Pakistan: 4 dead in a terror attack

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Pakistani people protesting against violence in the country

Both policemen and civilians have been murdered this Friday, November 23 in Pakistan. The two killed civilians were a father and his son. The three terrorists have been killed by the army during a big operation. 

The terrorist attack, against the consulate of China in Karachi, has been claimed by a separatist movement, the Liberation Army of the Balochistan (ALB). “We have led the attack and our action will continue,” said Geand Baloch, an ALB spokesman.

The attack occurred at around 9:30am (local time). Photos and videos on social networks showed clouds of smoke rising from the area.

The ALB is a terrorist movement, operating in the province of Balochistan, the poorest of the country. They have denounced the economic partnership between Pakistan and China. They accused the Asian country to be an oppressor. In fact, every year, China invests billions of dollars in Pakistan.

China condemned this attack and asks Pakistan “to take concrete measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens and institutions in the country”. 

For years, Pakistan has been trying to become safer. Nevertheless, Karachi, the biggest city of the country, is still the theater of very violent crimes.


Félix Mansard, IEJ 3E

Important greements reached during Trump’s visit to China

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Donald Trump congratulated himself for obtaining $ 250 billion in commercial contracts during his visit to China. In reality, Beijing does not commit to anything new or nearly so.

Trade was at the heart of these meetings. The $ 250 billion deal is “a miracle”, says Chinese Trade Minister Gao Hucheng. To this, must be added the 20 contracts already signed Wednesday for a total of 9 billion dollars.

These contracts include the oil sector, internet, automotive, and aeronautics. Other beneficiaries of these agreements include Caterpillar, General Electric and Qualcomm, one of Apple’s suppliers.

Doing business with China was Donald Trump’s priority. He has come to China with a delegation of nearly 40 contractors. The American president wants to believe that these economic agreements will really change the situation. His entourage assures that this will create 12,000 jobs in the United States and reduce its trade deficit by $ 10 billion each year.

But this impressive figure of $ 253 billion is to be put into perspective. First, because these contracts had been under discussion for months, they were just waiting to be unveiled. Then, because some of them are not binding, which means that they may never be realized.

Moreover, on the bottom of the problem, the opening of the Chinese market to foreign companies, Xi Jinping did not announce anything concrete.

Valentin Dechambre IEJ 3E

Xi Jinping stays in power of People’s Republic of China

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Chinese President Xi Jinping stands by national flags at the Schloss Bellevue presidential residency in Berlin on March 28, 2014. Chinese President Xi Jinping begins a landmark visit to fellow export powerhouse Germany Friday, the third leg of his European tour, expected to cement flourishing trade ties and focus on the Crimea crisis.
AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

Wednesday 25th of October, Xi Jinping has been reelected for five more years as China’s leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Xi Jinping is the eighth président of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). He was first elected in 2012.

During the nineteenth congress of the CCP in Beijing, the congress put Xi Jinping and his doctrine in the charter of the CCP. Only Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping had this distinction and this honor. Thanks to this, he could remain in the office until he is 68 years old.  “This confirms Xi’s status as Mao Tse-tung of the 21st century”, said Willy Lam, an expert on elite politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Xi Jinping wants to expose his projects for the future of the PRC : an agressive foreign policy, stronger national security and ideological cohesion are the important points.

The party didn’t name the successor of Mr Jinping. This latter wants to take his time to test some successors. If Xi goes for broke and breaks precedent by not preparing for an orderly and peaceful succession, he is putting a target on his back and risking a backlash from other ambitious politicians , Susan L. Shirk the chairwoman of the 21st Century Chine Center at the University of California.

Julie MARIE, 2B


Creation of a long distance flight between China and Russia

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Source : Le Monde

China and Russia will invest up to 20 billion dollars to develop a long-haul wide-bodied jet which is expected in 2023. 

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) signed an agreement in June 2016 and gathered to produce a new kind of long-haul wide-bodied plane. The goal of the two firms is to challenge Boeing and Airbus.  They presented a mock-up of the wide-body jet at Airshow China on Tuesday, November 3rd in Zhuhai.
First of all, they will deal with lower operating costs than usual, which will lead to an approximate 10 percent advantage on the final cost compared to their competitors. Moreover, they will adopt an advanced aerodynamic design and engines with low fuel burn to make them more efficient and more economical for airlines to operate. This new project is directly economically challenging the two aircraft leaders. Planes will have about 280 seats and a 12,000 kilometers autonomy.

The two countries will financially participate equally but they are still looking for suppliers. A manufacture in Shanghai is going to be built specially for the development of this project. We can also consider it as a huge opportunity for a country in constant development to create new jobs. Therefore, the engineering and design center will be located in Russia.

Anne LODS,  IEJ 3E

China GDP slows to 6.7% in first quarter

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China’s Gross Domestic Product grew at an annual rate of 6.7% in the first quarter of the year, says the government. 

This is the lowest rate since 2009 for the second world power; but comfortably  within the government’s targeted range.

In fact, whilst Beijing is supporting the industrial economy to maintain the decrease to an acceptable level, other sectors like the internet and technologies are growing.

All China’s bet consists to drive a gentle slowdown in the economy to rest the economic growth more on consumption and services, and less on the industry.

The industry and the financial sector have been standing idle in China since 2009, right from the start of the Subprimes’ crisis.

Besides, China’s economy needs to do with the sword of Damocles which represents its excessive debt. Only on the level of companies, the debt represents 160% of the GDP in 2016, versus 98% in 2008 according to Standards & Poors.

Finally, the deceleration is slower than anticipated by some economists. However, this support policy will have to continue if China’s government wants to reach its goal.

Valentin Demay, IEJ 1 Bis


Comac the new Airbus-Boeing’s rival

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Chinese Comac’s C919 plane rolled out for the first time in Shanghai. First deliveries should happen in 2020.

The Chinese medium-haul plane was created in order to compete with Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircrafts. The C919 is announced to make its very first flight during the second semester of 2016 instead of the end of 2015 as it was predicted. Furthermore, first deliveries were expected in 2018 but won’t happen before 2020. As Boeing and Airbus, the C919 is largely made of aluminium. Chinese authorities have declared that the medium-haul plane would be 10% cheaper than its competitors.

This announcement is a real godsend for the French engine manufacturer Safran. Indeed, the French company was the only chosen supplier of motors to Comac. In fact, the equipments provided by Safran will represent from 25% to 30% of the price of the plane. Safran has a partnership with the American General Electric and will supply its new Leap motor in order to fling the C919.

Even before its first flight, C919 has already registered more than 500 orders with Chinese air companies and about ten more with Thai companies. The main goal of Comac is to sell about 2,000 copies of its new plane in China. But the Chinese consortium is more ambitious than that. Indeed, the company hopes to sell 6,330 aircrafts in the next twenty years that could make Comac earn 950 billion dollars.

Benjamin Rougé-Thomas, IEJ 3F