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Katerine sings “Moustache” in Jimmy Fallon’s Show!

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Philippe katerine

An amazing scene took place on Wednesday night! French singer, Philippe Katerine sang his song “Moustache” during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon had invited Katerine in his show broadcast on the NBC channel after kindly mocking him in July. Known to be a pretty special artist in his songs, the singer from Vendée, dressed in a white smoking, sang his song “Moustache” with dancers disguised as… Mustache.

Jimmy Fallon came to join Katerine on stage to sing the famous song. But before Fallon could sing, Katerine stuck a fake mustache on the presenter. So they could sing some “hahahaha”. This is the majority of the lyrics of the song because the song consists of pretending to laugh.

It’s a good happening that both artists have realized giving a very surreal scene. Katerine played the show’s game after Jimmy Fallon categorized his song as not to be listened to during one of the broadcasts aired last July. Far from being offended by what Fallon said, Katerine decided to accept the invitation by the production. A scene that has been seen more than 200,000 times on Youtube and the views continue to climb.

Alexandre Khaldi, IEJ3E1