Designed by Apple in California

Will you make the Apple crisp?

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Since Wednesday, you’ve probably seen the so long-awaited Designed by Apple in California in bookshops. From the 1998 iMac to 2015 Apple Pencil, inside the book you will find pictures and only pictures. Four hundred and fifty pages without a word.

Photographs were shot by the famous photographer Andrew Zuckerman, known for the quality of his sheer white backgrounds subjects pictured.

The book enhances the work of a small design team’s members who’ve been working together for twenty five years. The design studio is a workshop where are designed three dimensional objects and made a lot of models and prototypes. It’s all the complexity of the process of actually making an object which is highlighted. The goal is to understand how each object came to be.

The book, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, lets guns do the talking. Its price is considered as being too high. In fact you would have to pay 299 $ for the complete version and 199 $ for the shorter one. A cost that the hugest fans won’t have any problem to spend.

Anne Duchêne, IEJ 3E