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40th birthday of Islamic republic of Iran !

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Source: Reuters

Forty years ago, after several months of massive protests against social injustice and corruption in Iran, the authoritarian regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, abandoned by his American ally, falls to the benefit of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, returned triumphantly, after 15 years of exile, on February 1st 1979, on board an Air France flight from Paris. February 11th marks the anniversary of the Iranian revolution, which initially brought together students, communists, laypeople, liberals, merchants from the Grand Bazaar of Tehran and Shiite clerics in the streets. But it is the latter who finally seized power. On April 1st, the Islamic Republic is proclaimed by Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini. Exclusively from the ranks of the Shiite clergy, in the name of the principle of “velayat-e faqih” which gives religion the primacy over political power, the Supreme Leader must be “fair, virtuous and at the same time, courageous, manager and clever”. He is the religious reference and guide of the people of Islam, according to the terms of the Iranian Constitution. Forty years after the revolution, the Islamic Republic is still in place, but inside the country there are tensions. Since late 2017, protests against the living cost and financial corruption have multiplied.

Maxime Forgac, IEJ 2C Group 2


Terrorist attack in Melbourne

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One dead in Melbourne, Australia – Source : The Guardian


Islamic State’s propaganda agency Amaq has claimed the terrorist attack which occurred today at 4.30 pm (local time) in Bourke street, Melbourne.

A man stabbed three people randomly in the street. One is dead, and the two wounded were transferred to the hospital. For now, the victims’ names are not known. According to Victoria’s police officers, the two men, 26 and 58 years old, haven’t suffered life threatening injuries.

The assaillant, of Somali origin, was shot in the chest by a police officer and died a few hours after the attack at the hospital. He was known by both local police and federal intelligence.

Police said they were “not looking for anyone further at this early stage”.

“We don’t believe there is an ongoing threat at this stage, but certainly we are treating it as a terrorism incident,” said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

Police was officially called at around 4 pm to report of a car fire in Bourke street, a very busy street, just before the afterwork rush hour. When they arrived they found the assailant attacking pedestrians. Police also reported that the vehicle belonged to the terrorist and that they found gaz bottles inside. But, fortunately none of them has exploded.

It’s not the first time that a terrorist attack happened in Bourke street. Indeed, a drug-induced psychosis man, drove his car on pedestrians, and hit 33 people.

Marie Gounin, IEJ 3E

After Mosul’s battle, the coalition will attack Rakka

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When Mosul is saved, the international coalition should focus on the last entrenchment of ISIS, Raqqa in Syria.

Smoke rises at Islamic State militants' positions in the town of Naweran near Mosul, Iraq. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra
                                   Source : Reuters

One week ago, the Iraqi strengths of elite launched Mosul’s battle against the Islamic State’s. Around 30,000 troops comprising Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga, Sunni and Shia militias, international advisers are taking part in the multi-pronged Mosul offensive. Moreover, Iraqi forces can count of the international coalition’s support, composed of sixty countries including USA, France and Canada. Every day, ISIS lose a lot of ground and dozens of villages around the Iraq’s city. The coalition starts thinking about the next step after having recovered Mosul.

Tuesday, the coalition’s key members met in Paris. They decided to aim Raqqa, in Syria, to prevent jihadists from gathering in their capital when they lose Mosul. “We must ensure that ISIS be destroyed and eradicated everywhere”, warned François Hollande in this meeting. Aware of the stakes represented by the Syrian City, USA’s Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said : “We will try to set up a strike force to Raqqa.”

The operation overlap with the offensive in Mosul and will take place without Russia, which intervenes militarily against the terrorist organization alongside the Syrian forces, in answer to the official invitation of President Bashar al-Assad.

Mathéo Geslan, IEJ 3F

SYRIA : Syrian troops enter ancient city of Palmyra

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12910130_1759100224322078_99987504_n                        Source : le Figaro


Yesterday, Syrian forces backed by Russian aircraft jets entered the city of Palmyra controlled until now by IS.

This military operation began on March 7, and seems to take a positive turn for the Syrian army fighting for the regime.

Since their hostage taking, the islamic state had destroyed many historic monuments in this world heritage site, protected by UNESCO (among which the famous triumphal arch, or funerary towers) and spread terror among the people.

On several occasions, the Syrian army attempted to regain control of the city against the army of Daesh, without success.

Today, marks one of the most emblematic moments in this war. Syrian army entered the city in order to retake world-renowned archeological site.

According to a Syrian military , “we entered in the city from the north west.” The army seems to be better prepared and supported by foreign countries such as Russia.

This battle is decisive for the regime. To Reconquer Palmyra, will allow the Syrian army to take back the Syrian desert and reach further east towards the border with Iraq, controlled by jihadists.

The war is not over, Palmyra is not yet completely free from Daesh, but it’s on the right track for Bachar Al Assad.


Carla Biancarelli, IEJ 1Bis

Islamic state bomb in the north of Kobani

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The north of Kobani was bombed by Islamic State (IS) during the night, the help from Turqey is now delayed.

Fighters of the unity who have to protect the population have succeeded to fail the attack of IS but the bombing had continue this morning with the same intensity. For M. Abdel Rahmane, ” The bombing is slowing the arrival of “peshmergas”, arrived yesterday in Turkey from Iraq.” There are a lot of islamist bodies in the streets that have been waiting for long hours before being removed.

Under the pressure of Washington, the conservative islamist government authorized the traffic by the territory around 150 Iraqi “peshmergas” to reinforce the Kurdish fighters who have been defending Kobani for one month against Daesh.

From 50 to 150 people of free Syrian army of the opposition of the Syrian President Bachar al Assad have crossed the Turkish frontier to go to the frontline of Kobani. The Jihadists want to take the north’s district to block the way at Turkey and isolate Kobani. They intend to take all the city to control all the border between Turkey and Syria. The Islamic state uses the civil war in Syria and the political instability in Iraq to get the territory and to use terror with executions, rapts and crucifixions.


Nicolas Sallé, IEJ1B