France: A wind turbine project in Dunkirk

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On Thursday November 15th, French prime minister Edouard Philippe announced the creation of wind turbine project in Dunkirk. The challenge is to implement 500 megawatt in the North Sea. Several big companies are employed in a contest to lead the project : EDF, Engie, Iberdrola, Vattenfall… Among these different possibilities, the French government will select the best option to carry out the construction.


French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe visits the port of Dunkirk, northern France, during the 2nd Interministerial Committee of the Sea on November 15, 2018. (Photo by AFP)


For the project, there were no official figures but according to some sources the electricity price bill is estimated at around 80 euros. French state hopes to give a new dynamic to marine energies in the long run. Therefore, it has to run policies that encourage companies to bid regularly.

But this project is part of a global approach by the government. Indeed, a total of 6 similar projects are planned by 2024 everywhere in the country in order to promote green energy.


Julien Banoun, IEJ 3E



Donald Trump President : reactions of French politicians

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Source : Francebleu

In the morning, the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election of the United States was formalized. The Republican has won against the favorite Democrat Hillary Clinton, which activated a wave of reactions of French politicians.

The first reaction which marked the results of the election in France is the declaration of Marine LePen before the official result. The president of the National Front has congratulated the Republican even before his victory was officially confirmed and the American people who she declared  “free”. Her premature reaction has irritated the French who still believed in Clinton’s victory. The former president of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, explains that the victory of Trump “expresses the refusal of a unique thought of the American people”. A declaration that leaves no one indifferent and sobering about the upcoming French elections.

On the other side Jean-Pierre Raffarin former prime minister, who was never partisan of Trump,  dreads that the scenario of his election repeats in the next spring in France, on the occasion of the presidential election. The far-left militant Jean-Christophe Cambadélis warns the left party : “The Left is warned! Let us continue our irresponsible childish acts and it will be Marine Le Pen.” The last one to express his reaction about the victory of Trump was François Hollande. The President of the Republic congratulated Donald Trump for his election, “as it is natural between two democratic heads of state”. He considered that this result was opening “a period of uncertainty”.

The election of Donald Trump has not only enlivened the country of the United States, it has also created a climate of fear about the France of tomorrow.

Morgane Bouvier, IEJ3F

Freedom of expression: ECHR condemns French comic about denying the Holocaust intention

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©Vincent Isore/IP3 press; Paris, France le 7 Septembre 2010 - Portrait d archive de l humoriste Dieudonne. Un arrêté municipal, publié ce mercredi 20 Avril interdit le spectacle de Dieudonné à Angers. La municipalite invoque le risque "de trouble à l'ordre public".- Dieudonne M Bala M Bala
Dieudonné judged in front of the French Court in 2008.

The European court on Human Rights dismissed Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala this morning. The court explained the decision. Dieudonné’s speech was deemed  as full of hatred and anti-semitism and the court added his show is not a humourous performance.
The ECHR did not reach a unanimous agreement as the judges issued a majority judgement.
The ECHR theory
The court estimated that Dieudonné’s behavior was inappropriate. On the one hand it said: « There’s no doubt about the anti-semitic content in the litigious passage of the speech. » On the other hand it criticized the fact that Dieudonné’s performance was no longer a show and had become a political meeting.
« A face-to-face and sharp attack»
Dieudonné’s artistic production conceals his real anti-Jewish opinions and it’s very dangerous according to the European court .
The artist’s defense said: “It’s impossible to cast doubt on sacralisation of the Jewish martyrdom. He didn’t manage.”
Seven years ago, the comic put on a controversial show at Zénith in Paris. He invited Robert Faurisson (Negationist man, who wrote a book about Jewish conspiracy theory) on the stage and he was applauded by the audience. The comic delivered him a price « pariah » dressed as a Jew. In 2008, the French court sentenced the offender to pay 10,000 euros stiff fine. It said: «  the right to humour has its limits and especially in cas of the respect of Human dignity ». But the French comic didn’t want to pay and appealed to the European court.

Frédèrique Lelong, IEJ3F Group 1

Michelin : a 1.6 million scam!

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Michelin, the famous French tire manufacturer announced yesterday, that it has been robbed of 1.6 million, on a scam based on fake transfers order. It has been victim of a well-known scam called the “President Scam“.

© Flickr / Jacob T. Meltzer
The famous Michelin’s fellow.

The procedure is as follows : a person pretending he’s a president or director of a huge company calls an accounting department of another company (here it’s Michelin). He has only one goal, to obtain a quick transfer order of several million dollars, in order to cover a secret operation. These transfers were mainly sent to China, or Cyprus. But this time, the transfer was sent to an account in the Czech Republic.

A source, near the investigation, said that the person who called, obviously knew the entire procedure at the Michelin’s company to make the transfer, as well as the person he had called.

Appeared 3 years ago, these scams would have represented approximately 10% of total fraud suffered by companies in France – and cost over 10 million euros to some, according to the latest survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the matter. In 2013, the authorities identified 360 victims of the “President scam” including some of the most influent firms like Coca-Cola, Eurocopter, Hilton, Vinci, Virgin, or Nestlé, for an estimated loss of 155 million. Michelin is therefore not the first company to get scammed. KPMG, for instance, revealed this year they have been victim of an injury of 7.6 million. The problem is that this scam remains somewhat elusive.

Julien Peronnet, IEJ3E1

Another French soldier dies in Mali

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Thomas Dupuy is the tenth soldier who passed away since France came over to fight away the Djihad forces who want to overthrow the government. Thomas Dupuy who was born in Toulouse, in the east of France and was a non-commissioned officer in the air force was a paratrooper of the 10th commando which headquarters were located in Orléans.

He passed away on Wednesday while the French military forces were fighting away a terrorist group in Northern Mali.

The minister of Defense, Jean-Yves le Drian, added that two other French soldiers were injured in this operation.

French President François Hollande informed the public of his deepest condoleances and expressed his deepest respect for this non-commissioned officer of the air force while Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, shared his condolences as well and honoured the memory of Thomas Dupuy.

1400 French soldiers still remain in Mali. Paris renegotiated its military  tactics around 5 countries: Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina-Faso and the Chad. This task force is aimed at fighting terrorists away from the upper part of the country and is believed to have involved over 3000 men.

Jean-Yves le Drian announced that the French presence in Northern Mali will be reinforced.


Thomas Choukroun, IEJ 3F