Rising unemployment in France

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39,000, new job seekers

A cold shower! The number of registered job seekers in France rebounded in February to reach a record, casting doubt over the strength of the economic recovery.

However, for the experts this increase is logical and expected. The decline in January had indeed been distorted by the unusually high growth and it was difficult to interpret.

President Hollande’s recent attempts to bring down unemployment have made him increasingly unpopular. Since the beginning of François Hollande’s term, the number of unemployed is…723,300!


Earlier this month, national statistics agency INSEE issued a bullish economic outlook for the first half of this year. Economic growth will reach its fastest year-over-year rate for five years by June and unemployment will edge down to 10.2%, the agency said.

Julio Montané, IEJ 1bis


12 people killed in minibus crash in France

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Dramatic accident on the eve of the Easter weekend. A minibus leaving  Switzerland to join Portugal crashed into a truck in Allier, killing all twelve Portuguese passengers. The driver was transported to the hospital in a critical condition.

It was midnight when the accident occurred in the town of Montbeugny near Moulins, along the national road 79.  This portion of the central Atlantic Europe route, which crosses France from East to West is known for its danger.
The two drivers of the truck are alive but shocked.
An ardent chapel was erected in the hall of Montebeugny and a hotline has been set up for relatives of the victims.

The circumstances of the accident are still unclear, according to the prefecture, the vehicle  deviated from it’s route for unknown reason.
An investigation was opened, the time will give us more information.

This incident adds to an already well black list in recent months, mark by several deadly collisions in France.

Pauline Fleury, IEJ 1Bis


Football: last test before the Euro

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netherlands vs France

Tonight’s friendly match between the Netherlands and France in Amsterdam will be marked, again, by the tragic events of the last days. First of all, a tribute will be paid to the victims of Brussels attacks. However, emotions will be there also to commemorate the world’s football legend Johan Cruyff who died yesterday.

But, the most important for coach Didier Deschamps is to be focused on the game three months before the start of the Euro in France.

Karim Benzema unselectable, and Valbuena not selected by the coach. The composition should be Mandanda, Koscielny, Varane, Jallet, Evra for the defense, the midfielders are, Pogba, Diarra, Matuidi, the forwards are Griezmann, Payet, Giroud.

Tonight, with the Lloris’s absence, the PSG’s player, Blaise Matuidi will be the captain.

The Netherlands will have to do with the absence of Arjen Robben, the Bayern Munich forward and the former Arsenal striker, Robin Van Persie.

The men of Dan Blind will play in 3-5-2 with : J. Cillessen; D. Blind, Van Dijk, Bruma; Willems, Classie, Klaassen, Veltman, Sneijder ; De Jong, Promes.

The match will be broadcast on TF1 at 9 pm.

Maxime DUBORD, IEJ 1 Bis




The Microsoft’s A.I. becomes racist

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Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence device went off the rails on the social media Twitter. In less than 24 hours, the chatbot “Tay” learned to be racist, sexist, pro-Trump and a little bit nazi-friendly.

The A.I. behind the chatbot was supposed to get smarter the more people talked to it. Tay is able to understand the questions people ask her and to adjust her answers according to her latest conversations. Some jokers decided to spam her with racist and misogynist messages and the result is creepy.




The nazis were “super cool”, “feminists should burn in hell” and “Hitler was right”. It’s just a glimpse of what Tay was saying on Twitter.

Microsoft have decided to erase all those borderline tweets and everything she learned in the last 24 hours before her creators blocked the Twitter account. Let’s hope that the A.I. in the future will not follow her example…


Mickel Sautereau, IEJ 1BIS


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source : The New York Times
source : The New York Times
  • At 70-year-old Sarajevo psychiatrist, Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years of prison, for his role in ethnic cleansing operations, when more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed in Srebrenica, Serbia in 1995 with the agreement of Karadzic.

The former Bosnian-Serb leader was convicted for 11 counts such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the United Nations court, after leading a campaign of terror against Muslim civilians. This case was considered as the bloodiest event that happened in Europe since World WarII.

Radovan Karadzic was the leader of the Bosnian Serbs between 1992 and 1995 and it’s the first time that a politician of that level is sentenced by the international court of the Hague for such high counts.

It’s in 2008, after years in hiding, that Karadzic was arrested in Serbia, while posing as a new-age healer.
In 2009 Karadzic boycotted proceedings against him in the Hague and it’s only in 2014 that the prosecutors condemned him for life imprisonment.

Helder Da Torre IEJ 1bis

Possible death of ISIS’ executioner, “Jihadi John”

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"Jihadi John"
“Jihadi John”



US officials have claimed victory after possibly killing the British executioner Mohammed Emwazi, also known as “Jihadi John”, during a airstrike in Syria.

The Pentagon has not officially confirmed his death but some military sources said it is certain at “99 per cent”.

On Thursday night, US army conducted an airstrike in the very heart of the Islamic State’s Syrian capital, Raqqa. One of the main objectives of this strike was to reach the British terrorist. “If this strike was successful – and we still await confirmation of that – it will be a strike at the heart of ISIS,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

As a reminder, Mohammed Emwazi is known for beheading several people in front of a camera, like American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, or British humanitarian workers David Haines and Alan Henning. Every time, he was wearing long black clothes, his face hidden, with a knife in his hand. Since these events, Mr Emwazi was at the top of the UK government’s “kill list”.

Most of the victims’ families claimed for Emwazi to be captured alive, saying, for instance, he didn’t deserve an “honourable” death, as Mr Haines’ widow stated. Unfortunately, it seems US army decided not to take any risk trying to catch “Jihadi John”.

Maxime Dubois, IEJ3E Group 2

EU call Turkey and Africa to save Schengen

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J2dqzPoImmigration was at the heart of the discussions yesterday in Malta. Two important topics were dealt with between the European Union and Africa, as well as EU and Turkey.

During two days, fifty African and European leaders came together to speak about the illegal immigration. 1.8 billion euros were offered in emergency by the European Union. The objective is to clarify legal human flow between Africa and Europe.

Two decisions were adopted:

– Doubling of benefits for African students and scientists.

– Collaboration between immigration African officer and Europe.

About Turkey,

The European Union decided to offer 3.4 billion euros in Turkey for its help to slow down the flow of migrants to Europe. The situation is complicated for EU. Thousands of refugees want to enter while everyone cannot be accepted. The main idea is to keep the migrants in Turkey.

A summit is expected to be quickly organized between the European countries and Turkey.


Alexandre Le Berre, Groupe 3E2