Trump back in the turmoil

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This Tuesday on the Senate floor, two senators accused Donald Trump of being  “a danger for the democracy”.

In their opinion, the president of the US is debasing U.S politics and the country’s standing abroad.

Jeff Flake and Bob Corker made a public criticism about Trump. They chose to speak about Trump’s style of governing in an emotional speech. They described his American politics with rude terms like “Reckless”, “outrageous” and “undignified”.

After this humiliation, Trump replies obviously on Twitter. He accused them of supporting Democratic priorities. Also the president of the U.S made fun of Corker. He used his dismissal as “little Bob Corker”.

Those two senators also say that they wanted Trump to “act like a president of the United States but that’s not going to be the case apparently”. This rebellion could cause trouble for Trump’s legislative agenda.

On one side, Flake announced that he would leave politics when his term ends in early 2019. On the other side, Corker is not running for re-election in Tennessee. So they just decided to speak openly because they didn’t care anymore about voters’ reactions.