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Creation of a long distance flight between China and Russia

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Source : Le Monde

China and Russia will invest up to 20 billion dollars to develop a long-haul wide-bodied jet which is expected in 2023. 

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) signed an agreement in June 2016 and gathered to produce a new kind of long-haul wide-bodied plane. The goal of the two firms is to challenge Boeing and Airbus.  They presented a mock-up of the wide-body jet at Airshow China on Tuesday, November 3rd in Zhuhai.
First of all, they will deal with lower operating costs than usual, which will lead to an approximate 10 percent advantage on the final cost compared to their competitors. Moreover, they will adopt an advanced aerodynamic design and engines with low fuel burn to make them more efficient and more economical for airlines to operate. This new project is directly economically challenging the two aircraft leaders. Planes will have about 280 seats and a 12,000 kilometers autonomy.

The two countries will financially participate equally but they are still looking for suppliers. A manufacture in Shanghai is going to be built specially for the development of this project. We can also consider it as a huge opportunity for a country in constant development to create new jobs. Therefore, the engineering and design center will be located in Russia.

Anne LODS,  IEJ 3E