California fires: number of missing people increases

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Over the past few days, the number of people missing due to the fires ravaging California has come up to 631.

58 more are declared dead and this trend is expected to continue, according to the authorities.


 A firefighter battles a fire in Simi Valley, California, Nov. 12, 2018 (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu). Source: Fox News 

This number can be justified by the speed of the fire itself, driven by the wind and fueled by the abundance of trees in the area, authorities explained. Meteorologists added the wind condition is expected to worsen. According to the scientists, two seasons of devastating wildfires are linked to the drought induced by the climate change.

Sheriff Kory Honea added that the remains of seven victims have been located and that nearly 300 people reported missing have been found, which implies that the list of missing is likely to fluctuate. He also asked relatives of the missing to give DNA samples to help in the identification of the dead, even though many of them are likely to never be identified.

California is going through one of the worst fire crisis it ever encountered: more than 10 fires are still active across the state and battled by more than  9,400 fire fighters. More than 12,000 buildings have been destroyed.

The FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is present in the area to manage the evacuation of more than 52,000 people. Los Angeles sheriff allowed some residents to return to certain parts of Malibu considered free from danger.

President Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stated: “It’s going to take working together from the community all the way up to federal government and making sure that we do active forest management, we prioritize infrastructure, public safety, the roads, evacuation, and work together as a team.”

A few days ago, President Donald Trump announced via White House statement he would visit the state next Saturday and meet with the victims of these fires. Earlier this week, he also tweeted the “poor management of the forest” to be the cause of the fire to spread so widely.

Margaux Naudin, IEJ 3EG2




North Korea: Alarming rocket launches

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North Korea: Kim Jong Un visited a test site of a modern ‘tactical weapon’ this morning, causing another issue for the US according to American satellites. Diplomatic relationships between the are writhing again.


Kim Jong Un is watching a rocket launch. Source: KCNA on 09/16/17


Last time North Korea’s leader publicly tested a new weapon was a year ago. Indeed, since November 2017, US media didn’t notice an official weapon’s presentation of Kim Jong Un.

According to North Korean media, he witnessed this new test with several ministers. Mr Kim defines these missile launches as a ‘justification of the party’s policy focused on defense science and technology’. Not sure Donald Trump will agree.

According to KCNA (Korean Central News Agency) the military test was a great succes. These weapons will certainly protect the country like a ‘steel wall’. KNCA also noticed Kim was proud of the power of his tactical rockets. Kim also wanted to show to his soldiers that they have to be proud of being part of a modern high-tech army.

Seoul under pressure

South Korean side is alerting. Their neighbors’ newspapers noticed several mutiple-rocket launchers last month. Seoul considers those nuclear weapon tests as ‘one of the greatest military threats’ against their own capital.

This event will certainly complicate the tense relationships between Pyongyang, Washington and Seoul, even if the U.S remain confident that the promises between the two states will be respected. Patience..



Morocco inaugure the first high speed train in Africa

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It’s a big day for Africa, the continent inaugurated this Thursday November 15th, its first high speed train. Africa was the last continent who didn’t have access to this service.

The first high speed train in Africa according to AFP


The inauguration was with Mohammed VI Morocco’s King and the French president Emmanuel Macron. The train will travel between Tanger and Casablanca in only 2 hours 10 minutes. Before the project was completed, the duration of the trip was about 5 hours.

France has invested about 51% in the project. The global cost is about 2.1 billion euros. The price includes four new train stations and two hundred kilometers of lines. The project is the pride of the Office National des chemins de fer (national Office of railway), and the president of SNCF (national Society of French railway). This high speed train project is the result of strategic partnership between the two countries. SNCF, as an example, brings to the project their expertise of high speed trains and the maintenance of lines. This inauguration is a success for the Morocco Authority; for them it is the sign of “modernity, development and technical progress.”

This satisfaction is not general and particularly for the left political party of Morocco., who announced that the project was a useless investment for the country. For them, the financing campaign could be used to build schools, besides the project took time to be launched. First of all it was planned for 2011, then 2015. The delay of the project was especially due to some internal problems in the country. It had for consequences an increase of the cost, while originally it was planned to be the cheapest high speed train in the world.

Sebag Julien, IEJ 3E

Fox News joins CNN in the lawsuit against the White House

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After the press pass’ revocation of CNN’s journalist Jim Acosta by the White House on November 7th due to an altercation with Donald Trump, CNN decided to go to trial against The White House last Tuesday. 

cnn fox news
CNN and Fox News Logos Source : mé

After the altercation between Jim Acosta and Donald Trump, CNN’s journalist saw his press pass revoked, an act considered as a violation of the First Amendment by CNN, which explains the complaint submission.

CNN is no longer alone in the dispute against the White House: other media joined the fight against Donald Trump, such as Associated Press, USA Today, The Washington Post and amongst a list of a dozen, a big surprise: Fox News.

Through a statement of Jay Wallace, chairman of Fox News, the pro-Trump TV channel, gave support to their rival.

“Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. (…) Fox News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporter’s press credential,” Jay Wallace said.

This support proves that even pro-Trump media are able to fight against their main viewer, and support, a situation that Donald Trump did not think about when he, and his  press service, decided to “fire” a journalist from the press conference room.

Antoine Ducarre, IEJ 3E G2



Cambodia: Khmer Rouge genocide’s recognized

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Khmer Rouge leaders have been condemned for genocide

The two still living Khmer Rouge leaders have finally been condemned this Friday to life imprisonment for genocide. It is the first time that this term is used by the international court to qualify crimes committed against the Vietnamese, Chams, and other religious minorities.

Pol Pot’s communist regime fell almost 40 years ago. Nuon Chea (92) and Khieu Samphan (87) are the last leaders still alive. The verdict of the international court has been followed by millions of Cambodians. The two men were already in life jail for “crimes against humanity” but for the first time, “genocide” is used to qualify horrors they committed.

They were recognized responsible for murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation imprisonment, torture, persecution on religious, racial and political grounds, enforced disappearances and mass rape through the state policy of forced marriages, even if they both denied. For example, between 1975 and 1979, about 100,000 and 500,000 Chams, out of 700.000, have been murdered.

Pol Pot, the number one of the regime died without being judged. That’s why in 2011, they were four former leaders to be judged, at the beginning of the trial. One of them was recognized unable to be judged because of a psychological illness and was released; the other one is dead.

For David Scheffer, former court expert for the UN general secretary, said: “This verdict is equivalent to Nuremberg trials for the EEEC*, and will particularly stay important for Cambodia international justice and history.”

(*): Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia

Marie Gounin, IEJ3E

BREXIT: Theresa May neglected by her support

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Theresa May seems increasingly lonely in her government following the wave of resignations.

Britain’s Brexit minister Dominic Raab has resigned; his secretary post to protest against Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal for leaving the European Union. There is a political storm in the UK.

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Melania Trump Gets Assistant National Security Advisor Fired

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Melania Trump got fired Mira Ricardel – the deputy national security adviser.

Mira Ricardel was officially forced out of her job of Assistant National Security Advisor at the White House, according to an announcement from the Presidential Mansion press secretary on Wednesday: “The office of the First Lady believes that Ricardel no longer deserves the honor of working at the White House.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Melania Trump’s team suspected Mira Ricardel in particular for being the source of “negative stories” about her. The First Lady, stepped out of her silence three days ago to demand, by the voice of her spokesperson, the dismissal of Mira Ricardel.

As reported by The Independent her spat with Melania Trump is said to date from the first lady’s diplomatic tour of Africa in October, which “didn’t go well”. Serving in her current position only for seven months, Ms Ricardel has been accused of plotting against her enemies by leaking unfavourable information to the press.

This decision seems to be the result of the midterm elections’ th US Presidency is visibly shaken by the overthrow of Republicans and is considering a renewal of White House counselors. Last week the Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been sacked. 

First ladies have been known historically to pressure their husbands over official business behind the scenes, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton have already asked for councilors departures.

Marine RESSE, IEJ 3E