe his threat to close the border if the Mexican government was to lose control over the migrant caravan situation in Tijuana. He also announced that he would not hesitate to cease trade with Mexico. He told reporters: “If we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country.” The US president has given security officers the green light to use lethal force “if they have to”.

For a week now, tensions have risen in Tijuana, a border city between Mexico and the United States. Hundreds of residents are urging migrants to go back to Tijuana. The increasing number of migrants crossing the border is due to the arrival of a caravan coming from Central America. The migrants have crossed Mexico and are seeking to claim asylum in the United States. They are looking to flee poverty violence and persecution. In response, the US and Mexico have both increased security at the border.

Juan Manuel Gastelum, Tijuana mayor has warned that his city was not prepared to host such an increasing number of migrants in the coming weeks. He called the recent migrant arrivals “an avalanche”.

In the next few weeks the number of migrants crossing the borer could reach 10,000 people.


Tom Rousset IEJ 3E G1

Pakistan: 4 dead in a terror attack

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Pakistani people protesting against violence in the country

Both policemen and civilians have been murdered this Friday, November 23 in Pakistan. The two killed civilians were a father and his son. The three terrorists have been killed by the army during a big operation. 

The terrorist attack, against the consulate of China in Karachi, has been claimed by a separatist movement, the Liberation Army of the Balochistan (ALB). “We have led the attack and our action will continue,” said Geand Baloch, an ALB spokesman.

The attack occurred at around 9:30am (local time). Photos and videos on social networks showed clouds of smoke rising from the area.

The ALB is a terrorist movement, operating in the province of Balochistan, the poorest of the country. They have denounced the economic partnership between Pakistan and China. They accused the Asian country to be an oppressor. In fact, every year, China invests billions of dollars in Pakistan.

China condemned this attack and asks Pakistan “to take concrete measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in the country”. 

For years, Pakistan has been trying to become safer. Nevertheless, Karachi, the biggest city of the country, is still the theater of very violent crimes.


Félix Mansard, IEJ 3E

British Hostage: diplomatic crisis with the United Arab Emirates

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Matthew Hedges and his wife, who is fighting for his freedom.


31-year-old British academic has been sentenced to life imprisonment at an Abu Dhabi court on Wednesday. Matthew Hedges was accused of spying while he was conducting research for his doctorate in Dubai.

The British student’s hearing lasted less than five minutes – which is a record time – as his lawyer was not in court. The UAE’s attorney general, Hamad al-Shamsi, stated to the official news agency WAM that Matthew Hedges had confessed to the charges against him. However, there is no independent confirmation of this claim.

A lot of British officials have reacted to this verdict. At the Commons on Wednesday, the British Prime Minister Theresa May said that it was “an unacceptable situation“. She has vowed to raise this case at the “highest level”, as it “deeply disappoints her” she said.

Moreover, Jeremy Hunt, the British foreign secretary, Tweeted that “UAE claim to be friend & ally of the UK so there will be serious diplomatic consequences“.

This clearly illustrates the position of the country at this time. Theresa May could tackle the UAE government at the next Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair, as UK is an important provider for the country.

The UAE’s UK ambassador, Sulaiman Almazroui, said there was hope for an “amicable solution” due to the close partnership with the two countries.

Matthew Hedges has been in a UAE prison for more than six months. The Durham University student had been arrested on May 5th at Dubai airport as he was leaving the country. An Emirati man reported him to the authorities for “seeking to gather classified information on the UAE”.


Lucas Billard, IEJ 3E

European Union : Riboflavin, a new health scandal ?

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GMO banned detected in feed for livestock in Europe.

Forbidden Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) were found in great quantities in animal feed for livestock in several European countries, according to the information of the French newspaper Le Monde. Are we witnessing a new health scandal ?

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