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Southampton supporters mock the death of Emiliano Sala

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It’s a sequence that has scandalized England. On Saturday, Southampton received Cardiff for the 26th day of Premier League. During the minute of silence, some fans made fun of the disappearance of Emiliano Sala, who tragically died in an air crash just before joining the Welsh club last month.

Emiliano Sala supporters southampton
Supporters mimicked the sound of an airplane in reference to the death of the young player
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Mimed planes during the tribute to Emiliano Sala. A video posted on Twitter showed some supporters doing these gestures, while the body of Argentinian striker was found in the Channel at the beginning of last week. The plane of Sala had disappeared near the English coast on January 21st, after a flight which connected Nantes to Cardiff. On social networks, the video caused a huge commotion.

Sanctions pronounced by the club

After losing the game 2-1 to Cardiff, the Saints (Southampton’s nickname) responded with a statement and announced the arrest of two supporters by the authorities: “Southampton club can confirm that two fans were detained and their details taken by police during our match against Cardiff City on Saturday. […] The club will continue to work with Hampshire Police to identify any individuals deemed to have made indecent gestures towards Cardiff supporters.”

The two supporters are now permanently excluded from the stadium of Southampton. The statement added that sanctions will be taken against all supporters who committed these actions: ” Such behavior has no place in our game and will not be tolerated at St. Mary’s. The club will be extremely severe towards anyone guilty of such acts and intends to ban these supporters once identified.” Despite these mockeries, the minute of silence was very moving for both teams.


Jules Hypolite, IEJ 2C