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France : The Chirac family in mourning

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Source : le Monde
Source : Le Monde – Moment of tenderness between the ex-president and his daughter

She was called cruelly, by one French journalist, “the girl in the iron mask”.

Laurence Chirac, the eldest daughter of President Jacques Chirac of France, died at the age of 58 years old  according to the newspaper Le Figaro.

She was suffering from anorexia, a mental disorder that provokes the patient’s lack of appetite. The disorder was the consequence of her previous meningitis. She was also victim of depression.

Mrs Chirac was a brilliant student as a girl. She lived most of her life in seclusion in a cottage  on the grounds of the Chirac’s chateau in Corrèze in south west France. Her father once described her illness as “the greatest tragedy”.

The Chirac family was over protected about her. The French people saw her only in family pictures that occasionally appeared in the press.

Previously in 1988 there were rumors that the President’s daughter had died, and Jacques Chirac received condolences on his loss. He refused to comment or to speak on the subject of daughter in general.

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