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Picture of the new album of Drake

After his visit to Paris Bercy last week for his exceptional concert of “The Boy Meet World Tour Tour”, the rapper originated from Canada launched on Saturday night his mixtape / album called More Life. His album is already placed number 1 on the downloading platforms in only two days. With a rather new style that is found in his album with a mixture of rap and hip hop, he adds dancehall and acrobat music to his usual repertoire. After his planetary title and flagship of the summer One Dance, then Hotbling Bling with more than 330 million views on the internet, and featuring Kanye West, Young Thug or 2 Chainz, will Drake return to success with this new album ?

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Brussels: Seven people injured after explosion in a flat

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An explosion in a dwelling in Brussels caused seven wounded, one serious on March 18th, the spokesman of the fire brigade of the Belgian capital told AFP, without being able to give the cause.

“This violent explosion destroyed two three-storey houses. In total there are seven wounded, one serious,” he said. The explosion was due to gas, indicates on its website the Belgian public television, RTBF. Interviewed on Belgian television RTL, the bourgmestre of the neighborhood Saint-Gilles, Charles Picqué, said that “the explosion would probably be accidental and linked to a gas leak.”

Brussels is preparing to commemorate this week the attacks of 22 March 2016, which caused 32 dead and more than 320 injured in Brussels airport and subway. Since that date, no unusual event – even accidental – has particularly been scrutinized by the media and the public.


Brexit: The date is announced

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Monday the 20th March, Theresa May, the Parliement and the Queen herself, have finaly decided the date the conditions of  Brexit will start to be discussed with the European Parliement.

The 29th March the 50th article of the Treaty of Lisbon will be activated. Ms May will send a letter to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council in Brussels, that will mark the very beginning of the separation between European Union and United Kingdom. Ms May wants the negociation to start as soon as possible, it will be about two years of negociation to arrive to a common point of view and make the Brexit real. It will be one of the most important negociations the United Kingdom has known for a long time.

Those negociations may be complicated by Scotland and its referendum to make the country independent from the United Kindom, and if it is the case, Scotland will have to make its own decision about the European Union. What will complexify the approach of the UK and would make the country less powerful it could ever be after the Brexit. The Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced last week that the independence referendum would take place between automn 2018 and spring 2019.

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Presidential candidate’s oral exam

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Eleven candidates have joined the race for the French presidency. The campaign is now entering its final stage ahead of the election. For the first time in 15 years, the far-right National Front has a real chance of winning the race. 

From the Socialist Benoit Hamon to the far-rightist Marine Le Pen by the centrist Emmanuel Macron, there are five favorite candidates. Four of them participated in a show named “Au Tableau”. The show took place in an elementary school in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine). The principle was to explain their programs to pupils. All of the 18 children were from 8 to 12 years old. Jean Luc Melenchon, Benoit Hamon, Emmanuel Macron and Francois Fillon were in  a classroom facing the curious pupils. Each of them answered their questions, they played educational games, exchanged opinions etc. Among them, Macron and Hamon were the most relaxed and communicated easily with the children. The ex-Prime Minister, François Fillon, didn’t really clarify his issues with the justice system but mentioned that the pressure on him was hard. He also stated that he was not the only one candidate put under investigation, giving exemples of Presidents Mitterand or Giscard d’Estaing. The show gathered 1.3 million viewers on C8 channel.

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Irak : Mossoul Reconquest

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In 100 days, the Iraqi army has only conquered  back the west side of Mossul. It will be, a long, and difficult part to get the east one. This town has been under the control of Daesh for two years.  

The first villages fell down easily, house after house. However the biggest towns, are more difficult than the small ones. The attacks are very intense, and also lethal for Iraqi Army. The bulldozers clear the streets in order for the army vehicles to get through. This task is dangerous, as the jihadists use car bombs as fatal weapons,  which causes a lot of casualties in the army. ISS have drones, to identify  the ennemy postions. Mossul, is the most difficult part of the reconquest. After two years under ISS control, this town is cut off from everywhere, and the progressions are very slow.


In the West side of Mossul there are approximately 2,000 jihadistes; and 750,000 citizens.  The last part is still occupied by the ISS soldiers; it can fall under Iraqi army’s control toward June.

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Orly airport: Terrorist attack by a drunk and drugged man

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Saturday at the Orly’s airport, a drunk and drugged man was shot dead by the police; after threatening policemen, airport and customers.

Before he arrived at the airport, Ziyed Ben Belgacom (39) had been arrested during a road test at Garges-lès-Gonesse. Afraid, he threatened with a gun, blessed a policeman and he ran away. Moreover, he went to a bar, threatened customers, shot in the bar without blessing anyone and forgot his phone. Once again, he ran away on the way of Vitry-sur-Seine.  At 8.22, at the Orly airport, he is found and shot dead by the police after stealing the gun of a woman military. He was screaming :”I am here to die in the name of Allah, put down your arms, hands on your head. Anyway, it will be death,” according to the Republic’s prosecutor of Paris, François Molins. Sunday morning, his father was released from custody and affirmed: “My son is not a terrorist. He never prayed and he drinks. And under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, this is what happened.” Ziyed Ben Belgacom was known for “radicalisation” during one of his stays of detention. So he was under judicial supervision. The airport traffic resumed on Saturday afternoon, after being totally interrupted after the incident.


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The World Bank in the rescue to Africa

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According to a news release published on Sunday by the institution of Bretton Wood, the World Bank is going to gather 57 billion dollars to invest over three years in sub-Saharan Africa.

This money which for the main part results from the International Association of the development, which grants gifts and credits to zero rate in the poorest countries.(45 billion dollars), is going to allow “the development of the programs in favour of the education, the basic health services, the cleanliness of the water and its treatment, the agriculture, the business relations, the infrastructures and the institutional reforms,” as declared Jim Young Kim, the president of the World Bank.

The increase in financing of the Association of the development, is going to benefit especially to some 448 current projects in sub-Saharan regions, which represent more than half of the countries eligible to the financing of this institution.

Sunday, Jim Young Kim will visit Rwanda and Tanzania to highlight the support of his institution for the region.

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