Jungle of Calais : the call of Bernard Cazeneuve

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Bernard Cazeneuve, the Home Secretary, seized the judge of State Council and called for a general condemnation of the organization of the “jungle of Calais”, the infamous refugee camp. He considers that the migrants’ situation is not the result of deficiency on his part. The decision is controversial, according to the NGO’s, ready to oppose their arguments in front of the State Council. The audience will begin on 19th November at 3 pm. The administrative court of Lille ordered on the 2nd November to realise many sanitary arrangements at the “jungle of Calais” where 4,500 people live on squalid conditions.

“No power and no duty” to install equipments

According to the text of the call, the state has “no power and no duty to install equipments of first necessity” on an illegally taken area, and all other interpretation would lead to the definition of legal obligation for the state to put savage camp and taken ground on illicit way”. Patrice Spinosi the lawyer of the NGOs says  it’s surprising that, while the administrative judge ordered the humanitarian measures, the state is trying to fight the responsibility and limit its intervention on the camp”.

Anaïs Gres, IEJ3E Group2