Marvel comics icon, Stan Lee dies at 95

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soyinka stan lee
Stan Lee at his office Source:

Stan Lee, one of the most creative authors of the comics industry died on Monday, November 12th in Los Angeles. The cause of death was an acute pneumonia, he was 95.

“Marvel and the entire Walt Disney Company salute Stan Lee’s life and career and present their eternal gratitude for the unparalleled achievements he has made in their walls. Every time you open a comic-book, Stan will be there,” said The Marvel Company in a statement.

A huge loss especially right now with the promotion of movies adapted of the heroes he has created. Next March will be “Captain Marvel”, the twenty-first film in the Marvel film universe, which began in 2008. Stan Lee appeared in all the films of his heroes and many actors like Robert Downey Jr or Samuel L. Jackson speaks of a “genius” and an “endearing person”. Stan Lee created more than 300 characters like Spider Man and Thor in 1962 or Iron Man in 1963. It is thanks to him and others like Jack Kirby and Steke Ditko that the publishing house Marvel enjoyed its “golden age” and is today the largest comics book publishing house in the world. In 2007 he was among the people responsible for creating the Marvel film universe, which is today the most profitable film franchise of the past 10 years. He inspired many comic book authors like Brian Michael Bendis who worked on Daredevil, a character created by Stan Lee.

Despite the loss of this great genius, the comics market will continue to grow and readers will still be able to enjoy new stories.



A Republican Guard found dead in the French Prime Minister’s residence

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Gendarme Matignon
A policeman committed suicide in Matignon Palace. Source: L’Internaute

The body vas discovered on Monday morning at around 9.30 am in Paris in the gardens of Hotel Matignon, the French prime minister Edouard Philippe’s office and residence.

The 45-years-old Republican Guard responsible for the protection of the building was married and father of two teenagers. The gendarme was found next to his service weapon. The thesis of suicide is the most plausible but an investigation has been opened by the general prosecutor of Paris to determine causes of death.

The Prime Minister Edouard Philippe who was on the visit in New-Calédonia, a French overseas territory in the Pacific, was informed on the “tragic” incident and sent “his most sincere condolences” to the family of the deceased. He also announced his support for the co-worker of the gendarme and to the whole of Matignon staff.

In August, gendarmes of the security company of the Hotel Matignon had complained about their “worsening working conditions” in an anonymous letter sent to their hierarchy which was seen by AFP. 

As evidence some statistics :

  • In October, around 200 officers demonstrated in Paris, accusing authorities of failing to improve their conditions.                                                   
  • Last year, 51 policemen killed themselves in France, according to police union figures, and 24 more have committed suicide so far this year. 
  • Additionally, some 20 gendarmes have committed suicide this year, according to media reports.

As a result of these disturbing numbers, the question is raised whether the working conditions and the rights of the French’s officers are respected.


Marie Gingault, IEJ 3F 



France : The Chirac family in mourning

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Source : le Monde
Source : Le Monde – Moment of tenderness between the ex-president and his daughter

She was called cruelly, by one French journalist, “the girl in the iron mask”.

Laurence Chirac, the eldest daughter of President Jacques Chirac of France, died at the age of 58 years old  according to the newspaper Le Figaro.

She was suffering from anorexia, a mental disorder that provokes the patient’s lack of appetite. The disorder was the consequence of her previous meningitis. She was also victim of depression.

Mrs Chirac was a brilliant student as a girl. She lived most of her life in seclusion in a cottage  on the grounds of the Chirac’s chateau in Corrèze in south west France. Her father once described her illness as “the greatest tragedy”.

The Chirac family was over protected about her. The French people saw her only in family pictures that occasionally appeared in the press.

Previously in 1988 there were rumors that the President’s daughter had died, and Jacques Chirac received condolences on his loss. He refused to comment or to speak on the subject of daughter in general.

Mélissa Chatel Karras   IEJ-1Bis

Third charge in the death of the CEO of Total

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The Russian investigators process this Friday a third charge for the disrespect of the security rules in the case of the deadly plane accident of the chairman of the group Total, Christophe de Margerie in Moscow. This information comes from the Russian investigative committee.

Sans titreThe chief engineer, Vladimir Ledeniov was present in the exact moment of the accident, manager of the maintenance team of the landing area. This man, ” Was indicted today on charges of violation of safety rules causing death by negligence of at least two persons,” according to the committee. He is currently in jail.

The indictment of Mr. Ledeniov follows those of the air traffic controller Alexander Krouglov and the pointer of sky Svetlana Krivsoune. So today, the investigator favours the idea whereas the air controllers are responsible for the death of the two pilots, a stewardess and Christophe de Margerie. If the researchers show the guilt of these three suspects, they risk up to five years behind the bars.

The CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, is dead due to the crash of his own plane just after the taking off; the Falcon (plane) hit a snowplow and explosed just after at the airport of Moscow. De Margerie’s funerals was held on Monday in Paris, the French president was present in the church Sainte-Suplice.

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Free Diver Nicholas Mevoli dies before achieving his goal

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Nick-Mevoli-3-2804762 The American diver aged 32, who was about to set a record, died after a 72-meter dive in Bahamas on Sunday. Around midday, he plunged deep, breathing in as much oxygen as possible for his lungs to take weight. Nonetheless, while reaching the surface, things got worse.
A member of the staff, Marco Cosentino shouted, “There’s a problem with his lung”, and turned him on a side. Then, blood went out from Mevoli’s mouth.
“At first, there was a pulse, at times faint, at times strong. Within 15 minutes, there was none. The team cut off his wetsuit and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation in earnest. Attempts to revive Mevoli, which included three shots of adrenaline at the scene, continued unsuccessfully for the next 90 minutes,” explained Cosentino.

Nicholas Mevoli was the first American to dive 100 meters deep without assistance, on May 2012. However, he was forced to abandon a record he wanted to set, two days before dying tragically, reaching 80 meters over 96, with blood pouring from his mouth once at the surface.  The IADA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) affirms he is the first athlete to die during a worldwide competition in 21 years.

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