The Turkey in trouble

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Flag of Europe and Turkey

After the cancelation of meeting between two ministers in Germany, the Turkish president has intensified his insults against the German Chancellor.


Indeed, the tensions  between Recep Tayipp Erdogan and Angela Merkel increased after the cancelation of meetings. The Turkish president had already accused the country of “nazis practices”.

19th March, Erdogan as namely attacked the Chancellor “When we call them Nazis they (Europe) get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity. Especially Merkel.”

Furthermore, Erdogan also criticises  the Germans for authorizing a demonstration of Kurdish hostile to his political system where a flag of  PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) banned in Turkey.

Those stories lead some  difficulties for the Turkish, to enter in the European Union. We have to know that if the Turkish president allowed  the death penalty in his country, the negotiation between them and the European Union will definitely end.

Adrien Vallée, IEJ 1 Tremplin





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The Treaty of Rome (1957)

This is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This treaty established a common market, enabling  products, services, capitals, and people to circulate freely. 

60 years ago, the 25th March 1957, Europe was born. The representatives of France, Italy, West Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium signed in Rome, the constituent treaties of the EEC. The EEC will be enlarged, in 1986 by Danemark, UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The treaty established the European common market and defined the bases of the common agricultural policy. It is the founding act for Europe and its agriculture. But the continent has known multiple crises. Greece, Italy and Belgium are plunged into an economic crisis. Their debt is 100% superior to their GDP. France knows a deficit which reached 48 billion euros, in 2016. Now with the Brexit, in UK, which will be soon implemented, the futur of Europe is in question.

SINGH Jaskirat, IEJ Tremplin

Brussels: Seven people injured after explosion in a flat

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An explosion in a dwelling in Brussels caused seven wounded, one serious on March 18th, the spokesman of the fire brigade of the Belgian capital told AFP, without being able to give the cause.

“This violent explosion destroyed two three-storey houses. In total there are seven wounded, one serious,” he said. The explosion was due to gas, indicates on its website the Belgian public television, RTBF. Interviewed on Belgian television RTL, the bourgmestre of the neighborhood Saint-Gilles, Charles Picqué, said that “the explosion would probably be accidental and linked to a gas leak.”

Brussels is preparing to commemorate this week the attacks of 22 March 2016, which caused 32 dead and more than 320 injured in Brussels airport and subway. Since that date, no unusual event – even accidental – has particularly been scrutinized by the media and the public.


Brexit: The date is announced

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Monday the 20th March, Theresa May, the Parliement and the Queen herself, have finaly decided the date the conditions of  Brexit will start to be discussed with the European Parliement.

The 29th March the 50th article of the Treaty of Lisbon will be activated. Ms May will send a letter to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council in Brussels, that will mark the very beginning of the separation between European Union and United Kingdom. Ms May wants the negociation to start as soon as possible, it will be about two years of negociation to arrive to a common point of view and make the Brexit real. It will be one of the most important negociations the United Kingdom has known for a long time.

Those negociations may be complicated by Scotland and its referendum to make the country independent from the United Kindom, and if it is the case, Scotland will have to make its own decision about the European Union. What will complexify the approach of the UK and would make the country less powerful it could ever be after the Brexit. The Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced last week that the independence referendum would take place between automn 2018 and spring 2019.

Christophe VINIGER: IEJ 1 Tremplin

Irak : Mossoul Reconquest

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In 100 days, the Iraqi army has only conquered  back the west side of Mossul. It will be, a long, and difficult part to get the east one. This town has been under the control of Daesh for two years.  

The first villages fell down easily, house after house. However the biggest towns, are more difficult than the small ones. The attacks are very intense, and also lethal for Iraqi Army. The bulldozers clear the streets in order for the army vehicles to get through. This task is dangerous, as the jihadists use car bombs as fatal weapons,  which causes a lot of casualties in the army. ISS have drones, to identify  the ennemy postions. Mossul, is the most difficult part of the reconquest. After two years under ISS control, this town is cut off from everywhere, and the progressions are very slow.


In the West side of Mossul there are approximately 2,000 jihadistes; and 750,000 citizens.  The last part is still occupied by the ISS soldiers; it can fall under Iraqi army’s control toward June.

François Madaoui IEJ Tremplin


The World Bank in the rescue to Africa

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According to a news release published on Sunday by the institution of Bretton Wood, the World Bank is going to gather 57 billion dollars to invest over three years in sub-Saharan Africa.

This money which for the main part results from the International Association of the development, which grants gifts and credits to zero rate in the poorest countries.(45 billion dollars), is going to allow “the development of the programs in favour of the education, the basic health services, the cleanliness of the water and its treatment, the agriculture, the business relations, the infrastructures and the institutional reforms,” as declared Jim Young Kim, the president of the World Bank.

The increase in financing of the Association of the development, is going to benefit especially to some 448 current projects in sub-Saharan regions, which represent more than half of the countries eligible to the financing of this institution.

Sunday, Jim Young Kim will visit Rwanda and Tanzania to highlight the support of his institution for the region.

Adrien TRAINEAU, Tremplin 1

A official visit under the sign of the seduction

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The duke and the duchess of Cambridge were on an official visit in France on the 17th and 18th of March 2017. An opportunity for the English and French diplomacies  to expose their good agreement, while the exit of the UK from the European Union will start on March 29th, 2017 by Theresa May the the British Prime minister.
The program of this visit was placed under the sign of seduction, a meeting at the Palais Elysee with the French President François Hollande after that an official dinner at the residence of the British ambassador, used as an opportunity to drink to the Saint Patrick’s Day. The prince and the princess have also attended the rugby match between France and Wales at the Stade de France.
It is the first official visit of the princely couple since lady Diana’s death in 1997 in Paris. Nevertheless it was not a pilgrimage that prince William wished to make, according to his spokesperson. In the twentieth anniversary of the death of their mother, prince Harry and William nevertheless decided to set up a statue in honor of their mother in the garden of Buckingham luxury hotel, a series of remembrances is also planned, to pay tribute to a woman who remains very loved by the English, twenty years after her death.


Marie-Augustine NDiaye, IEJ1 Tremplin