Renaud is Still Standing.

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Ten years after his last album, it’s official, Renaud comes back today with his new album “Toujours debout”.

Highly expected by his community, he receives each month lots of supporting letters “Every artist says that they have the best community of the world, but no, I have the best,” explains Renaud in an interview.

In this 16 studio album, Renaud wanted to talk about his family and the attacks of Paris which affected him a lot: “I wanted to write, I had almost a divine inspiration”. This album is dedicated to his friends of “Charlie Hebdo” and all the other victims. He dedicated two songs to them: “Hyper Cacher” and “J’ai Embrassé Un Flic” (I kissed a cop).

Renaud explains this album by saying :”A return, a rebirth after ten years of losing myself in the vapor of alcohol.” And the singer adds: “The words cure me. I will never go back to alcohol.”

Clearly, Renaud is really motivated and ready to fight for his music.

His tour begins in October 2016.

Quentin CORBE IEJ 1 BIS.



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           After strikes and marches against the labour reforms on the 31st of March which gathered between 480,000 and 1.2 million people,  the protesters decided to start a movement called “Nuit Debout” (Night on our Feet) last week to express their dissatisfaction.  After the demonstration, thousands of people have been occupying the symbolic “Place de la République”. Every night for more than a week, people think, discuss and debate all night long how best to express their anger against the labour reforms and, generally, the political establishment.



The mediator announces the subjects of the night to discuss. Place de la République, Paris.


Unfortunately, this movement is not to the liking of the politics. Even if the movement takes place peacefully, the police profoundly reject this way of demonstration. Every night, they evacuate the peaceful protesters with tear gas and mechanical diggers if they don’t leave the place by themselves. A lot of young people go back home with body damages.

Facing the hard pressure in the street, supported by the movement “Nuits Debout” which has been growing in more than 30 cities in France, the government tries to reconnect with the youth.



Marie Lefranc, IEJ 1Bis

US Primaries: Clinton and Trump defeated in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin_in_United_States.svgBoth favorites for the presidential run have been outscored in Wisconsin, respectively by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz gathers 48.3% of the votes whereas «only » 35.1% gave their voices to the rich businessman, Donald Trump. Thanks to this victory, Cruz slows Trump in his will to get an absolute majority of delegates before July. According to Cruz, things are going to be much different : « I’m more and more convinced that we will gather the 1,237 delegates required to win the Republican investiture ».
On the other hand, Sanders also beats Clinton quite easily with 56.5% of the Wisconsin voters. Clinton, with 43.2%, is once again unfortunate facing a young population.
Despite these bad series of results for the two favorites, which could be seen as a momentum swing, they still remain untouchable for some time, even for their closest opponents.

Next stop will be in Wyoming, where we will see things even clearer between the possibility of an incredible comeback by one of the outsiders or a comfortable win for the presidential favorites. Answer tomorrow !

Shady MENARD, IEJ 1 bis.

Football quoted in Panama Papers

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The Swiss federal police searched, on Wednesday April 6th, the headquarters of the Union of the European associations of football (UEFA) in Nyon, Switzerland. The association is accused of obtaining contracts on allocation of the right to broadcasting in Ecuador to the company Cross trading, quoted on Tuesday in the scandal “Panama papers”. UEFA indicated “Naturally, UEFA is providing the Federal Police with all relevant documents in our possession and will cooperate fully.”

One day before, the German daily paper Süddeutsche Zeitung announced that the new president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, was quoted in the scandal Panama Papers. Apparentlyhe has signed in 2006 and 2007 commercial contracts, in the name of UEFA, with an offshore company detained by Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, two Argentine businessmen pursued by the American justice. This market concerns the allocation of TV rights of the Champions’ League. Cross Trading, the offshore company, bought these rights for 111,000 dollars and resold them on the Ecuadorian television Teleamazonas for 311,000 dollars.

Gianni Infantino said that he will not accept that his integrity is questioned by certain media.

The Swiss manager had answered the revelations of Panama Papers by insisting that he had never dealt directly with Cross Trading, or with it’s owners: the process of call for offers was managed by the marketing team of UEFA.



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Beyonce talks about the controversy around her clip “Formation”

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Published on 9 February 2016, Beyonce’s clip “Formation” has created a controversial reactions, as it denounces the way how American police act with black people.

The clip stages several policemen beating people because of the color of their skin, which refers to the segregation and the recent return of racism in the USA. During the Super Bowl in February, the artist performed her song “Formation”, as a clear wink to the activist movement “Black Panthers”.

Rudy Giuliana, the former New York’s mayor qualified this live performance as “scandalous”. He regrets that “she is attacking police officers” instead of being an example for young generation.


To answer to Rudy Giuliana, Beyonce simply declared during the Grammy Awards:

“Art is the unapologetic celebration of culture through self-expression. If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me.”


Since this declaration, the popstar never talks about the case. But in a recent interview to “ELLE Magazine”, she accepted to react and defend her ideas:

beyonce formation super bowl

” I have so much admiration and I’m so respectful for the policemen who sacrifice their lives for our security. But let me be clear: I’m against brutality and injustice from policemen. These are two different things.”






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Air France want to seduce young people.

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Plane tickets with small prices for  young people? It will soon be possible!

The French airline company Air France, through its short and medium-haul branch  “Hop!”, proposes a discount card on the national flights for young people between 12 and 24 years old.


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This card looks like the  SNCF  (French national railway company) one and it’s going to allow young people to take advantage of discounts which can go up to 30 %. For exemple a  Toulouse-Paris flight, will cost 44 EUR instead of 69 EUR with this card. A validity of one year and costing 49euros, this card will be on sale from April 12th.

With this new project, Air France  hopes to give a boost to its air network, and wants to convince that the plane is not less practical than the train.

Pauline FLEURY- IEJ 1Bis


NASA: A new planet discovered

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15539-exoplanet_newsNASA has discovered a new « Super-Earth ».

55 Cancri, this is the name of the last « Super-Earth » discovered by the NASA. This exoplanet is fully covered with lava according to the American space agency. Discovered for the first time in 2004, the planet is 40 light-years far away from Earth, and has a revolution around its star of 18 hours. However, it only faces the sun on one side because of their too close proximity. Only 1.5 million kilometers when the Earth is 100 times more distant from the Sun.  With a hot face with 2,700 Celsius degrees and a “cold” face at 1,400 Celsius degrees, this planet is a real furnace.
Even if a lot of exoplanets had already their temperature map, 55 Cancri is the first Super-Earth to be mapped. This category of exoplanets regroups all the rocky planets with a mass between once and 10 times the one of the Earth. Even if these planets are widespread in the Milky Way Galaxy, scientists know nothing about them.
To study this planet, the astronomers used the Spitzer Telescope. If finding exoplanets is hard, studying their temperature is another real difficulty.
Mickel Sauterau, IEJ 1 bis