Islamic state bomb in the north of Kobani

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The north of Kobani was bombed by Islamic State (IS) during the night, the help from Turqey is now delayed.

Fighters of the unity who have to protect the population have succeeded to fail the attack of IS but the bombing had continue this morning with the same intensity. For M. Abdel Rahmane, ” The bombing is slowing the arrival of “peshmergas”, arrived yesterday in Turkey from Iraq.” There are a lot of islamist bodies in the streets that have been waiting for long hours before being removed.

Under the pressure of Washington, the conservative islamist government authorized the traffic by the territory around 150 Iraqi “peshmergas” to reinforce the Kurdish fighters who have been defending Kobani for one month against Daesh.

From 50 to 150 people of free Syrian army of the opposition of the Syrian President Bachar al Assad have crossed the Turkish frontier to go to the frontline of Kobani. The Jihadists want to take the north’s district to block the way at Turkey and isolate Kobani. They intend to take all the city to control all the border between Turkey and Syria. The Islamic state uses the civil war in Syria and the political instability in Iraq to get the territory and to use terror with executions, rapts and crucifixions.


Nicolas Sallé, IEJ1B