France : a plea from Dibrani family

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Leonarda Dibrani speaks to the media in the town of MitrovicaDibrani Family’s lawyer, Me Brigitte Bertin, declared that the family will ask a plea to the administrative court of Bordeaux to come back in France.

According to the lawyer, Leonarda and her brothers and sisters were better integrated to the French society, than they were in Italy. To the General School Inspection, the picture is not so idyllic. Children were often absent from school.

Ten days ago, the French president François Hollande, offered to Leonarda to come back to France alone, leaving her family in Kosovo. The parents of the fifteen-year-old girl have refused this proposition, in front of the French camera. Since this event, François Hollande sees his popularity fall very low. He is on the point of becoming the least popular French President of the 5th Republic.

The expulsion of the young girl has shocked the French opinion. police was looking for the girl during a field trip.




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Silvester Stallone ‘s paintings display in Russia 

Image Stallone has unveiled a retrospective of his art at the Russian state museum in St Petersburg  last week.

Stallone has a big filmography on his account  but he would like to show his talent in painting; he confessed he was a better painter than an actor.

The star of Rocky, Rambo and The Expandables stated that “It’s much more personal and I’m allowed to just do what I want to do. Quite often in acting you have to play a certain part, you cannot speak as much as you want to speak.”

The exhibition has attracted hundreds of curious art lovers as well as Stallone’s fans to the museum, which was established in the historic capital by Nicholas II , Russia’s last tsar.

The museum’s director, Vladimir Gustev said that Stallone’s paintings show the character of a passionate man and not the work of an amateur.

Stallone’s work is exhibited in the part of the museum that hosts works by Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

Valenine de Brye, IEJ 3F


FIAC 2013: results

This year in France it’s the 40th birthday of FIAC (international gallery of contemporary art) with 184 galleries from 25 countries at the Grand Palais. FIAC is realised and produced in association with the Louvre Museum. The new program exhibits young artists with a rigorous selection process respecting very different creative practices. The price Lafayette is handed to Shahryar Nashat for his gallery « stambuliote Rodeo » and the price Ricard returns to Lili Reynaud Dewar for the ensembe of her work. More confidential, the price Grolsch greeted the work of the young Franco-Swiss  artist Emilie Ding with her “concrete” paintings. There were 70 644 visitors who came to appreciate this multicultural exposition.

« Iron tree » d’Ai Weiwei FIAC 2013 au Grand Palais (Reuters/ Benoît Tessier)

Céline Peschard, IEJ 3F


R.I.P Lou Reed
John Smierciak/associated press
John Smierciak/associated press 

Two days ago, Lou Reed, lead singer of the Velvet Underground died at the aged of 71 in New York. We all have “Perfect day” or “Walk on the wild side” resonating in our head. We don’t know precisely the causes of his death but we have to remember that he had been suffering from liver failure and received a transplant earlier this year. The death of this musician provokes a lot of reactions in the world of music. David Bowie said on his Facebook page that “he was a master” and Iggy Pop calling it “devastating news”. Even if the Velvet Underground never achieved complete commercial success, Lou Reed was a pioneer in the rock world and one of his most important collaboration was with Andy Warhol. He influenced the American music of the sixties. Lou Reed disappeared but the spirit he embodied will stay forever in his fans’ heads.

Romain Muraille, IEJ3F


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Vettel in Hisotry

Sunday in India, Sebastian Vettel won his 4th world championship. Nowadays, the German driver has his place in the history of Formula 1.



Arriving in India for the 16th Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel just needed to finish the race in the top 5 to win the Championship. But as champion as he is, the German won the race before Rosberg and Grosjean. Fernando Alonso, the only man who can still prevent the coronation of Vettel, missed his depart which spoiled the rest of his race.  Without his main opponent, the Red Bull’s driver can fly until his 10th victory in the season and mainly his 4th consecutive world title.

Sebastian Vettel was already the youngest F1 world champion in 2010. Today he is the youngest quadruple world champion. In the history of Formula 1, “Baby Schumi” joins Alain Prost with four titles and approaches Juan Manuel Fangio (5) and his fellow countryman Michael Schumacher (7). At only 26, he has a lot of time to become the best driver in the world and to beat all the records. But the season is not over yet, it remains three races and the drivers will meet in two weeks in Abu Dhabi for the 17th of the 20 Grand Prix of the season, where Sebastian Vettel will be again the biggest favourite for the win.

Arthur Montagne, IEJ3F

TENNIS: «  Morons who know nothing. »

The French tennisman Benoit Paire was eliminated, on Monday 28th by another Frenchman Pierre-Hugues Herbert at Paris Master (6-2, 6-2). Bad day for Benoit Paire, as he was injured in the ankle and in the knee. The public whistles him from the begining and during all the match because he missed several easy points. More his defeat, the tennisman had not a good behaviour in front of the affront. He scolded the public in reply : « I’m the number 26 in the world. How many are they to whistle me? In Bercy it’s usaul, every year it is like this, » he said.

It is not the first time that the French public scolded one of them. In 1988, Henri Lecomte was hooted during all his training before his match facing the American John MacEnroe. Even Roger Federer, in 2003 was whistled at, after a match which opposed him to Tim Henman.

Doriane Federspiel, IEJ3F


FIFA unveils Ballon d’Or nominees


The twenty-three named for FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013 are known. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Franck Ribéry (Bayern Munich) and the victorious quadruple, Lionel Messi (FC Barcelone) are the three favorites. Winner of the Champions’ League, the Cup of Germany and the Bundesliga, Ribéry seems left well to win the Ballon d’Or. Elected European player of the year, the Frenchie would realize a great doubled, becoming the fifth French to win this trophy after Raymond Kopa (1958), Michel Platini (1983, 1984, 1985), Jean-Pierre Papin (1991) and Zinedine Zidane (1998). Four players evolving on League one skipped into this list : Edinson Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva (Paris-SG) and Radamel Falcao (AS Monaco). To note, the absences of Ikay Gundogan, Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) and Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich). The new Ballon d’Or will be revealed on January 13th in Zurich (Switzerland).

Benjamin Quarez, IEJ 3F


Uranium extraction in Greenland: a controversial authorization

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Greenland’s parliament has voted on Thursday in favour of mining for minerals resources, including uranium. Hammond’s government won the debate by 15-14 votes and the law has caused controversy. To boost its mining industry and economy, the country now authorizes companies to exploit its vast natural reserves. In the 21st century, this mineral is used for products as hybrid cars, smartphones, lasers or nuclear production. Rare earth main producer is now China, which supplies Australian companies. The stakes are not only economic but also environmental. In the era of global warming, this news cans worry a little. The country has a very strategic natural reserve, since six out of 14 elements described as critical raw materials, including iron ore, gold, uranium, zinc, rare earth and rubies could be present in the south of Greenland. For the moment, Denmark is the only one to oppose this decision.  The project has been criticised by environmental groups but also by natives. On behalf of the Inuit Ataqatigilt, Sara Olswig, criticized the way Hammond government has led the debate to authorize the uranium extraction. She denounces an “undemocratic approach”, thus that decisions are taken “without the involvement of the Parliament, and without further public involvement”.

Célia Coudret, IEJ 3F

St. Jude Day Storms: 13 Deads in Britain, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany

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The storm started in France during the night of 27th and 28th October and moved to England yesterday.  Itwas named St. Jude according to the patron saint of lost causes who is traditionally celebrated on 28th October.

It was formed due to a depression in the Atlantic. This massive storm on the south coast of England and the Netherlands yesterday, cut electricity and caused a lot of travel chaos. At least 13 people in Europe were reported killed. In England, three people were killed, 2 children and 1 man. A lot of victims were crushed by falling trees. In Germany six people died, five in Britain, France, the Netherlands and Denmark had one each. St. Jude Storm was one of the worst to hit the region since the passage of the Joachim storm in 2011. Winds up to 160 kilometers per hour causing tree falls, cancellations of rail service, the closures of roads and tens of thousands homes were without electricity. Flights transport was very disturbed and many flights were cancelled. Charlotte Morin, IEJ 3F


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Arafat’s mysterious death : the ex-leader poisoned ?

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UnknownThe ex-leader of Palestinians, Yasser Arafat was probably poisoned, according to an investigation which was carried out by Swiss scientists after the exhumation of his body in November 2012.

Thanks to their first test results, elevated traces of polonium were found in Arafat’s bones, at least 18 times higher than usual. A copy of the investigation was obtained exclusively by the Al-Jazeera TV Network.

Even if  this is not an absolute proof he died that way in 2004, doubts remain about an eventual conspiracy to get rid of the ex-leader of the Palestinians.

Arafat’s widow, is certain that the main suspect who is implied in her husband’s mysterious death, is Israel. She’s not the only one to have this certainty because many Palestinians suspect Israel of poisoning Yasser Arafat. We can imagine that Israel’s anxiety about such accusations is going to grow in the next days.

If it turns out to be true, the question is : who might have poisoned Yasser Arafat and why ?

Héléna Khattab IEJ3G1