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US ELECTION: Hillary Clinton’s shock defeat

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Source : BFM

Hillary Clinton lost the US Presidential election against Donald Trump. On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, she conceded her defeat to her rival but she has not made a speech to her supporters.

The polls had been predicting the victory to the former Secretary of State against the billionaire businessman. However those polls are not elections: the Republican candidate won 276 votes, while the Democratic candidate garnered only 216 votes.

Hillary Clinton would be the change but has failed to mobilize her electorate. At the announcement of Trump’s victory, she conceded her defeat by calling her rival. During this night, Hillary Clinton did not speak to her supporters. In her headquarters in Manhattan, her campaign manager John Podesta ordered the supporters to go home because the results were uncertain. Many celebrities exoressed their disappointment to the Democratic candidate’s defeat as the singers Katy Perry, Madonna, Lady Gaga and the actress Eva Longoria.

Before the election result, Hillary Clinton tweeted a message of thanks to her supporters: “This team has so much to be proud of. Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.”

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Donald Trump President : reactions of French politicians

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Source : Francebleu

In the morning, the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election of the United States was formalized. The Republican has won against the favorite Democrat Hillary Clinton, which activated a wave of reactions of French politicians.

The first reaction which marked the results of the election in France is the declaration of Marine LePen before the official result. The president of the National Front has congratulated the Republican even before his victory was officially confirmed and the American people who she declared  “free”. Her premature reaction has irritated the French who still believed in Clinton’s victory. The former president of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, explains that the victory of Trump “expresses the refusal of a unique thought of the American people”. A declaration that leaves no one indifferent and sobering about the upcoming French elections.

On the other side Jean-Pierre Raffarin former prime minister, who was never partisan of Trump,  dreads that the scenario of his election repeats in the next spring in France, on the occasion of the presidential election. The far-left militant Jean-Christophe Cambadélis warns the left party : “The Left is warned! Let us continue our irresponsible childish acts and it will be Marine Le Pen.” The last one to express his reaction about the victory of Trump was François Hollande. The President of the Republic congratulated Donald Trump for his election, “as it is natural between two democratic heads of state”. He considered that this result was opening “a period of uncertainty”.

The election of Donald Trump has not only enlivened the country of the United States, it has also created a climate of fear about the France of tomorrow.

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Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama closer than ever last night

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"The New BFF"

Image Source : France 24

The Democrat candidate invited the First Lady to North Carolina during her meeting. Obama’s popularity can have an decisive impact on the election for the Democrat Party.

“Hillary is a friend of mine”. That sentence rang like an unerring support for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat candidate held a meeting last night, Thursday October 27th, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, in front of thousands of partisans. She took advantage of that moment to lure the future ex-First Lady. Indeed, Michelle Obama is getting more than 60% of positive opinions, according to the US surveys, more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton herself.

During her speech, Mrs Obama launched a rallying call, like she did before the last presidential campaign in 2012. She mentioned also the Republican candidate’s attacks all through the current campaign, launching the Democrat slogan “When they go down, we rise up”. In the same case, it was the occasion to come back to Donald Trump’s words against the female sex, and she said once again “there aren’t locker room talks”.

The presence of one of the most popular supporters can enable to Hillary Clinton to increase her lead in the White House road. However, she wants to remain careful. The US elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8th.

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Sources : Le Monde, Les Echos

US Elections : Donald Trump denounces Barack Obama in the affair of business mails

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Source : NBC News


While he is the lowest in the polls, Donald Trump has found a new target in the person of Barack Obama.

In a few days, 13 more precisely, Americans should elect the 45th president of the United States and Donald Trump who is far behind Clinton in the polls trying the all out to discredit his Democrat opponent in the Presidential race. In fact, for the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, Barack Obama knew that Hillary Clinton used her private messaging as part of her duties as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013. In Tallahassee Donald Trump denounced the FBI investigation and accused the 44th President “He would not be caught in this big lie. He is now”.

According to the billionaire, Barack Obama knew that the Democratic candidate used her private messaging when she was Secretary of State (2009-2013). “That’s why he supports Hillary because he does not want to be driven in turn. Because he knew all of her private server,” said Donald Trump in an interview with the Reuters.

To prove what he says the real estate tycoon builds his argument on the recent revelations of the Wikileaks organization, which published on Tuesday a pirated serial mails from Gmail account of the Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta.


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Clinton/Sanders :A fight before the primary of New York

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4902630_6_3fda_les-deux-candidats-a-l-investiture-du-parti_fdd403b45cc341bdc913d3f0d9a9cdf2.jpgSource: Le Monde

The last fight between the Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took place yesterday on CNN. The fight looks tight with Sanders who knows that he is not a favorite and Clinton who wants to appear stronger by the end of the debate.

Clinton attacked the program of Sanders about his foreign policy and Sanders answered by referring to her relations with the big banks.

Clinton insisted in the debate on Sanders’ position against arms dealers. Indeed Sanders didn’t explain his solution about it.

The debate was particularly virulent and intensive because the state of New York is very important for the Democratic primary.

The two Democrats were yelling so loud that the presenter had to calm them.

Besides the fact that Clinton is in front of Sanders in the primary race, this debate can restart all the campaign because New York is one of the most important states and it could change everything.

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