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France’s presidential race : Emmanuel Macron announces his candidature

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Emmanuel Macron, the former economy minister and head of the political movement “En Marche!”, puts pressure on Hollande with his annoncement to run in French presidential election.

Once upon a time, Emmanuel Macron, the ex-protégé of French president François Hollande, 38-year-old former investment banker for Rothschild Ltd. quit his post as the economy minister to start his own political movement called “En Marche!” (“On the Move!”). A few months later, as expected, Emmanuel Macron has confirmed his plans to run for president of France. Indeed, he launched his campaign in Bobigny (Paris’s suburb) on Wednesday.  “I am ready, that’s why I am a candidate for the presidency,” he said. “France has left the road to progress. France is blocked.”

“I reject this system”

Macron promises to be “neither on the left nor on the right”, as he wants to promote new ideas. He is hoping to became an “unlikely champion” for the French youth, immigrants and minorities. In his programme, he plans notably to relinquish France’s 35 hours working week for younger people and make it easier for buisnesses to lay workers off. According to polls, Macron is at the top of the list of potential president from the left-centrist with 49% of population considering him as a good leader, in front of Manuel Valls (the current Prime Minister) with 42 % while the President François Hollande has only 13%.

The first round of the French presidential election will be in April, François Hollande has not yet confirmed to run for his re-election. This week end, during  “Les Primaires de la droite et du Centre”, the candidate of the right wing (“Les Répblicains”) will be elected. So, the die isn’t cast yet…

Noémie Tissot, 3F group 2

Emmanuel Macron is moving “Forward”

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12952875_1145745558789693_1153074156_oIt’s in his home town of Amiens, in northern France, on Wednesday, that Emmanuel Macron announced that he was lauching his own political movement called “En Marche !” (Forward!) which is, according to his words, “neither of the right nor the left”.


With just over a year to go until French presidential election in 2017, the country’s economy minister chose the perfect timing.

The citizens are becoming tired of all the old parties and the fact that all the borders between political movements have merged. Macron intends to seduce young as well as old people and bring “fresh air” to this political disorder.

However, this evolution doesn’t please everybody. Emmanuel Macron is launching his movement while he is still involved in another one, the socialist-party. Manuel Valls, the current Prime minister  said “There is a left and a right movement. It will be absurd to erase all these differences”. But Macron has a response to it “I’m in a leftwing government, unashamedly, but I also want to work with people from the right, who commit to the same values. This ambition, it’s radical, it’s a bit crazy, but there is such an energy in this country.”

Despite many critics, some political deputies seem to enjoy it: “The fantasy of the union of the right movements found its champion with Macron,” said Florian Philippot, vice president of the Front National.

Macron claimed that “this is not a movement for yet another candidate for the presidential election, that’s not my priority today.”

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