Donald Trump declares he is against late-term abortion

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Donald Trump criticized last week the late-term interruptions of pregnancy. His goal is to rally support beyond his most conservative base before the 2020 elections.

Donald Trump abortion
Donald Trump anti-abortion in third semester
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Trump wants to deliver a new battle: the one over abortion. The President of the United States plans to attack late-term interruptions of pregnancy. In his speech of last Tuesday evening, Donald Trump attacked a law that has been recently adopted by the state of New York. He declared that this law “will pull a baby from the womb of his mother just before birth”. He added that he wants to “defend the dignity of each person”.

Despite their rarity, late interruptions of pregnancy give rise to strong reprobation. According to a Gallup poll, 60% of Americans believe that abortion must be legal in the first trimester of pregnancy, but the proportion drops to 28% in the second quarter and 13% in the third.

Donald Trump apparently chose the perfect time before next elections to address this subject. Even if the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973 and 57% of Americans are in favor of abortion, this subject divides a lot. Jo-Renee Formicola, a politic-sciences teacher explains that Donald Trump already has a lot of support among Evangelicals and Catholics. 59% of Republicans consider that abortion should be illegal and 76% of Democrats think the opposite.

Abortion might be the topic that divides the United States the most.

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England is willing to pay for Northern Irish women in need of abortion

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UK government announced their plans to provide abortion services for Northern Irish women. In addition, women seeking an abortion will receive ‘state support to pay for their travel costs’, says the newspaper Irish Examiner.

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While abortion is a sensitive and illegal subject in Ireland, it is not so in other parts of the UK. In order to get an abortion, Northern Irish women often travel across the English soils. In fact, around 700 women a year travel from Northern Ireland to England, Wales or Scotland for abortions. However, those trips cost a lot. The price to pay is often ‘around £900’, The Guardian reveals. It is a fact, having an abortion requires to be financially stable. The problem needs to be fixed and Justine Greening, the Minister for Women and Equalities, declared that the ‘charge was an injustice and the government would change its stance.’

By the end of the year, Northern Irish ladies will access to free abortion services in England. Also, women will be able to arrange an appointment with a healthcare professional, thanks to a central telephone booking system.

As a result, women are not only helped in getting an abortion, their human rights are also slowly being recognized. Indeed, Stella Creasy, British Labour Co-operative politician, noticed women in Northern Ireland were being denied a basic human right and this whole situation could be a step forward. “Today we also pledge to keep standing with them until they have equal access to abortion services in Northern Ireland itself,” she said. “Our sisters need to have their human rights to be upheld and we won’t give up until they have so.” The Guardian reported.

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