Griezmann in Barcelona next summer?

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Source : Ouest France

Antoine Griezmann, the Atletico Madrid’s French striker, is having difficulties in this first part of the season 2017/2018. Griezmann has only scored 2 goals in 10 Liga’s matches, and that’s enough for Marca, the Catalan newspaper, to say that an agreement in principle was found between the French player and FC Barcelona for next summer, with a 5-year contract for the deal. Why this summer ? Because the French striker’s release clause will be reduced from 200M€ to 100M€. And the player is worth this value on the transfert market.

Griezmann said, at least, that he would not leave Atletico in winter, as “Diego Costa and Vitolo are coming to the club, so we will try to keep the club at the top of the championship. Those  reinforcements will help us to be in a good form. I didn’t talk about that with my President (about a leaving agreement)”. Those declarations can reassure his team and the supporters, until June and the summer transfert period, when Griezmann will, undoubtedly, be highly coveted by Barcelona and maybe other big clubs, like PSG or Manchester United. Answer this summer, after the World Cup, where the French player will have to shine with his national team.

Lucas D’attoma, IEJ3F G1


Monaco is out!

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Last year’s semi-finalist AS Monaco was eliminated from European competition after losing to Leipzig 4-1 last night.

The last year’s accomplishment is now far away. If Leonardo Jardim’s men had a remarkable performance in the Champions League last year, there is no such thing this season. The Monaco players, who had a very complicated start to the season, literally collapsed at home last night. They lost 3-0 at half-time and 4-1 at the end to a very ambitious German team. Leipzig FC will play its qualification during the last game in December.

Despite a random draw which seemed to be accessible for the Monaco team, the players did not manage to maintain a high level of play after a terrible mercato for the club.”There’s not much explanation. We did a catastrophic first half. We apologize to the fans,” Andrea Raggi, the ASM defender said to BeIN Sports. The departures of Bakayoko, Mbappé, Bernardo Siva and Mendy upset the team.

Falcao’s partners will soon have to pull themselves together. They receive the Parisian monster this weekend, for the shock of the French championship. Second of the championship, followed by Lyon, Monaco must imperatively win to have another chance of winning the French championship for the second consecutive time.


Clément PERNIA, IEJ 3F groupe 1


Thanksgiving: an annual reminder

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The North-American continent is getting ready for Thanksgiving, one of the major celebrations in the United States and Canada. Turkeys, cranberries, mashed potatoes or some pies, everybody gathers around a delicious family meal. This year, the holidays would be celebrated on Thursday 23rd of November.

What are the origins of this holiday?

At the origins the term referred to a peasant’s celebration, in certain European countries, where they thanked God with prayers for the happiness they could enjoy during the year. Thanksgiving commemorates the help given by the natives to the Pilgrims of the Mayflower at their arrival in the New World, known today as the United States of America.

Some would say that this commemoration tends to overshadow the massacres committed by the English on the Native Americans, as if at the time the encounter of the two cultures were peaceful and graceful.

In any event, now the holidays is more a way to gather the family and friends around a good meal rather than a commemoration of the ancestors. It has become a commercial celebration, during which people exchange gifts, joy, and are thankful.



President Robert Mugabe resigns

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On Tuesday, Jacob Mudenda, Zimbabwe’s Parliament Speaker, announced that President Robert Mugabe has finally resigned. The announcement came after Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF fired Mugabe as the chief of the party and gave him an ultimatum: resign or face impeachment.

On the same day, Parliamentarians debated on President Mugabe, criticizing him for his reputation on corruption, economic instability and threats to rule the law. During the proceedings, some delegates had shouted: “Mugabe must go!” Finally, the former head of state has handed in his resignation letter, in which he wrote that his decision to resign was made voluntarily.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s former Vice President who was fired by Mugabe two weeks ago, will now assume the presidency. Nick-named “the Crocodile”, he will start his presidency at the ZANU-PF party after Mugabe’s expulsion.

Mugabe encouraged brutality, violence and corruption in the country and was therefore accused of misconduct abrogating his constitutional mandate to his wife. She was making utterances on business of Government and accessing classified information without constitutional authority. Mugabe always said that he would have given up power on his own terms and that he would have ruled until the age of 100.


Alexandra Gomes IEJ 3F

Ratko Mladic : sentenced to life prison for his crimes against humanity

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Ratko Mladic (74), the former military leader of the Bosnian Serbs Army, has been sentenced to life prison for genocide and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yougoslavia. Known as the “Balkan’s Butcher”,  he was found guilty of ten counts of indictments on eleven by the Court specially created in 1993 to judge the alleged responsible for war crimes during the conflicts in the Balkans. Mladic is the last responsible for the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which occurred from 1992 to 1995 as well as the main actor in the Srebenica genocide, where 8,000 muslim men and boys were slaughtered.

During the trial, the accused appeared provocative, waving and smiling to the press, showing defiance to the Court. This attitude was quickly dissipated by the judges, who announced their final judgment. In the statement, the Tribunal declared that Mladic contributed “significantly” to the massacre. Also, he had “personally” directed the shelling of Sarajevo causing the death of thousands of civilians, according to the Court.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights saluted the sentence claiming that it is a “capital victory for Justice” before judging Mladic as “the quintessence of evil“. The president of the Srebrenica and Zepa enclave mother’s Association, Munira Subasic, was “partially satisfied” with the verdict.


Saad Hariri suspends his resignation

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Source : Al Akhbar English

Back to Beyrouth, after announcing his resignation from Saudi Arabia, Saad Hariri, Lebanon’s Prime Minister declared this morning from his country the suspension of his resignation.

The Lebanese ex-resigner Minister, who has left France this past Tuesday, has proclaimed this morning that he takes back his functions. Three weeks ago, Hariri created a huge crisis by announcing from Riyad that he quits the Lebanese government. Some people thought that the Saudi Arabia government did not let him go back to his country and forced him to announce his resignation. However, Hariri proclaimed that he was free to go anywhere he wanted.

Hariri’s announcement has caused a major crisis in Lebanon. On his side, Michel Aoun did not formally accept the PM’s resignations, intimating him to come back to Lebanon and to explain himself. Nevertheless, Saad Hariri first paid a visit to France for four days with his family, at the invitation of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Only after that he flew back to Beyrouth.

This morning, we learnt from an interview with Michel Aoun that the Lebanese President asked Hariri to suspend his resignation which the Prime Minister accepted.


Natacha Houssein, IEJ3F2G

Angela Merkel in Crisis

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Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel is facing the biggest crisis of her career, following the collapse of  negotiations to form a new government on Monday.

She failed to create a majority with the Green and the FPD (the liberals), after she refused to collaborate with the far-left (Die Linke) or the far-right (AfD). The question of organizing new elections is now on the table, as the chancellor needs to obtain a majority in the parlement.

Yet, in this country it’s very difficult to call new elections, as it requests a complexe procedure. In that sense, Christiane Hoffmann, deputy head of the Berlin bureau of Der Spiegel said, “This is Germany’s Brexit moment, its Trump moment.”

In a speech on TV channel ZDF, Angela Merkel said: “I am afraid of absolutely nothing.” The German leader is extremely sure that she still can be the chancellor and she’s ready to be candidate in case of new elections. For the moment the chancellor can be seen in all media where she can prove to be the woman of the situation.

As the crisis continues, the far-right is gaining more and more ground. Alternative für Deutschland could benefit from the current chaos and increase its share of the vote. But even if it did, that share remains far lower than that of populist movements in other countries.


Luc Lelièvre, IEJ 3F gr2