FRANCE: The return of the no tobacco month

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Break your cigarette for the month without tobacco


Smokers, are you ready for another edition of the no tobacco month ? The annual operation « Mois sans tabac » launched in 2016 allows a large number of smokers to increase by 50% their chances of stopping their tobacco consumption. The month of November 2018 is already an occasion or an opportunity for families and friends to encourage smokers to hopefully quit permanently. 

Initiated by the French Ministry of Health, this operation is a public health deal which consists of encouraging and supporting all smokers helped by a local communication campaign and numbers of preventing actions to quit smoking in the 30 days of November. Why launching this large operation in France? It’s because smoking-related deaths are increasingly alarming. In 2018, more than one out of three French residents still smoke including a large proportion of young people between 15 – 30. Therefore, a collective approach really improves the chances of stopping. The most important thing is to start on November 1st. Each registration goes along with a kit sent by ‘Tabac info service’ or delivered in a pharmacy.

In 2017, one million fewer smokers were registered compared to the previous year, which represents a real victory for the French government.

For more informations about the campaign, smokers are invited to consult the site or to call the free line 39 89.


Glyphosate : Europe has to take a decision

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Glyphosate is one of the most popular weedkiller component in the world. It is so used, that the substance has been found in 45% of Europe’s topsoil. It has been used on a very large number of cultivable acres. Commercialized since 1974, this molecule has been detected in several products, including the famous Monsanto’s Roundup.

An European committee has to examine the case. Commissaries of each European country will have to take a decision : renew, or not, the sales authorization of the glyphosate in European Union. The assembly will take place the 25th of October. Deputies already voted a resolution to ban the product from non professional use from the 15th of December 2017.   

The organisation Food Trust, an NGO which has the mission to ensure an access to food for everyone said that this statement “ could be the beginning of the end of herbicide use in agriculture as we know it, leading to a new chapter of innovation and diversity”. Some country, like France, are already debating for a national prohibition of the glyphosate, if European negotiations are inconclusive.

In 2015, the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency, published a study. According to the experts, Glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic for humans”. The same year, Brussels received more than one million signatures for a moratorium about the chemical substance.


Quentin Bremand